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Silodor Open Pairs

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Title: Silodor Open Pairs  
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Subject: Oswald Jacoby, Edgar Kaplan, Bob Hamman, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Michael Rosenberg, Zia Mahmood, Giorgio Duboin, Geir Helgemo, Norman Kay (bridge)
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Silodor Open Pairs

The Silodor Open Pairs national bridge championship is held at the spring American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Silodor Open Pairs is a four session matchpoint (MP) pairs event with two qualifying and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Friday of the NABC. The event is open.


The Silodor Open Pairs is a four-session event consisting of two qualifying and two final sessions. The winners' names are engraved on the Silodor Trophy, presented in memory of Sidney Silodor, winner of the Bermuda Bowl, the McKenney Trophy and more than 30 North American championships.

Silodor, a member of the team that won the first Bermuda Bowl World Championship in 1950, won the Vanderbilt eight times, the Reisinger six times, the Spingold, the Open Pairs and the Master Mixed Teams three times each and the Mixed Pairs five times --- a record.

Silodor was an original member of the ACBL Hall of Fame, elected in the Sixties when the institution was the province of its creator, The Bridge World magazine.

The trophy was presented in 1963 in memory of Silodor and made retroactive to include winners of the event, which began in 1958.


Winners of Open Pairs (1958–1991)
Year Winners Runners-up
 1958  Leonard Harmon, Ivar Stakgold Alvin Roth, Tobias Stone
1959 Lew Mathe, Edward Taylor Harry Fishbein, Charles Solomon
1960 Robert Jordan, Alvin Roth Carol Sanders, Tommy Sanders
1961 Mark Hodges, Hampton Hume Jack Denny, John Simon
1962 Robert Jordan, Arthur Robinson Mike Michaels, Mike Shuman
1963 Norman Kay, Sidney Silodor Daniel Rotman, Ivar Stakgold
1964 Barry Crane, Oswald Jacoby Ivan Erdos, Lew Mathe
1965 John Biddle, James Wisemiller Ivan Erdos, Tobias Stone
1966 Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay Alvin Roth, Bill Root
1967 Harvey Cohen, Maury Genud Philip Feldesman, Lew Mathe
1968 Ronald Blau, Richard Spero   Harry Fishbein, Charles Solomon  
1969   Richard Freedman, James Mathis   David Sachs, Sue Sachs
1970 Barry Crane, John Fisher Gerald Michaud, Bobby Nail
1971 1/2. Barry Crane, John Fisher
1/2. Joan Remey, Vincent Remey
1972 1/2. Barry Crane, John Fisher
1/2. Matt Granovetter, Merle Tom
1973 Michael Hoffman, Jack Rhatigan Charlie Peres, Daniel Rotman
1974 Barry Crane, John Fisher Ron Andersen, Hugh MacLean
1975 Garey Hayden, Daniel Hyland Don Piafsky, Dave Saltsman
1976 Terry Hause, Ernest Ivey Barry Crane, John Fisher
1977 Barry Crane, Peter Rank John Ashton, Troy Horton
1978 Bobby Levin, Mike Passell Marty Arndt, Thomas Peters
1979 Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell Larry N. Cohen, Dan Zirker
1980 Paul Lewis, Michael Schreiber Jim Robison, Stelios Touchtidis
1981 Dan Gerstman, Marc Nathan Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey
1982 Gerald Caravelli, Craig Janitschke Dan Gerstman, Marc Nathan
1983 Barry Crane, Mike Passell Dave Berkowitz, Dan Gerstman
1984 Lou Bluhm, Bart Bramley Barry Crane, Gerald Caravelli
1985 Jim Robison, Joey Silver John Roberts, Dave Berkowitz
1986 Lew Stansby, Ralph Katz Robb Gordon, John Rengstorff
1987 Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey Lyle Poe, Steve Carton
1988 Ron Rubin, Michael Becker Bob Hamman, Paul Lewis
1989 Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield Ed Nagy, Jeff Polisner
1990 Don Campbell, Barry Harper Randy Joyce, Glenn Lublin
1991 Larry Mori, Henry Bethe Zia Mahmood, Fred Chang
Winners of Open Pairs I (1992–)
Year Winners Runners-ip
 1992  Bernie Miller, Mike Lucas Geoff Hampson, Mark Molson
1993 Russ Ekeblad, Peter Weichsel Richard Schwartz, Drew Casen
1994 Lloyd Arvedon, Allan Falk Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg
1995 Evan Bailey, John Strauch Seymon Deutsch, Tony Forrester
1996 Ralph Katz, Howard Weinstein Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey
1997 Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson Tony Forrester, Geir Helgemo
1998 Tony Forrester, Geir Helgemo Mike Becker, Mike Kamil
1999 Mike Passell, Michael Seamon Bob Hamman, Petra Hamman
2000 Mike Cappelletti Jr., Larry Hicks Walter Johnson, Doug Simson
2001 Jim Tritt, Richard Meffley Henry Bethe, Varis Carey
2002 Jörgen Molberg, Boerre Lund David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen
2003 Ralph Katz, Michael Rosenberg Marty Fleisher, Mike Kamil
2004   David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen   Roger Lord, Jacqueline Sincoff
2005 Bob Morris, Eddie Wold George Jacobs, Alfredo Versace
2006 David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen Fred Chang, Zia Mahmood
2007 Giorgio Duboin, Roy Welland Richard Freeman, Zia Mahmood
2008 Robert Lebi, Dan Jacob   Ralph Buchalter, Migry Zur Campanile  
2009 David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen Xiaodong Shi, David Yang
2010 Nicolas L Ecuyer, Steve Landen Joe Kivel, Chris Larsen
2011 Gavin Wolpert, Joel Wooldridge Jill Levin, Jill Meyers


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