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Survivor 10: Pearl Islands

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Title: Survivor 10: Pearl Islands  
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Subject: Survivor (TV series), Survivor 10, Survivor 10: Philippine Islands
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Survivor 10: Pearl Islands

Survivor 10: Pearl Islands is the second season of the Israeli version of the American Reality TV show "Survivor", shot during June and July, 2008, in the Pearl Islands, Panama. It was aired from December 24, 2008 on Channel 10. Auditions for this season started in February 2008.

This season features the "Island of the Dead" from the previous season but with different rules and also features "Exile Island", like the US version, but with different rules: each time two are sent to exile, one from each tribe. The two compete in a challenge, and the winner gets a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol in his/her tribal camp.


Contestant Original Tribe First Switch3 Second Switch Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Irit Virag
35, Tel Aviv
Caniba 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Nasrin Gahndour
27, Haifa
Caniba 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Gal Erez
43, Arsuf
Caniba Evacuated
Day 7
Sivan Rauch-Kahlon
23, Neve Yamin
Baru Baru 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
Meir Tzarfati
28, Tel Aviv
Baru Caniba Disqualified
Day 13
Natan "Bashevkin" Bashevkin
28, Nili
Caniba Caniba 4th Voted Out
Day 15
Ma'ayan Porter
26, Eilat
Baru Baru 5th Voted Out
Day 18
Diva Goldwasser
40, Kefar Vitkin
Baru Baru Caniba 6th Voted Out
Day 21
Michal Siyanni
30, Tel Aviv
Baru Baru Caniba 7th Voted Out
Day 24
Mirit Vaknin
Returned on day 295
Baru Baru Caniba 8th Voted Out
Day 27
Efrat Yekutiel
27, Manhattan, NY

Originally from Givat Shmuel
Caniba Caniba Baru Casaya 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 31
Guy Geyor
28, Tel Aviv
Caniba Caniba Caniba 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 34
Idan Haviv
28, Maccabim-Re'ut
Baru Baru Baru 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 37
Anastassia Mirkin
24, Tirat Carmel
Caniba Caniba Baru 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 40
Igor Tigner
28, Herzliya
Baru Baru Baru 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 43
Ofir Dallal
33, Tel Aviv
Baru Baru Baru 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 46
Itay Haefrati
23, Tel Mond
Caniba Caniba Caniba 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 49
Yoav Caspie
26, London
Originally from Savyon
Baru Baru Baru Quit
8th Jury Member
Day 52
Neta-Lee Zeltzerman
27, Tel Aviv
Caniba Caniba4 Baru 16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Reunion Show
Mirit Vaknin
26, Lod
Baru Baru Caniba Runner - Up 4
Arik Alper
34, Tel Aviv
Caniba Caniba Caniba Sole Survivor 4
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

^1 Gal evacuated on day 7, but he officially quit on day 9.
^2 Meir was disqualified for private reasons, when he misbehaved on the show, he left on Day 13.
^3 After Exile Island battle between Meir and Neta-Lee, Guy Zuaretz, the host, said that their both switch tribes, and Meir will return to Caniba camp, and Neta-Lee will return to Baru camp.
^4 On day 13 Neta-Lee and Meir had the opportunity to return to their original tribe, Neta-Lee returned to Caniba, but Meir objected to return to Baru, and he stayed on Caniba.
^5 On day 28 a part of the casaways who were voted off (Bashevkin, Ma'ayan, Diva, Michal and Mirit) could return to the game by winning a challenge. The winner of the challenge would return to the game, and be a new member of Casaya, the mereged tribe. the challenge was a trivia about Henry Morgan. Mirit won the challenge and returned to the game as a new member of Casaya.
^7 Idan played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the 11th Tribal Council, therefore five votes against him were negated.
^8 Yoav played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the 12th Tribal Council, therefore three votes against him were negated.
^9 Ofir played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the 13th Tribal Council, therefore five votes against him were negated.

The game

Original Tribes

Air date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity Individual
Exile Island
December 24, 2008 December 26, 2008 None Baru Guy Yoav» Irit
1st Voted Out
Day 3
December 31, 2008 January 2, 2009 Caniba Baru Bashevkin Ofir» Nasrin
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
January 14, 2009 January 17, 2009 Caniba Baru Guy Meir Gal
No Vote
Quit due to injury
Day 9
January 21, 2009 January 24, 2009 Caniba Caniba Idan Michal Sivan
3rd Voted Out
Day 12
January 28, 2009 January 31, 2009 Caniba Baru Itay
(Given Up)
Idan Meir
No Vote
Day 13
Efrat» Bashevkin
4th Voted Out
Day 15
February 4, 2009 February 7, 2009 Caniba Caniba Igor Diva Ma'ayan
5th Voted Out
Day 18
February 11, 2009 February 14, 2009 Caniba Baru Michal Ofir Diva
6th Voted Out
Day 21
February 18, 2009 February 21, 2009 Baru Baru Itay Igor» Michal
7th Voted Out
Day 24
February 25, 2009 February 28, 2009 Caniba Baru Guy Idan» Mirit
8th Voted Out
Day 27

Merged Tribe

Air date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Individual
Exile Island
March 7, 2009 March 11, 2009 Caniba Itay
Erik Efrat
9th Voted Out
Day 31
March 21, 2009 March 25, 2009 Idan
Itay Idan
Mirit Guy
10th Voted Out
Day 34
March 28, 2009 April 4, 2009 Idan Igor Anastassia
Idan» Idan
11th Voted Out
Day 37
April 11, 2009 April 15, 2009 Igor
(Mirit, Itay,
Igor, Mirit,
Itay, Yoav7
Erik Anastassia
12th Voted Out
Day 40
April 18, 2009 April 22, 2009 Survivor
Itay Mirit
Erik Igor
13th Voted Out
Day 43
April 25, 2009 April 29, 2009 Arik
(Given Up)
Itay Ofir
Erik» Ofir
14th Voted Out
Day 46
May 2, 2009 May 6, 2009 Itay
Neta-Lee Yoav
Erik Itay
15th Voted Out
Day 49
May 9, 2009 May 13, 2009 Yoav Yoav
Mirit None Yoav
No Vote
Day 52
May 16, 2009 May 23, 2009 Jury Vote Neta-Lee The Love Vote
16th Voted Out
Sole Survivor

» The winner of Exile Island battle.

^6 Through weeks 1 to 9 the challenge was a "Individual Immunity", and through weeks 10 to the end of the season, the chllenge was a "Veto Armlet".

^7 Igor by his choice had dividen the castways into two groups, that will fight on the immunity challenge.

^8 In the "Veto Armlet" column, the top name is the winner of the Veto Challenge. The bottom name in italics with a diamond (♦) is the contestant whose vote was canceled by the "Veto Challenge" winner.

Survivor Auction

Contestants Item(s)
Arik Buffalo wings,French fries
Igor Coconuts, The service of Alejandro
Itay Falafel and Tahina, Baby doll (gave to Neta-lee)
Mirit Huge American waffle
Neta-Lee A bottle of rum
Ofir Fishing kit,Cold Pinacolada
Yoav Israeli sand & water

Episode summaries

Episode 01 Airdate: December 24, 2008.

The players jumped out of helicopters and swam to shore where they were divided into two teams: Caniba (native tribe) and Baru (a volcanic island). They then went to a local market to buy supplies. Efrat was very aggressive with the local men, causing two somewhat tense confrontations, but they eventually helped her team. On the boat ride to the islands, Meir convinced the driver to siphon gas from the boat and give it to them.

At camp, Caniba tried fishing then later celebrated with wine and sang. Baru argued with each other over the shelter but came together around the campfire. Natan and Nasrin (Caniba Tribe) had conflict, and the tribe had trouble sleeping on the ground; Efrat slept in a big treasure chest that held their supplies. The girls of Baru trapped a pelican and took it to camp as a pet.

For Immunity: the players had to crawl under a wooden rack in the mud, finish a tilting maze board and get the ball inside to fall into a bag, and cross a balance beam. Nasrin took her time on the balance beam, angering her teammates. Baru won the challenge and got to send one player from Caniba to Exile: they chose Nasrin. They then had to send one of their own, so they sent Yoav.

Episode 02 Airdate: December 26, 2008.

Baru returned to camp after Immunity and found that the tide had risen and ruined everything, including their matches. At Caniba, Guy, Natan, Irit, Itay and Efrat formed an alliance around the campfire. Gal woke up and heard their plotting to vote out Nasrin.

