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The Apprentice (UK series six)

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Title: The Apprentice (UK series six)  
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The Apprentice (UK series six)

The Apprentice UK
Series Six

Series Six of The Apprentice (UK) was a British reality television series. The series started on BBC One on 6 October 2010 [1] and ran for twelve weekly hour-long episodes, as in all previous years. Following a web-based application, regional auditions and interviews took place during July 2009 in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham, about 75 candidates were called back for a second round in London and shooting took place in Autumn 2009.[2] There are sixteen participants and the board consists of Alan Sugar, Nick Hewer and Karren Brady (in her first outing on the main 'The Apprentice' programme).[1] The programme formerly featured Margaret Mountford, who stood down from the role in June 2009.[3] However, she made a guest appearance in Week 11 as an Interviewer.

The series was won by Stella English, a 30-year-old investment banker from London.[4] After winning, English worked at Sugar's company Viglen.[5] Sugar subsequently gave her a new job at YouView in May 2011, after she complained of being "just a glorified PA" in her original position.[6] English resigned from YouView in October 2011, leaving Sugar's employment altogether, claiming that she had had virtually no contact with Sugar in her role.[7] Previous series had begun in March but the 2010 series was postponed until the autumn by the BBC to avoid any issues regarding the general election and Lord Sugar's ties to the then government.[8]

In the first task the apprentices had to make and sell sausages in London. Other tasks include opening a fashion boutique, running a bakery, selling crisps in Germany, designing and marketing a new cleaning product, treating unsuspecting tourists to open-top bus tours around the capital and inventing a new beach product.[1] The candidates' house was located on Bedford Square in the heart of London's West End.[9]


Sixteen contestants took part in this series, and as usual, were initially divided by gender. The women chose the name Apollo for their team name, while the men chose the name Synergy. Two candidates - Raleigh and Joy - never got the chance to be a project manager.

Candidate Background Original team Age Result
Stella English Head of Business Management Apollo 30 Hired by Sugar
Chris Bates Compliance Officer Synergy 24 Runner-up in the Final
Jamie Lester Overseas Property Developer Synergy 28 Fired in week 11
Joanna Riley Cleaning Company Owner Apollo 25 Fired in week 11
Stuart Baggs Telecoms Entrepreneur Synergy 21 Fired in week 11
Liz Locke Investment Banker Apollo 24 Fired in week 10
Laura Moore Business Development Manager Apollo 22 Fired in week 9
Christopher Farrell Mortgage Broker Synergy 28 Fired in week 8
Sandeesh Samra Recruitment Consultant Apollo 26 Fired in week 7
Alex Epstein Unemployed Head of Communications Synergy 26 Fired in week 6
Paloma Vivanco Senior Marketing Manager Apollo 30 Fired in week 5
Melissa Cohen Food Business Manager Apollo 27 Fired in week 4
Shibby Robati Surgeon and Business Owner Synergy 26 Fired in week 3
Joy Stefanicki Marketing Director Apollo 31 Fired in week 2
Raleigh Addington Unemployed Graduate Synergy 22 Quit in week 2
Dan Harris Sales Director Synergy 34 Fired in week 1

Related press

Before the series aired, it was reported that in September 2009 contestant Christopher Farrell had admitted to two charges of possessing an offensive weapon after police discovered an extendable baton and knuckle-duster in his car following allegations he had hit his wife with one of the weapons. Farrell was re-arrested on 4 August 2010 and bailed until 27 October 2010 on charges of fraud with regard to alleged financial irregularities relating to a false representation made via cheque or credit card.[10][11] Farrell was fired from his job at Mortgages4Plymouth over the alleged fraud and was believed to have gone into hiding in Spain.[12] The Sun newspaper reported that Farrell had been sacked from a previous mortgage company in Saltash, Cornwall for misconduct after viewing internet pornography.[13]

Contestant Joanna Riley was found to have been convicted for racially abusing three taxi drivers in October 2005 and it was also alleged that contestant Shibby Robati had received a string of complaints while working as a junior doctor for St George's Healthcare NHS Trust leading to a formal warning from the General Medical Council for "unprofessional behaviour".[12][14]

