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Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero

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Title: Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero

Republic Commando: Triple Zero
Author Karen Traviss
Cover artist Greg Knight
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Republic Commando
Canon C
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
28 February 2006
Media type Paperback
Pages 448
ISBN ISBN 978-0-345-49009-4
Preceded by Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact
Followed by Star Wars Republic Commando: True Colors

Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero, by Karen Traviss, is the second novel in the Star Wars Republic Commando series. The title comes from the galactic coordinates of the planet Coruscant (0,0,0).


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Following the eruption of the bloody Clone Wars at the battle of Geonosis, both sides remain deadlocked in a stalemate that can be broken only by elite warrior teams like Omega Squad, clone commandos with terrifying combat skills and a lethal arsenal.

Deployed deep behind enemy lines, Omega Squad engage in sabotage, espionage, ambush, and assassination. But when the Squad is rushed to Coruscant, the war's most dangerous new hotspot, the commandos discover that they are not the only ones penetrating the heart of the enemy.

A surge in Separatist attacks has been traced to a network of terrorist cells in the Republic's capital, masterminded by a mole in Command Headquarters. To identify and destroy a Separatist spy and terror network in a city full of civilians will require special talents and skills. Not even the leadership of the Jedi generals, along with the assistance of Delta Squad and a notorious ARC trooper, can even the odds against the Republic Commandos. And while success may not bring victory in the Clone Wars, failure means certain defeat.


  • Sergeant Kal Skirata, Mercenary (male Mandalorian)
  • Sergeant Walon Vau, Mercenary (male Mandalorian)
  • Null ARC Trooper Captain N-11 Ordo
  • Null ARC Trooper Lieutenant N-7 Mereel
  • RC-1309 Niner, Republic Commando, Omega Squad
  • RC-1136 Darman, Republic Commando, Omega Squad
  • RC-8015 Fi, Republic Commando, Omega Squad
  • RC-3222 Atin, Republic Commando, Omega Squad
  • RC-1138 Boss, Republic Commando, Delta Squad
  • RC-1262 Scorch, Republic Commando, Delta Squad
  • RC-1140 Fixer, Republic Commando, Delta Squad
  • RC-1207 Sev, Republic Commando, Delta Squad
  • Clone Trooper CT-5108/8843 Corr
  • General Bardan Jusik, Jedi Knight (male human)
  • Captain Jaller Obrim, Senate Guard, seconded to Coruscant Security Force Anti-Terrorism Unit (male human)
  • General Etain Tur-Mukan, Jedi Knight (female human)
  • Enacca, Associate of Kal Skirata|Skirata (female Wookiee)
  • Qibbu, entrepreneur (male Hutt)
  • Laseema, employee of Qibbu (female Twi'lek)
  • Besany Wennen, a GAR logistics employee (female human)
  • Alpha-26, Captain Maze: Arc Trooper of the 501st

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