At Exile Island, Yoav and Nasrin competed in a tile-breaking competition using slingshots. Yoav won a key which opened a chest containing a clue for an idol hidden back at his tribe camp.

When Nasrin returned to Caniba, Arik looked through her bag, supposing she found an idol. Later, Gal and Arik observed the alliance of Irit, Natan, Guy and Itay and struck a deal on the beach with each other. At Caniba's Individual Immunity challenge, Itay won but made a mistake, making Guy the winner. Afterwards, Gal pulled Efrat aside at camp and persuaded her to join him in a deal which they shook on.

At Tribal Council, Irit and Nasrin were the center of the conversation. Both of them made comments which raised eyebrows and bothered other people. Gal and Neta-Lee clashed with Irit, while Nasrin seemed outcast by the entire tribe. In the end, however, Efrat sided with the rest of the tribe against Irit and Irit was voted out 6–4.

Episode 03 Airdate: December 31, 2008.

Baru Tribe: Sivan was suffering a lot, putting a big target on her. Michal was outcast by the girls and found comfort with Meir after a tearful conversation. Ofir revealed that he was gay to his tribe. At night, Ofir tried to look for the Immunity Idol hidden at camp (which Yoav told his tribe about).

Caniba Tribe: Efrat made up with Guy and Natan, whom she turned on at Tribal Council when she voted out Irit. Nasrin still could not get along well with anyone in her team and eventually burst into tears privately.

Caniba won the Reward Challenge but lost Immunity for the second time. Baru sent Anastassia to Exile, along with Ofir from their own team. When Baru got back to camp, Meir collapsed.

Episode 04 Airdate: January 1, 2009.

Baru: Meir recovered from his collapse; The tribe finally made fire after losing it in Episode 2 and when they tried to use some of the gas they siphoned from the boat in Episode 1, the fire went out of control and they had to immediately put out several small fires when the gasoline spilled.

Caniba: Nasrin continued to alienate herself; the alliance of Natan, Efrat, Itay and Guy was solidified; Gal continued to speak in private with Efrat and Natan. Efrat told Nasrin that Guy was going home and later lies about it at Tribal Council.

Exile Island: Ofir won the challenge against Anastassia.

Natan won Individual Immunity and Caniba went to Tribal Council, where Nasrin and Gal argued at length with each other. Nasrin's difficulty getting along with the team has to do with cultural differences (her being an Arab) and she is hurt to hear Gal saying it out loud. Also, Efrat is outed as a liar and Guy says he does not trust her. After all of the conflict with her team, Nasrin was voted out 8–1.

Episode 05 Airdate: January 14, 2009.

Caniba Tribe: Following Tribal Council, the Caniba tribe returned happily to the camp, feeling that they finally were united after voting out Nasrin, who drew a lot of fire and negativity towards herself by distancing herself from the rest of her tribe-mates.

The tribe discussed voting her out, and generally were in a good mood leading up to the next day's reward challenge.

Reward Challenge: The Reward Challenge was a blind-fold challenge, with Gal and Mirit chosen to lead their friends blindly to find eight puzzle pieces.

After falling behind, Gal calmly led his team to victory, as Mirit failed to control her team eventually, and Caniba also aided by mis-directing them.

Following the Reward Challenge, (where Caniba won ten pineapples, and chose to give two to Baru), Meir failed to control himself and immediately went on a mad rant, even going as far as to say that he had had enough of everyone there, and said that he did not care if he got voted out.

Baru: Prior to the Reward Challenge, a tropical storm put out Baru's fire again, and therefore when they returned defeated from the Reward Challenge, Meir again tried to cause chaos, and after shouting a lot without any reason, went to Ma'ayan, Mirit, Michal and Sivan and said that Diva needs to be taken out of the game. Nobody agreed with him, and Meir felt that if Baru lost immunity, he would be on the chopping block.

In the midst of all the chaos on the beach, Ofir went off alone into the Jungle in search of the Hidden Immunity Idol, and within a few minutes, after figuring out the meaning of the clues, he found a hole in the ground, in a tree near the water, and retrieved the Hidden Immunity Idol. He decided he would not tell anyone.

Caniba: Back at Caniba, they enjoyed their victory by slicing open their newly-won pineapples, and went into the sea to talk. While in the sea, Gal was stung apparently by a Sting-Ray and after bleeding heavily, and passing out, he was evacuated from the Island by an emergency rescue crew. As of this writing, it is unknown whether he will return or not, even though in the American Survivor show, the rules state that whoever is evacuated cannot return to the game.

The Caniba tribe was broken and saddened, but they banded together and said that they would win the Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge: At the Immunity Challenge, Caniba and Baru faced off in a Best of 3, battle of balance on a rolling log. After a few close rounds and exchanges, Michal from Baru went up and simply destroyed the Caniba tribe, beating them in ten consecutive rounds, single-handedly winning immunity for her tribe.

Meir from Baru and Neta-Lee from Caniba were selected to go to Exile Island. It was announced that they would return to the opposing tribe that they were at, therefore forcing a tribe-swap.

Episode 06 Airdate: January 17, 2009.

The episode begins with the challenge between the two exiled castaways, Neta-Lee and Meir. Neta-Lee manages to beat Meir, and gets a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, but what she did not know that Ofir already had found it.

Meir and Neta-Lee then swapped tribes.

At the Caniba tribe, the girls, Efrat and Anastassia, were outnumbered by the five guys (Itay, Guy, Bashevkin, Meir, and Arik).

At the Baru tribe, Neta-Lee's arrival brought much excitement to camp, and everyone was glad that Meir left, due to him annoying everyone last episode.

At the individual immunity challenge, Anastassia played it hard, but Guy just beat her, saving him once again from the vote at tribal.

Before tribal council the tribe planned to single out Anastassia as the weak-link. At tribal council, the guys said some harsh things about Anastassia, saying she was giving orders but not working as hard herself. But Anastassia was saved when the Caniba tribe watched a videotape of Gal who was evacuated and was in a hospital, where he asked them to "vote him out as one", everyone agreed and no-one was voted out.

Episode 07 Airdate: January 22, 2009.

After a dramatic tribal council, Caniba goes back to camp in a very weird mood filled with mixed emotions but decide that they need to pull themselves together for the upcoming challenges. On Day 10's morning, Arik calls Efrat to the side to strategize with her, where he tells her that Meir is disturbing the tribe and causing the guys to rule over the underdogs, him, Efrat, and Anastassia. They both decide that Meir needs to be the next one to go.

At Baru, Sivan's weak personality starts to annoy some of her tribemates, Idan and Igor. She cried over the hunger at the tribe, and together everyone decided that they needed this reward.

At the reward challenge, the castaways were given a shot at deciding what the reward will be, by sending one person to the enemy's tribe and taking one item from them. The first two rounds of the challenge, ended in a tie. The guys fought like lions for the pillow, but no one managed to bring the pillow back to the tribe mat. At the women's round, Anastassia was left on her own to battle against Ma'ayan, the clown, from Baru (after Efrat and Diva were disqualified) where she proved to her tribe that she was physically stronger than they had thought. Even though she came short from scoring the final point, it ended up a tie. At the tie-breaker Caniba defeated Baru, and chose to send Meir back to his old tribe for "revenge".

It was decided that Meir would take rice from the Baru Camp but he failed to do so when his old tribemates tricked him when they said their rice was swept away by the storm, even though it really was not. The Caniba tribemates were mad at Meir for being able to fall for such a lie, and thrived to have him out next.

Before the immunity challenge Meir and Neta-Lee were given a choice to go back to their original tribe or stay in their new one. Neta-Lee gladly came back to Caniba and Meir stayed at Caniba, because he hated the Baru members. Now the tribes are at nine members Baru, eight members Caniba.

At the immunity challenge it was close, but Caniba's teamwork and physical ability lead them to win their first immunity challenge. Guy got a bread and butter for his birthday, as Baru finally got their flint, even though they had not won a single reward challenge yet. Michal and Arik were chosen to be sent to Exile Island.

In the next episode Baru will fight for individual immunity and then go to tribal Council, where Michal is in trouble because of her inability to interact with her fellow tribemates.

Episode 08 Airdate: January 24, 2009.

Caniba came back to camp with the bread and butter that they had won and celebrated Guy's birthday together, where Efrat mentioned she could finally stop scheming.

At Baru, the feeling was different after the immunity challenge. Even though they had won flint, the tribe was sad because of their first tribal council. Idan and Diva formed a tight relationship, and Igor also bonded with them.