Weekly results

Candidate Original team Week 2 team Week 3 team Week 4 team Week 5 team Week 7 team Week 9 team Week 10 team Application result Record as project manager
Stella English Apollo Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Apollo Hired by Sugar 2-0 (win in weeks 2 & 8)
Chris Bates Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Apollo Synergy Synergy Synergy Runner-up 1-1 (win in week 4, loss in week 8)
Jamie Lester Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Fired in week 11 1-1 (win in week 9, loss in week 4)
Joanna Riley Apollo Apollo Synergy Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Synergy Fired in week 11 2-0 (win in weeks 1 & 10)
Stuart Baggs Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Synergy Apollo Fired in week 11 1-1 (win in week 7, loss in week 10)
Liz Locke Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Fired in week 10 1-1 (win in week 5, loss in week 9)
Laura Moore Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Fired in week 9 0-1 (loss in week 2)
Christopher Farrell Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergy Fired in week 8 1-0 (win in week 6)
Sandeesh Samra Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Synergy Fired in week 7 0-1 (loss in week 7)
Alex Epstein Synergy Synergy Synergy Apollo Apollo Fired in week 6 0-1 (loss in week 6)
Paloma Vivanco Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Fired in week 5 0-1 (loss in week 5)
Melissa Cohen Apollo Apollo Synergy Synergy Fired in week 4 1-0 (win in week 3)
Shibby Robati Synergy Synergy Apollo Fired in week 3 0-1 (loss in week 3)
Joy Stefanicki Apollo Apollo Fired in week 2
Raleigh Addington Synergy Quit in week 2
Dan Harris Synergy Fired in week 1 0-1 (loss in week 1)
Elimination chart
Candidate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Raleigh IN LEFT
     The candidate was on the winning team (or, in Week 11, managed to avoid being fired.)
     The candidate was on the losing team.
     The candidate was hired and won The Apprentice.
     The candidate was the runner-up.
     The candidate won as project manager on his/her team.
     The candidate lost as project manager on his/her team.
     The candidate was brought to the final boardroom.
     The candidate was fired.
     The candidate lost as project manager and was fired.
     The candidate left the competition.


Week 1: Bangers

  • Project managers: Joanna (Apollo) and Dan (Synergy)
  • Task: The candidates set about making and selling sausages on the streets of London. The team that makes the most profit wins.[1]
  • Result: Synergy focused on making cheap sausages, while Apollo decided to make gourmet sausages with a higher meat content. Despite a slow start, Apollo successfully sold their premium sausages to city professionals, as well as selling to a restaurant, and shifted all their stock before the end of the day. Synergy enjoyed good sales at their Portobello Road market location, though the roaming team did "naff all" with Dan selling a mere £14. Eventually, the team had to resort to selling all of their remaining packs for £53 right before the deadline. Despite their vastly higher costs compared to Synergy, Apollo secured victory by a margin of £15. Dan's leadership was heavily criticised by his entire team saying that 'he makes the orders, we do the work.'
  • Winner: Apollo
  • Reward: Champagne and barbecue served at the candidates' house.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Dan, Alex and Stuart
  • Fired: Dan, for being a "dictator" to his team. He barked orders at them, refused to listen to them, did only a small percentage of the work load and sold only £14, despite his sales director background;
  • Notes:
    • Despite the narrow winning margin, Lord Sugar felt that Synergy's final profit flattered them, and that Apollo had performed far better in every aspect of the task. Christopher and Jamie were given credit for their strong sales figures on the market stall, which Sugar said was the only thing which gave the team any shot at victory.
    • After the firing, Lord Sugar admitted that had considered firing Stuart along with Dan, as Stuart sold only slightly more than Dan did and made several ridiculous boasts in the boardroom. Alex was also given a severe warning, for being the only person on the team who sold nothing whatsoever.