At Exile Island, Arik won Michal 6-4 at the painting challenge, and got the clue to hidden immunity idol back at his camp, and some chocolates in which he shared with Michal. Michal gave half of her chocolate to her tribemates back at Baru, to help bond with them, knowing she was on the outs. At Caniba, Arik used the chocolate for strategic purposes only, and helped gave favor from the tribe.

At Baru's individual immunity challenge, vegetarian Diva beat out everyone except Idan, filling her plate with 2.5 kg of meat, but Idan had 3.4 kg, thus ensuring his safety at Tribal. Before Tribal Council Ofir went out on a limb for Michal, persuading the guys to vote Sivan. Idan then went to Diva and she agreed to vote with him too, even though her hatred towards Michal. The plan worked, and Ofir smiled to see Sivan go home. Sixteen are left, who will be eliminated next?

In Episode 9's preview, it showed a new reward, where the stakes were high, a game of Masters and Servants, winners were Masters and losers are their servants. Before the immunity challenge, a scene was shown where Guy, the host, told the cast that one person strictly behaved in an impolite way, and crossed the rules of the game, and she will be eliminated.

Episode 09 Airdate: January 28, 2009.

The episode began with a scene of Meir having trouble falling asleep. Meir then went to the local boat drivers and asked them to drive him beyond the filming location, they disagreed and he began cursing them. His tribemates were mad at him, and did their best to stay as far away as possible from him.

At the reward challenge, the host said the Meir will be disqualified for his actions the night before, therefore he was sent home, narrowing down Caniba to seven members. Caniba then went on to dominate the challenge, and won some construction tools, and then Baru tribe as their servants for the day.

Baru was displeased with their loss, but had to become Caniba's servants for a day. Efrat was bitchy around camp, handing out a lot of jobs and asked for massages, Arik said that what happened will hurt her in the merge. When Baru came back to camp the next day, they decided they had enough of losing to Caniba, and had to win the next Immunity Challenge.

At the immunity challenge, the teams had to place sacks of heavy sand onto three castaways from the opponent's team's backs, until they fell. Caniba immediately lost Itay and Efrat and Baru lost Ofir. Guy was left fighting for the tribe against the two strongest members of Baru; Idan and Mirit. Guy fell down after 80 kg of sand was put on his back, thus Baru won immunity.

Episode 10 Airdate: January 31, 2009.

The episode began with Caniba going back to camp, sad after their loss, and break of their winning streak. Arik stirred things around camp when he strategized with Bashevkin and then told Guy and Itay his plans. Everyone agreed Bashevkin had dug his own grave.

Efrat was sent to Exile Island to fight against Idan from Baru, she won him and got the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol. At night, a romance between Idan and Efrat began, and Efrat came back to Caniba's camp in love. Her tribemates immediately noticed it and began to not trust her.

At Baru, Ma'ayan and Igor connected while speaking Russian together. Their other tribemates were okay with the feeling, but Diva was jealous of the new couples forming.

At the individual immunity challenge, Efrat, Arik, and Guy decided to give up their shot and let Itay win so Bashevkin could go home. But Arik's performance was totally fake, and both Bashevkin and Itay were mad that they rigged the challenge.

Before tribal Itay told Guy that the women's alliance (Efrat, Neta-Lee, and Anastassia) was too strong and had to be broken. Together they planned to take out Neta-Lee with Bashevkin. Then they went to Arik and asked him to vote for her too.

With Arik as the counter vote at tribal, Bashevkin decided to target Neta-Lee and reveal Guy and Itay's plans. Neta-Lee fought back but her tribe was mad at her for always talking back and not willing to shut up. When the host asked Itay if he wanted to give up his immunity necklace he said 'yes'.

Episode 11 Airdate: February 4, 2009.

The episode began with the dramatic tribal council which was stopped the last episode. Itay chose to make the vote a bit more fair, and chose to lay down his Immunity Necklace. After the votes were revealed, it was Bashevkin who took the boot, and was singled out by his tribe.

The Caniba tribe was much better off without Bashevkin, they then went on to dominate the reward challenge, winning a king-sized bed with candles for their camp, which they all enjoyed romantically at night.

At Baru, Ma'ayan and Igor's relationship grew, but Michal was getting outcast by her tribe, so Ofir took her aside to help her.

The Immunity Challenge had stakes like never before, it was the challenge that occurred in the U.s. Survivor: Micronesia Season 16 Episode 3. The tribes had to capture the opposing team's pillows. Baru chose to sit down their strongest member, Idan, and were left without any physically strong players, therefore Caniba, once again dominated thanks to Neta-Lee's great goalkeeping and Anastassia strong attacking.

Diva and Itay were sent to Exile Island.

Episode 12 Airdate: February 7, 2009.

The episode began with Baru coming back to camp after losing the challenge. Right off the bat, Igor began complaining, and he caused mixed emotions when he said he wouldn't mind getting rid of some people like Michal, right in front of her face. Michal then went with Ofir to the side and together they formed an alliance and decided to help each other stay in the game. Strategic Ofir then went to heatened Igor, and told him that Ma'ayan had been planning to get rid of him all the time they were friends. Igor bought the lie that Ofir made up and told everyone else except Mirit and Ma'ayan what happened. Igor then went to Ma'ayan and told her that she was backstabbing him as a friend. He said "Ma'ayan, go search for your friends and leave me and Diva alone". Ma'ayan then went crying to Mirit asking her why everyone suddenly hated her.

The exile Islands challenge was a war one. Both contestants had a paintball gun and had to shoot each other. Itay easily beat weak Diva 3-0 and got the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol which he wanted and needed badly. At night, Diva began to flirt with Itay, and he then understood how she has so much power and control in the Baru tribe.

At Caniba, the girls did nothing all day. Anastassia, Neta-Lee, and Efrat were so confident in their alliance with Arik that they knew that they had the numbers, and Itay and Guy would have to work hard to stay in the game. Even though Arik was mad at the girls, he still didn't agree to cause a tie if there was a tribal council.

When Diva returned to the Baru camp she was greeted by her "lion alliance" (Igor, Idan, and Yoav) with hugs and kisses. Michal complained that Diva was acting too bitch to be around next to and said she hates her, and if the lie was true she would side with Ma'ayan to get rid of her, but ONLY if it were to be true.

At the individual immunity challenge, the castaways had to hang upside down on a bar, last person to stay up wins. The girls and Yoav went out after 15 minutes and left Ma'ayan hanging for her life. Ma'ayan complained that she had suddenly become on the chopping block and asked everyone why, but no one answered. Mirit was the only one who cheered Ma'ayan at the challenge. When Ma'ayan fell after 35 minutes, the guys respectively went down together, but Igor was the last to hit the ground, so he won immunity.

At Tribal Council some harsh things were said about Ma'ayan. Ofir made sure that the whole discussion was around Ma'ayan so everyone would forget outcast Michal. But Ma'ayan and Mirit teared away, completely frightened by what mean lies Ofir and Michal said about Ma'ayan. Even though Diva and Idan still wanted to get rid of Michal, when the votes were counted, it was sad Ma'ayan who took the boot for no reason in a 6-2 vote, with only Mirit to her defense.

At the next episode preview a scene was shown where the host said "drop your buffs, we are picking new tribes." The scene after it then showed the lazy Caniba girls suddenly outnumbered by four Baru members, and a tie at Caniba between Arik, Itay, and Guy from Caniba VS Diva, Michal, and Mirit (the three girls who hate one another).

Episode 13 Airdate: February 11, 2009.

The episode begins with Idan supporting Mirit after losing her friend Ma'ayan. At the reward challenge the host said the is changing and the tribes will mix. The new Caniba tribe is Guy, Itay, Arik, Michal, Mirit and Diva. The new Baru tribe is Idan, Ofir, Yoav, Igor, Neta-Lee, Efrat and Anastasia. Caniba won the challenge and decided to give some of the reward to Baru. At the new Caniba tribe the Baru girls were very happy and started to work. The guys in Caniba were very happy and surprised with the Baru girls. Only Diva felt very lonely and sad because of losing her alliance and knowing he might be next to go. At the new Baru tribe the Caniba girls were disappointed and Igor was angry because of it. Before the immunity challenge Idan suggested the tribe lose in the challenge to save Diva but Igor and Ofir did not agree. At the immunity challenge Arik from Caniba and Efrat from Baru were the leaders. While Arik lost on purpose to save the Caniba girls and vote out Diva, Idan was both happy and sad. Baru won some fish and Ofir and Michal were sent to exile island.

Episode 14 Airdate: February 14, 2009.

The episode began with Caniba coming back to camp after another loss. Diva was sure that the boys from Baru would have lost to keep her safe but they won so she knew she might be going home. At Baru the feeling was different, everyone was happy, especially the girls originally from Caniba. Igor found a dirty brazent in the jungle and brought it to camp, just making their lifestyle better and stronger.

At exile Island, the two allies Michal and Ofir met and planned their next move. They decided it was time for sneaky Diva to go home. After the dangerous move they made with Ma'ayan they were sure they could pull this off. Ofir already had the Hidden Immunity Idol from Baru so he lost the challenge on purposes, giving Michal the clue for the idol.

When Michal returned to Caniba she told the guys a lie, saying that the original Caniba girls (Effie, Anastassia, and Neta-Lee) said they were useless and never brought fish and that they were happy to be on their new tribe. That heated up the boys, making them mad. But Diva caught Michal in the lie and said Ofir can not be trusted, meaning that what he told her was probably false.

Diva, knowing she was next to go planned a new "guy's alliance" with Itay, Guy, and Arik. They bonded and decided Michal and Mirit were the next to go home.

When Ofir returned to Baru, he told the truth. The boys from Caniba (Guy, Arik, and Itay) said that Anastassia did nothing around camp, Effie only slept, and that Neta-Lee was a fat non-stop eating machine. Neta-Lee was very offended by this and worried. But Effie and Anastassia stayed calm.

At the individual Immunity Challenge, it was Michal's zone. Balance. Michal outlasted every one on her tribe and won immunity.

Back at camp, Diva knew she was next so she talked to Arik targeting Guy. But the plan did not work and Diva was singled out by her tribe 5-1. Mirit said it was "revenge" for the move they made with Ma'ayan.

Episode 15 Airdate: February 19, 2009.

The episode began with Caniba returning from Tribal Council happy with the decision they had made about cutting Diva's dream. At Baru Igor and Idan, Diva's best friends and alliance mates started to worry about her. When they came to the reward challenge they found out she had been voted off and were extremely angry, and decided to fight hard this time.

The tribes fought over a delicious meal of steaks, potatoes, and vegetables but ultimately it was Baru who finally won their first reward challenge. Then they were given an option to trade the reward in for a box, and that Caniba would get the reward. They agreed and got the box, which had Noam, a Survivor Israel Season 1 contestant who had played well and made it to the final but lost 5-4-0 to Na'ama. They were all happy, but Caniba was too. For extra flavor they got a desert, which was brought in by Moshe, another contestant from Season 1, who had been voted off in the Final 5. If you can count this out, Caniba won more. The two tribes got Noam & Moshe for the day and for the Immunity Challenge.

At the Immunity Challenge, Noam led his tribe, Baru, to yet another win over Caniba. During the challenge, Ofir, Michal's alliance mate got hurt and got out of the challenge but returned in the end. Igor and Guy were exiled.

Episode 16 Airdate: February 21, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode Michal came back to Caniba pretty much sure Mirit was going home, but knew she was on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Moshe, who was "the reward" they earned from the challenge, flirted with the girls. Arik was worried and wanted Mirit out because she was closest to him. But Moshe had plans to mix things up at Tribal and vote out Arik. Overall, a lot of people were on the chopping block.

At Baru, Anastassia had an emotional moment with her tribe. She said that today, she was supposed to get married to her fiance, Tal, but decided to delay the wedding for the adventure of her lifetime. She cried, but her tears were understood by her tribe, especially by Efrat, Neta-Lee, and Noam, "the reward" that Baru won at the reward challenge.

At the individual Immunity challenge that Caniba had before tribal, Arik helped Itay win again. Itay claimed he was liked by the tribe, and because of that he had been winning a lot. Moshe was upset and decided to target Arik, but Guy had other plans, he and Itay decided it was time to get rid of Michal, who was lying left to right to both tribes she had been on.

At tribal council Michal noticed that the boys weren't trusting her and in the end she was voted off 4-1 by her tribe. Moshe left after Tribal Council.

Now Caniba had four members left: Guy, Itay, Arik, and Mirit. Now Baru had seven members left: Anastassia, Neta-Lee, Igor, Idan, Yoav, Efrat.

Episodes 17 and 18 Airdate: February 25 & 28, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode Mirit was glad that she was saved at Tribal Council. The guys were also proud about their choice. At Baru the original Baru members Igor and Idan were worried about the girl's alliance and decided to break Neta-Lee and Efrat's alliance with Anastassia by making a new alliance. Idan persuaded Efrat and Neta-Lee to join them but Ofir caught the exchangement. He decided that it was time to break up the new alliance.

The reward for the challenge was cereal at a luxurious breakfast at the tribes' camps. The Caniba 4 defeated Baru 7 and managed to stay strong.

At the Immunity Challenge Caniba led for the first part, but due to Arik complaining about his pain, they lost and were sent packing. Before the challenge Anastassia whispered to Arik "lose the challenge" and "you know what to do", but Arik's tribemates saw this and were shocked.

Back at Baru Ofir targeted Idan and Igor when he told Neta-Lee a lie that they had been planning to backstab her. Neta-Lee caught the lie and told the guys, and Ofir was in trouble. On Episode 17 Ofir decided to set up a new plot to get rid of Neta-Lee. Ofir, who had the Hidden Immunity Idol, and knew where it was hid, went "searching" for it and "accidentally" bumped into it, but after such a short time, that Igor, Idan, and Yoav noticed that it was probably another one of his lies. Ofir claimed Neta-Lee had the idol, but no one bought the story.

At Baru it was obviously Mirit and Arik on the chopping block. Arik was worried he had lost contact with the guys and decided to try bonding with them, which did not work at all.

At the individual Immunity challenge, Mirit was confident she would win but after a muddy challenge Guy won and chose to take Mirit with him to bath of the mud from the challenge as part of an extra reward.

Before Tribal Council Arik went searching for the idol but came up short. During Tribal Council Mirit brought up some harsh things about Arik, but he managed to stay calm. Guy and Itay just nearly bought his fake story about Anastassia whispered to him at the challenge. But after the votes were revealed it was Mirit who took the boot, 3-1.

Next Episode: The preview that aired after the show showed a scene similar to the American SURVIVOR (Season 7) where the host says "Your past has come back to haunt you" - the 'Santiago Tribe' with people voted off.

At a commercial that aired 20 seconds after the episode ended, a scene was shown where it said Who will return to the game? Bashevkin, Diva, Ma'ayan, Michal, or Mirit? Meir was disqualified and wasn't given a chance to come back. Gal quit due to injury and Irit, Nasrin, and Sivan (1st to 3rd voted off) chose to not come back.

Episode 19: Recap Episode "What Happened at Santiago" Airdate: March 4, 2009.

The episode recapped the first 30 days at the Pearl Islands and featured the first nine tribal councils where Irit, Nasrin, Gal, Sivan, Bashevkin, Ma'ayan, Diva, Michal, and Mirit were voted off (in order). It also showed scenes with the new 'Santiago' tribe, a tribe built of castaways voted off. The Santiago tribe will be featured in Episode 20 and will compete against the remaining 10 castaways as done in Survivor Season 7 (America).

Episode 20: Merge Airdate: March 7, 2009.

The episode began with the Caniba 3; Arik, Guy, and Itay complaining, but also being happy that they were the only members left on Caniba. At Baru, The girls remained happy and were glad that they were seven strong Baru members, but at the same time missed the Caniba boys.

Tree mail was a reward challenge. The Caniba tribe was depressed that there wasn't a merge at 10. At the reward challenge, Efrat, Idan, Anastassia, and Yoav were forced to sit out, due to them playing at the last challenge, leaving Igor, Ofir, and Neta-Lee to work together. The did not succeed in finding the winning statement which was "One for all, All for one, Welcome to the merged Tribe". Caniba won the prize, which was juice, but shared it with Baru since there was the merge time. The merged tribe's name was Casaya. It was named after the island the castaways would live in.

The Casaya tribe celebrated the merge at a Panamanian Mansion with hot tubs and baths, and a lot of food. They also each got a separate item from their life. Arik - a Identity card with a picture of his dead brother. Anastassia - her fiance's wedding ring. Ofir - a picture of his former boyfriend. Idan - his guitar. Guy - medicines. Igor - a childhood picture. Efrat - a picture of her, 10 years earlier when she was living with a religious family. Neta-Lee - a picture of her 'sexy ' friend, who her tribemates later on commented in private that he looked older than a grandpa. Itay - his ponytail before his cut his hair. Yoav - a letter from his girlfriend in London.

The Casaya tribe later on returned to a completely new island and camp. Arik tried to rebond with the former Caniba girls, Anastassia, Neta-Lee, and Efrat, who were in a difficult situation who to go with: Baru or Caniba. Efrat and Anastassia wanted to go with Baru but Neta-Lee disagreed. Arik lied to the girls and told them he lost the past Immunities on purpose but Anastassia caught the lie.

At the Individual Immunity Challenge, the host said "Your past has come back to haunt you". Bashevkin, Michal, Mirit, Diva, and Ma'ayan returned to fight for Immunity and return to the game. The challenge will air this Wednesday in a dramatic episode.

Episode 21 Airdate: March 11, 2009.

The episode began as a sequel to the previous episode which ended with the dramatic challenge of the outcasts. The challenge was about a pirate named Henry Morgan. The outcasts were forced to remember the story in order to win. Mirit answered every question right and was brought back into the game. She has Immunity for the upcoming Tribal automatically.

Back at Casaya Mirit immediately went to work with telling her tribemates that Arik wasn't the sweet little boy next door but a snake in the grass. She told Itay and Guy that he wasn't trustable and they knew that Mirit was more trustable than him. In the morning Ofir woke up to form an alliance with Arik, which he nearly succeeded but Arik decided not to, only take his 'new alliance' with Ofir as a backup plan.

At the Individual Immunity Challenge, the castaways were set underwater with minimum space to breathe between bars and the last to stand would win safety. Idan knew his alliance with Efrat, Igor, and Neta-Lee was strong (with Anastassia in the curtains) so he didn't give it his all. Yoav was the first out after 10 minutes, Arik, Efrat, Neta-Lee, and Mirit after him. Anastassia was left the only girl running for Immunity. Everyone was surprised that she managed to outlast half of the tribe. Anastassia hung in with the guys quite a while, but after 40 minutes, she understood that if she stood any longer she would be targeted as a physical threat and decided to quit. Igor then went after her. Ofir also. Idan, Guy, and Itay were left in the water. When Guy went out, Idan knew that one of Caniba's physical threats was out and decided to quit himself, thus giving Itay Immunity

Itay decided to send Arik to Exile Island, and Arik chose to take Mirit with him. Next Time On Survivor Israel: Idan suddenly gets targeted. Guy, who already knows he is on the chopping block tries to get Anastassia, Neta-Lee, and Efrat to vote with him. At tribal council, Efrat's flirting might pay off, for good or for bad. Her swearing to god that she will put Idan's name on the voting ballet makes Idan uncomfortable and Guy annoyed. Who will be the next to go?

Episode 22 Airdate: March 14, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode the Casaya tribe came back from the Individual Immunity Challenge, which was won by Itay, and immediately plans started to play out.

At Exile Island Arik and Mirit battled for a clue of the Hidden Immunity Idol, which this time was rehidden at Exile Island. Mirit won the challenge but shared the clue with Arik, but they didn't succeed in finding the idol, instead they formed an alliance.

Back at camp, Neta-Lee and Efrat began to crumble. Efrat began to criticize Neta-Lee's boyfriend and Neta-Lee got very offended. In the morning the two girls wouldn't speak to each other, Neta-Lee was . She went to Anastassia and told her everything that Efrat has said about them since Day 1: like; the poor Russian girl, or the dumb blonde etc. Anastassia and Neta-Lee decided Efrat was going to be the next to go and together they joined forces with Itay, Guy, Mirit, and Arik.

Then a new challenge was announced, the Veto challenge, the castaway that one chooses one person that will not vote at the coming Tribal Council. The challenge was in rounds. In the first round Efrat, Yoav, Igor, Itay, and Anatassia managed to remove a small item from a woven piece of ropes. In the second round Itay succeeded in dragging the anchor to the finish line first and won the Veto Armlet. He chose to cancel Ofir's Vote.

Before Tribal Efrat began to annoy everyone. Idan totally lost all of her trust when she said to Guy she was voting Idan. But she told Idan she would be voting Guy. At Tribal Council Itay, Guy, and Arik brought up some harsh things about Efrat, but she managed to stay calm and still remain part of the Baru alliance without any damage. But in the end, Efrat's bitchiness got on everyones' nerves and she was voted off 6-4 and became the first member of the Jury.

Episode 23 Airdate: March 21, 2009.

Everyone came back to camp after a very troubled Tribal Council. Igor and Idan were mad that the girls had betrayed them, and decided not to trust Anastassia and Neta-Lee anymore.

At the Reward Challenge Idan managed to make a small comeback after falling behind early on. He chose Igor to drink some beer for the reward, while back at camp Neta-Lee and Anastassia planned to stick with Caniba.

At the Immunity Challenge, Itay hung on to the necklace, and chose to send Arik, who chose Mirit to go with him to Exile Island.

Episode 24 Airdate: March 25, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Guy felt confident that he and Itay were ruling the game. They knew Idan was the next to go. But other things were going on to make the situation tough at Casaya. Igor and Neta-Lee began to fight about who is a bigger backstabber. Neta-Lee claimed Igor was a trashy person, while Igor said Neta-Lee was just garbage (!).

At Exile Island Arik proved that he could win Mirit at challenges, and he won a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol hidden on Exile Island. They searched together, but when Mirit got tired she stopped searching and they decided to come back some other time.

That night at Casaya, the merged tribe, Igor and Idan tried to make a deal with Guy and Itay to vote off Neta-Lee. They didn't agree.

At the Veto challenge, Idan wasn't afraid of the dangerous torantulas and won the armlet. He used it to cancel Guy's vote later on. A twist was revealed after the challenge. A new hidden Immunity Idol was hidden back at Casaya, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners in the Veto challenge got a clue to it (Idan, Igor, Yoav, and Anastassia - in order).

While Yoav and Igor searched for the idol, Idan guarded Anastassia and made sure she didn't find the idol. She didn't, but Igor did.

At Tribal Council, Igor turned the heat towards Neta-Lee. Efrat, the first Jury Member, sat laughing at Tribal Council quietly. A weird argument went on whether Caniba was playing a fair game, Arik claimed that 'it was just a game' - and backstabbing is part of it. In the end, Caniba all voted for Idan, but Igor gave him the Hidden Immunity Idol to play at Tribal Council, thus sending Guy home to become the 2nd Member of the Jury.

9 are left- Mirit, Anastassia, Neta-Lee, Igor, Idan, Itay, Ofir, Yoav, and Arik, who will be voted off next?

Next Episode Preview - Igor gets mad at Ofir for being untrustable. After the reward challenge a scene is shown where Neta-Lee gets to phone her family. But her love of her life boyfriend isn't on the line. She has done everything for him, but is he there for her?

Episode 25 Airdate: March 28, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Anastassia and Neta-Lee were shocked because of the last blindside at Tribal Council. When Anastassia asked for some coconut juice from Idan, he began to get hot over her, and was off she was asking for it.

At the reward Challenge, Idan managed to win 15 minutes of phone line to speak with his loved ones. He chose to share it evenly between everyone. Yoav had a dramatic moment with his girlfriend, Jackie, who lives in London, while Neta-Lee has a sad moment, when her boyfriend wasn't talking with her, but she got over it within minutes.

Back at camp, Igor got mad at Ofir for nothing. He began to search in his bags, but did not manage to find proof that Ofir had the idol (he does have it), and got mad at Ofir for hiding the Idol from his alliance.

At the Immunity Challenge, Igor stayed balanced and won 3 more days in the Pearl Islands. He sent Idan and Yoav to search for the Hiddden Immunity Idol.

Episode 26 Airdate: April 4, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Yoav and Idan battled it out on Exile Island for the hint to the Hidden Immunity Idol in a challenge that required taking apart a tower one piece at a time, with the first person to make it fall, losing the challenge.

After Idan predictably won, and he and Yoav spent a night of good camaraderie on Exile Island, they searched together when morning broke. After following and finding a few more hints, they found the Hidden Immunity Idol buried in the sand near a bush, and celebrated.

Back at camp, Ofir said that he would find out whether or not they found the Idol, and they would plan their tactics around that, with the primary goal being to vote Idan off.

At the Veto challenge, a game of "true or false" trivia took place in regards to current events happening off the Island, which Anastasia won.

Following the challenge, the Caniba alliance conspired and thought about their tactics, with Ofir using his alliance with the former Baru boys to find out that Idan indeed had found the Idol on Exile Island.

Ofir told the ex-Caniba members of this, while promising that he was with the ex-Baru members every step of the way.

Arik told Idan that he was indeed the target at Tribal Council to confuse him, and Idan, Igor and Yoav agreed that Idan would use the Idol for himself, and cancel out the votes towards him.

At Tribal Council, Ofir made a few remarks that foreshadowed his turn on the ex-Baru members, and, following Anastasia giving Yoav the armlet that cancelled his vote, Idan thought that Yoav was the target, and decided to use the Immunity Idol to save Yoav.

After 5 votes were read, Yoav had 3 votes (that were cancelled out by the Idol), and Arik had two votes, so it seemed that Arik was going home.

However, then Idan's name showed up, and it became obvious that a brilliant plan was hatched by Arik, where the Caniba alliance split their votes, 3 for Yoav, and 3 for Idan.

The vote ended 3-3-2, and Idan was sent to the Jury. After executing this amazing plan, Arik allowed himself to let off a huge smile, and Igor questioned Ofir about who he voted for, to which he answered "Idan", with a huge grin.

Following this amazing turn of events, a promo for the next episode aired where, apparently, Igor, Yoav, Mirit and Itay won the prize challenge, and they conspired to join in an Alliance together with Arik, in order to vote off Ofir, Neta-Lee and Anastasia. (Arik tells Mirit and Itay to lose on purpose at the Immunity Challenge, which Neta-Lee overhears.) What they don't know is that Ofir has the Hidden Immunity Idol, so either way, it should be interesting to see what transpires...Following the exit of the 2 (physically) strongest players, the game is wide open...8 are left...who will go? Who will stay? And who will be...the Sole Survivor?

Episode 27 Airdate: April 11, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Igor and Yoav came back to camp about tribal council, where Caniba's plan to vote out Idan was executed successfully. Igor got mad and began saying very racist comments, disrespecting the girls' deciscion, and also laughing about Ofir's homosexuality. He began planning out a new alliance with Itay and Mirit and made it clear to everyone that his target was Ofir.

At the reward challenge the castaways played for a picnic. Igor easily won the challenge and chose Mirit, Itay, and Yoav to join him on the picnic. Then the host, Guy Zuaretz said that the 4 castaways going to the picnic will be one team in the upcoming Immunity challenge, while the others will be a different one, the Immunity will be given to the winning team at the Immunity Challenge.

At the picnic Yoav and Igor planned a Final 4 alliance with Itay and Mirit, where they said that Ofir has got to be the next to go home. Mirit agreed but Itay was not confident that joining the former Baru members would be the right deciscion to make.

Back at camp, Arik planned his final 4 alliance with Anastassia, Neta-Lee and Ofir. Ofir went out searching for food in the jungle and came back with a huge sack of Pacifloras. Arik claimed that Neta-Lee did not even care about Ofir, she only cared about the fruits, and was the first one to taste them.

At the Immunity Challenge Anastassia struggled to dive into the deep water to get a numbered coconut, causing Mirit, Igor, Yoav, and Itay to win Immunity. Arik and Neta-Lee were exiled.

4 Will be vulnerable at the next Tribal Council - Anastassia, Neta-Lee, Arik, and Ofir. While the other 4- Itay, Mirit, Igor, and Yoav will have Immunity.

Next Episode Preview: Neta-Lee is upset after losing Immunity, Ofir tells Arik that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol, and the castaways endure a very disgusting Veto challenge, eating very "delicious" meals such as uncooked bugs and alive body parts. Neta-Lee struggles to swallow the coackroaches while Igor is eating eagle body parts.

Episode 28 Airdate: April 15, 2009.

The episode opened with the Exile Island battle. This time, Arik and Neta-Lee fought together to receive a clue. They managed to succeed in the challenge and both received a clue. But they didn't manage to make fire and so Neta-Lee didn't have enough "strength" to search for the idol.

Back at camp, Ofir knew he was the next to go, because Arik has a strong alliance with Anastassia and Neta-Lee. He decided to sway his tribemates to vote for Anastassia: Step 1 - Tell Mirit he was voting Anastassia (Successful) Step 2 - Tell Itay he needed his vote to help vote off Anastassia (not successful) Step 3 - Tell Anastassia everyone was voting Arik (not successful)

At the Veto Challenge, the castaways endured some disgusting, but also tasty foods. The final battle was between Igor and Ofir, but Igor managed to swallow his nasty food faster and won the challenge. He already knew who he was going to give it to, he was going to cancel Ofir's vote.

Back at camp Ofir told Arik he had found Baru's Hidden Immunity Idol and was going to use it at Tribal Council. He told Arik to vote Neta-Lee, and make a new alliance between him, Ofir, and Anastassia. Ofir then went to say goodbye to his tribemates, before getting voted out.

At Tribal Council, Igor and Yoav targeted Anastassia. They stated she wanted to vote for Arik, but Anastassia claimed she wasn't intending to do so. Arik questioned Ofir's loyalty to him, but the tribe was already sure that Ofir was not trustable. But before the votes were revealed, Ofir played his Hidden Immunity Idol, and with only 2 votes cast against her, Anastassia was voted out 2-0 and became the 4th Member of the Jury.

After the episode, the voters were revealed with who they voted for. Anastassia was almost sure Yoav and Igor voted for her, however Itay and Arik were the ones who betrayed her.

Next Episode - Survivor Auction!! Neta-Lee tries to get Igor drunk after the auction, and seems to succeed, although Igor doesn't seem to give up easily.

Episode 29 Airdate: April 18, 2009.

The episode started with a quite weird morning. Neta-Lee was sad she has lost her best friend on the island, Anastassia, but knew that in order to win she had to move on. Neta-Lee decided to make up with Igor, hoping he would agree. She apologised, but Igor called her trash, and didn't agree with her. Neta-Lee had had it with Igor and knew he had to be the next to go. Everyone agreed except Yoav, Igor's best friend from the original Baru.

The reward challenge was a Survivor Auction!! A lot of things were up for bidding, and everything was bought. Here are some of the items each castaway bought:

Igor - Coconuts, The Service of Elhandro (for short) El-Secundo, the barber. Mirit - A huge American Waffle. Itay - Falafel and Tehina. Arik - French Fries, Ketchup, Chicken Wings and Juice. Neta-Lee - A bottle of Rum for the tribe, sleeping gear. Ofir - An alcoholic drink with a fruity twist, fishing gear. Yoav - Sand and Water, and a white dress (given to Neta-Lee)

All the tribemates were disappointed with Neta-Lee after the auction, she always complains about food but didn't buy the food biddings!!

Back at camp, Neta-Lee came up with a genius plan. She told Mirit and Itay she was going to put an a show for Igor, a show he won't resist - in order to hurt him in the Immunity Challenge. Neta-Lee put on her sexy baby-doll white dress that Yoav gave her from the auction. Later on, she shared the Rum with the tribe but made sure Igor would drink more than everyone. In the end, Igor drank 10 cups of the Rum while everyone else drank hardly 1. After the rum, Igor was totally drunk, he bumped into a tree and fell asleep right under it.

In the morning, Igor had a huge hangover. Neta-Lee told herself "well played girl". Arik claimed that Igor woke him up at night and started yelling at him random words in Russian (as he did to Ma'ayan in Episode 9).

At the Immunity Challenge, Igor was weak and didn't see where he was going, leading to another great win by Itay. Arik (for the sixth time) and Neta-Lee were exiled.

Next Episode - Arik and Itay have had enough of Ofir's whiny attitude, will it lead to a rude Tribal Council? We will have to see.

Episode 30 Airdate: April 22, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Igor was mad because he lost the challenge, while everyone else was happy this was Igor's last day on the Island.

The exile Island once again was done together, and not one against the other. Arik and Neta-Lee both won a clue to the Idol, but didn't manage to find it.

At the Veto Challenge, Mirit showed the tribe her abilities and put up a good fight to win, though in the end, it was Neta-Lee who made an accident causing her to win the armlet.

Before Tribal Council Mirit and Itay wondered whether to vote Yoav or Itay, they decided Yoav was a bigger Jury threat.

At Tribal Council, things were heated up. The arguing between Neta-Lee and Igor only got worse, when Neta-Lee revealed that she had tricked Igor into drinking more of the rum. Before the vote, as usual, the Jury got to ask a question to one of the castaways. Anastassia asked a game-changing question for Neta-Lee, who she would take to the Final Tribal Council. Neta-Lee tried not to answer, and gave a very invalid answer.

When the votes were revealed, a shocking 3-2-1 vote sent Igor packing. (3 Igor, 2 Yoav, 1 Arik).

6 remain - Neta-Lee, Itay, Mirit, Arik, Yoav, and Ofir. Who will be the next to go?!

Next Episode Preview:

"Another One of Thos Gabi Moments" What happens at Final 6? Of course, LOVED ONES!! A scene aired showing Mirit and her mom, Yoav and his British girlfriend, and Ofir with his other gay American boyfriend randomly saying stuff in Hebrew, Ani Ohev Otha, in an English accent (I love You). And then Neta-Lee prayed in private that Gabi would come visit her.

At the Immunity Challenge scene, Yoav was shown hanging from a pole, hoping to finally win something.

Episode 31 Airdate: April 25, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Neta-Lee came back to camp in a very joyfull mood, because Igor was gone - she knew everything would be more calm. But it wasn't. Ofir started an argument with Yoav, which got on his nerves. Yoav, realising he will probably be the next to go, didn't even try to break the alliance of 4 (Itay, Mirit, Arik, and Neta-Lee).

At the reward challenge, the castaways played with their loved ones: Neta-Lee's mom (she was shocked btu emotional), Arik's sister, Ofir's ex-boryfriend, Yoav's girlfriend "Jackie", Itay's brother and Mirit's "Moroccian Momma". During the challenge Arik had to choose whether to take out Neta-Lee's Mom or Itay's brother, and he chose Neta-Lee, who of course was . Arik's sister knew him the best, winning reward for him, which was a whole night in a 5-star Panamanian hotel with the loved one. But Arik was given a brutal choice. He could choose to take the reward, or give it up and everyone else would win a night with his loved on, except for Arik himself! Arik decided to give the reward up, even though everyone else told him not to.

Arik spent the night at camp alone, while everyone else celebrated with their Loved Ones.

When Neta-Lee returned to camp she immediately confirmed with Arik why he made that choice of taking her Mom out of the game. Arik gave her the poor puppy face and she was willing to forgive him.

At the Immunity Challenge, Itay outlasted everyone else when he stayed balanced on his pole the longest. He sent Arik and Neta-Lee back to exile island for the 7th time.

Next Episode - The alliance of 4 turns their back on Mirit when she says she wants to vote off Ofir instead of Yoav, and at a very mistaken Tribal Council, Igor heats things up when he questions Neta-Lee.

Episode 32 Air date: April 29, 2009.

The episode started with the Exile Island battle between Arik and Neta-Lee. The game was tetris, and after a long battle with strange tactics, Arik just barely won the clue to the Idol. He shared the clue with Neta-Lee and they both searched for it, but once again, without any luck at all.

Back at camp, Ofir talked with Mirit and made a deal that they would both vote Yoav off; Mirit made a promise, but then in private said she would most probably break it. Mirit then talked with Yoav and they both agreed to vote Ofir, no matter what.

At the Veto Challenge, the castaways had to remember a long list of animals and lucks, until one person is left standing. Ofir managed to remember everything and won the challenge, and he chose to cancel Mirit's vote, because he was scared she would be voting for him.

When Arik and Neta-Lee got back to camp, they thought about backstabbing Mirit, but Arik said that now isn't the time, instead either Yoav or Ofir had to go.

At Tribal Council, all the guidelines were crossed when the castaways talked about trust; obviously no one trusted Arik anymore, and everyone hated Ofir too. But when the votes were revealed, Arik had betrayed Neta-Lee, and Neta-Lee was the only one except Ofir who voted for Yoav, and Yoav, Itay, and Arik all voted Ofir, meaning after a dramatic 3–2 vote, Ofir became the 6th Jury Member.

It is down to the Final 5: Arik, Itay, Mirit, Yoav and Neta-Lee, who will be the next to go in the next episode!?

Next episode - Neta-Lee gets mad at Arik because he voted Ofir at Tribal Council. "She is blonde and furious and raging mad" - Arik.

Episode 33 Air date: May 2, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Neta-Lee was that Arik betrayed her and voted Ofir instead of Yoav at the last Tribal Council. Neta-Lee was hungry to have her revenge (and hungry to look for more stuff to put in her mouth), but knew Arik was her only chance of making Final 3.

The reward at the challenge was a jet ski. Everyone wanted to win it and everyone fought hard but Itay was overall the one who won it and chose to take Arik with him for a test drive. Back at camp, hunger was starting to rise. There was nothing to eat. The castaways found some rotten coconuts, which no one wanted to eat, except of course, Neta-Lee, who will eat everything edible that she can put in her mouth.

At the Immunity Challenge, Neta-Lee got payback from eating so much. The castaways got to weigh themselves on a scale; everyone lost around 7–10 kilograms, except Neta-Lee, who had lost an amazing 500 grams (0.5 kilograms).

The Immunity Challenge was the challenge done in Survivor: Panama: Exile Island, Final 6 Immunity. The castaways had to sit on a wooden seat on their knees and hold onto a rope carrying a different amount of their weight (10%, 20%, 30% and so on...). Even though Yoav knew he would probably be the next to go, because he was not in the Alliance of 4, he gave up. So did Arik and Itay. Leaving the girls, Mirit and Neta-Lee to fight for Immunity. Mirit fell and Neta-Lee finally got her revenge, when she won Immunity (the first girl ever to wear Immunity). She sent Arik and Itay to search for the idol.

Next episode - It is down to the Final 5, but at a tearful Tribal Council that will leave you shocked, who will not make the Final 4!?

Episode 34 Air date: May 6, 2009.

At the beginning of the episode, Neta-Lee, Mirit, and Yoav came back from the Immunity Challenge. Yoav approached Neta-Lee with a plan to get rid of the biggest Jury threat in the game, Mirit. Neta-Lee got into an argument with Mirit about her strategy, and Mirit was she was scheming with Yoav aka "the enemy" behind her back.

At the Last Exile Island battle, Arik and Itay both one the clue to the Idol, but did not manage to find it, meaning that there was no more chances to get the Idol. At the Veto Challenge, the castaways bowled their way to victory. Yoav surprised everyone when he won the armlet, and decided to cancel Itay's vote at Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Yoav and Neta-Lee switched the target to Itay because he was the physical threat. Neta-Lee told Arik about the plan, and Arik tried to persuade her to voting Yoav instead, because Itay was his best friend in the game. Arik, not knowing what to do, didn't tell Itay about the plan to vote him of, but knew he had to do what Neta-Lee tells him to do, or else Arik will be exposed as a liar.

At Tribal Council, Itay gave a very tearful speech about his life. Mirit was exposed as the "clean-handed" strategist who throughout the whole game had done nothing except be a Wild-Card vote, not to forget, she was the 8th Voted Off, and returned on Day 29! But when the votes were revealed, Arik sided with Neta-Lee and Yoav and betrayed his best friend. Itay was the 15th Person Voted Off and became the 7th Jury Member.

Now Only 4 are left: MIRIT - the sweet city girl with a sexy touch NETA-LEE - the former model and quite hungry strategist who is aligned with Arik. Arik - the biggest strategist in the game, and the least trustable person left. and... YOAV - the only remaining former "Baru" Member. All his friends (Igor and Idan) were voted off a long time ago, and he is the outcast right now.

Who will win the Final Immunity? Which three will go on to face the Jury and who will become the eighth and final Jury Member? Find out on Week#17.

Episode 35 Airdate: May 9, 2009.

Casaya came back to camp after a dramatic Tribal Council. Mirit was mad at Arik for betraying Itay, Arik told her that she can't trust him anymore. Even though a lot was happening around camp, Arik, Neta-Lee, Yoav, and Mirit were glad to be the Final 4.

At the LAST Individual Immunity Challenge, the castaways got to test out the ultimate torture machine, hanging onto a rope as long as you can while lying down on a tilted piece of wood, with water making your grip harder. Arik was the first to fall down, Mirit second. Neta-Lee and Yoav gave a good fight to each other, but Neta-Lee fell down first. Yoav won Immunity and secured his spot in the Final 3! Reminding 'Bob' from Survivor: Gabon, who went against all odds and managed to be the only Kota Member in the Final Tribal Council, Yoav, came into the Final 6 as the underdog and made the Final 3, or not...?

At the Reward Challenge, the castaways played for Pitas with humous and falafel. Yoav quickly proved to the tribe that after Itay had been sent home, he was the new physical threat. Once again Neta-Lee and Yoav handled a close battle, but Yoav managed to come up on top, again, just within seconds!!

After the challenge, Yoav was given a difficult choice to make. Yoav could either keep the Pitas to himself, OR, he could choose to win a Brand New Subaru Forester Version 2.1, BUT, he would have to quit the game to choose this extremely valuable reward.

Yoav's deciscion will air this Wednesday May 13, 2009.

Next Episode- What will Yoav Choose!? And if he chooses to keep his Immunity, which two of the 3 other castaways will sit next to him at The Final Tribal Council. It's down to the near end, make sure to watch the Season Finale on May 23, which will be airing live from Caesarea, Israel.

Episode 36 - "Season Finale Part 1" Airdate: May 16, 2009.

Fifty-one days ago, 20 Israelis started an adventure of a lifetime, Survivor. They were stranded in the Pearl Islands along unpopulated beaches with almost nothing to eat or drink. On Day 1 The 20 were divided into two tribes of 10, Caniba and Baru. From the beginning, it seemed like the Baru tribe was going to run away with the game. They won all the first 3 Immunity Challenges, and sent Caniba to back to back to back Tribal Councils where Irit, Nasrin, and Gal were Voted Off. But then the unexpected came up, Neta-Lee and Meir were swapped tribes after their visit to Exile Island. Meir was happy with his new Caniba tribe, but Neta-Lee was sad to start all over again. Caniba won the next Immunity Challenge and at Tribal Council, Sivan was voted off. The tribes continued to fight and a lot of spinning twists came up, as the castaways watches Bashevkin, Ma'ayan, Diva, Michal, and Mirit go home. Then the merge came, down to only 3 members, Caniba appeared to be doomed. But when Mirit returned to the game on Day 29, they suddenly began to slowly take control over the game. Efrat was blindsided at Tribal Council, she never saw it coming. But at the next Tribal Council, when Idan played the Hidden Immunity Idol, Guy was sent to Ponderosa. At the following Tribal Council, The Caniba alliance of Itay, Arik, Neta-Lee, Anastassia, and Mirit decided to split their votes in half so in case Idan or Yoav played a Hidden Immunity Idol, one of them would go home. The plan worked as Yoav and Igor watched their old buddy Idan get voted off. Igor and Yoav hatched a plan to get rid of Ofir for betraying Baru, and the plan seemed to work, until Ofir played the Hidden Immunity Idol he had found at the Baru camp, Anastassia never saw anything coming as she became the 4th Jury Member. Igor and Ofir were the next to go. At the Final 5 Arik, Neta-Lee and Yoav betrayed Itay and he became the 7th Jury Member. And now, only 4 are left, Yoav, Mirit, Arik, and Neta-Lee which 3 will make the Finale in Caesaria, Israel.

The episode started with Yoav thinking over his dilemma again, the Subaru Forester, or a one in three chance at winning one million Shekels. The castaways competed in quite a torturing Veto Challenge, where Mirit held on for two hours and beat Neta-Lee.

Back at camp, Arik planned to take out Mirit. But Mirit had other plans, she managed to persuade Neta-Lee and Yoav to vote Arik.

Since it was their last day at the Pearl Islands, the remaining Final 4 burnt their camp and had a special ceremony for remembering the 16 castaways who were already voted off, in the ceremony, the Final 4 through glass cups of wine into the fire, as Pirates had done long ago.

At Tribal Council a huge argument occurred between Arik and Mirit, but in a shocking end, Yoav chose the car over the game, and Arik, Neta-Lee, Mirit watched as he quit the game on Day 52.

Arik, Neta-Lee and Mirit are the Final 3, and on May 23, we will find out which one of them, at the Final Tribal Council, will be named, the "Sole-Survivor"! At the end of the episode, it was revealed that for the first time ever, the audience can vote someone out of the game. Before the Final Tribal Council, the audience will vote someone out, either Neta-Lee, Arik, or Mirit, and he/she will not take part in the Final Tribal Council, instead he/she will become the ninth and final Jury Member.

Who will ultimately win the game!? Will it be Mirit, the sweet and pretty girl from Lod, Israel. Or will it be Neta-Lee? The Former Model and current "Tribe Pig" from Tel Aviv, Israel? Or will it be Arik? The doctor who was the biggest strategist? Find out next Saturday on the Season Finale!

Episode 37 - "Season Finale Part 2" Airdate: May 23, 2009.

The episode started with the Final 3: Neta-Lee, Arik, and Mirit entering the LIVE amphi-stadium in Caesarea, Israel. There were over 10,000 people watching them! So many people, and yet so much pressure! At the beginning, the 8 Jury Members asked the 3 finalists hard questions. Anastassia, Igor, and itay brought up the most toughest and ignorant questions. Anastassia told Arik that she had been that he betrayed her, and she say to Mirit, "why do you try to play the game with me?". She stated (as they say in Arabic), "Kul Kalb Biji-yamo", meaning: 'Every dog's day will come'. Igor showed Neta-Lee he could be a gentleman by giving her flowers and then saying there was no way he was voting for a bitch like her. Itay yelled at Arik, for dishonoring him, and the rest of the tribe. Yoav offered Neta-Lee his brand new car if she quit the game, but she answered negative.

Reunion Air date: May 23, 2009.

The Reunion started by bringing in the rest of the show's stars who were voted out before the merge (by-order); Irit, Nasrin, Gal, Sivan, Meir, Bashevkin, Ma'ayan, Diva, and Michal. During the reunion Bashevkin said that throughout the season's airing he sent multiple messages to Nasrin's phone and apologized for saying such rude racist comments about her, and she eventually forgave him. Ofir apologized to Ma'ayan for saying such mean lies about her at the Tribal Council she was voted off, and Gal gave everyone an update that his leg is okay, and that he is sad that he couldn't continue the game due to his Injury on Week #3.

After the Reunion, it came down to the Final 2. The audience decided that Neta-Lee did not deserve to be in the Final 2 voting and she became the 9th and final Jury Member. The Jury members voted. After some time, the host Guy Zuaretz read the votes. Arik became the Sole Survivor (6-3) after 52 long and hard-fought days and Mirit won Runner-Up.

Before the two-hour reunion ended, a preview was shown of the next season: Survivor 10: Philippine Islands. Next fall, 25 castaways will be stranded in the Philippines for 52 days, and only one will become the Sole-Survivor.

Voting history

Original Tribes Exile Island Switch Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #:
Eliminated: Irit
6/10 Votes
8/9 Votes
No Votes
8/9 Votes
No Vote
6/7 Votes
6/8 Votes
5/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
6/10 Votes
4/4 Votes8
3/5 Votes9
2/2 Votes10
3/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
No Vote
No Vote
Voter Vote
Erik Irit Nasrin Bashevkin Diva Michal Mirit Efrat Idan Idan Anastassia Igor Ofir Itay
Mirit Sivan Michal Diva Michal Erik Efrat Idan Yoav Ofir Yoav Yoav
Neta-Lee Irit Nasrin Bashevkin Efrat Idan Yoav Ofir Igor Yoav Itay
Yoav Sivan Ma'ayan Guy Guy Ofir Ofir Itay
Itay Nasrin Nasrin Bashevkin Diva Michal Mirit Efrat Idan Idan Anastassia Yoav Ofir
Ofir Sivan Ma'ayan Guy Idan Igor Yoav
Igor Sivan Ma'ayan Guy Guy Erik Ofir Erik
Anastassia Irit Nasrin Bashevkin Efrat Idan Yoav Ofir
Idan Sivan Ma'ayan Guy Guy Erik
Guy Nasrin Nasrin Bashevkin Diva Michal Mirit Efrat
Efrat Irit Nasrin Bashevkin Guy
Michal Sivan Ma'ayan Diva Mirit
Diva Sivan Ma'ayan Guy
Ma'ayan Sivan Michal
Bashevkin Nasrin Nasrin Neta-Lee
Sivan Igor
Gal Irit Nasrin
Nasrin Irit Efrat
Irit Nasrin

     This castaway could not vote at Tribal Council, because s/he had the "Veto Armlet".
^8 Idan played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the 11th Tribal Council, therefore all the votes cast against him did not count, and Guy was sent home.
^9 Yoav played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the 12th Tribal Council, therefore all the votes cast against him did not count, and Idan was sent home.

Jury vote
Finalist: Mirit
3/9 Votes
6/9 Votes
Juror Vote
Neta-Lee Erik
Yoav Erik
Itay Mirit
Ofir Erik
Igor Erik
Anastassia Mirit
Idan Erik
Guy Mirit
Efrat Erik


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