Week 2: Beach Accessory

  • Left: Raleigh did not appear at the pre-task briefing, and before announcing the task, Lord Sugar informed the teams that Raleigh decided to leave the show after 'an emergency family matter', which was later revealed on the You're Fired! programme to be that his older brother had been badly injured by a bomb while serving with the Army in Afghanistan.[15]
  • Project managers: Laura (Apollo) and Stella (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: In order to even out the team numbers following Raleigh's departure, Stella was moved to Synergy and assigned to be the team leader by Lord Sugar.
  • Task: Design a new beach accessory and pitch it to three retailers.[16]
  • Result: Synergy designed a towel and pillow set, suggested by Jamie and Christopher that would keep drinks cool. Apollo, however, struggled for ideas and at literally the last minute, went with a book stand that was aggressively pushed by Joanna. At the pitches, Apollo's book-stand was praised by the 3 retailers and Boots showed a real passion for it, so much so that they wanted exclusivity. Laura, though, declined as she didn't want to commit to such an agreement. Synergy's product, on the other hand, wasn't that liked by Boots or WorldDutyFree and Chris's dull presentation didn't help either way. On the other hand, KIT2FIT praised it and were the only retailers to order from Synergy, ordering 100 units. On the other hand, Apollo, despite their product being praised, didn't gain a single order from any of the retailers, with them refusing Boots' exclusivity costing them dearly.
  • Winner: Synergy
  • Reward: An evening at a golf club with a professional teacher
  • Brought into the boardroom: Laura, Joanna and Joy (Initially Sandeesh)
  • Fired: Joy, for not contributing significantly to either of the tasks
  • Notes:
    • Lord Sugar named this as the worst defeat in the show's history (there had been one occasion on Junior Apprentice where a team earned zero orders, but never before on the main show; Team Logic of Series 7 would suffer an even worse defeat in Week 9, losing to Venture by zero orders to 800,000) though he did express some sympathy towards Laura for dealing with an "unmanageable" team; this was noticeable, as during an earlier argument in the challenge, Laura had to be calmed down by Joy after leaving the room where they were practising the pitch nearly in tears.
    • Laura initially chose to bring back Joanna and Sandeesh, which led to a massive argument among the members of Apollo. This argument was eventually broken up by Lord Sugar, before Karren berated the Apollo team members for setting a bad example to potential businesswomen. After that, Laura chose to bring in Joanna and Joy.
    • Following Joy's departure, Lord Sugar warned Joanna that if she ever behaved in such a disruptive fashion again, she would be fired.
    • Stella is now the only candidate who has not lost a task.
    • This was the third series in a row (including Junior Apprentice) that the winning project manager on Week 1 was brought into the boardroom on Week 2.
    • This was the earliest occasion in any series that Lord Sugar assigned someone as a team leader, instead of letting the teams choose themselves.
    • The majority of the You're Fired audience disagreed with Lord Sugar's decision to fire Joy.

Week 3: Bakery

  • Project managers: Shibby (Apollo) and Melissa (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Shibby and Chris to Apollo, Joanna and Melissa to Synergy.
  • Task: The candidates had to bake and sell an array of bakery goods on the streets of London. They also had to sell their products to business clients.
  • Result: Apollo began the task by overestimating their capabilities, agreeing to deliver 1,900 baked products to a four star hotel. Meanwhile, Synergy were lambasted by the same hotel for disrespectful behaviour (caused by their issues with cost and pricing, which Melissa had not given any thought to) but ultimately secured a deal with a chain of coffee shops after Alex stepped in to rescue the negotiations. Synergy's production line excelled under Christopher's direction, while Apollo's line was handicapped by Sandeesh ignoring Shibby's directions and acting confrontationally towards him. Both teams failed to meet their client's demands, with Shibby agreeing to pay £130 worth of compensation after Apollo only delivered 16 of the promised 1000 loaves of bread, and Synergy only obtained half their expected price after the muffins they offered were deemed to be of too low quality. Both teams then took to the streets of London, where Apollo excelled; on Synergy, Melissa's sub-team struggled due to her poor management, while Stuart's sub-team enjoyed good sales on a market stall. Ultimately, at the board room, Apollo's higher overall production costs and the compensation given to the hotel were enough to hand Synergy their second consecutive victory. Synergy made £859.57, while Apollo made £665.99.
  • Winner: Synergy
  • Reward: Dinner at a restaurant specialising in Eastern cuisine, followed by entertainment provided by Arabian Dancers.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Shibby, Paloma and Sandeesh
  • Fired: Shibby for unnecessarily offering the compensation, giving poor sales pitches, and poor overall leadership.
  • Notes:
    • Paloma and Sandeesh furiously attacked Shibby in the final boardroom, with Paloma in particular calling Shibby "a joke" and saying that he had "the business skills of a schoolboy." Lord Sugar ultimately kept Paloma due to Karren speaking strongly in her defence and saying that she shouldn't even have been in the final boardroom, but warned her about her attitude.
    • Lord Sugar appeared to be strongly considering firing Sandeesh, for her lack of effort, confrontational attitude and selling less than half of what fellow sub-team members Paloma and Liz had each managed, with Paloma and Shibby being praised for their sales abilities (although Lord Sugar also noted that Shibby had not demonstrated any skills outside of selling, and that the group as a whole was not short on good salespeople). Ultimately, Sandeesh's point about not having yet been given the opportunity to "sparkle" changed Lord Sugar's mind, and he fired Shibby.
    • The majority of the You're Fired audience, combined with the panel disagreed with Lord Sugar's decision.
    • Melissa's PM skills were heavily criticised by the panel and her team mates, despite her win, implying that she would have been fired had her team lost. Christopher, Alex and Stuart received more credit for the win from the rest of the team, Nick Hewer and the You're Fired panel: Christopher for running the kitchen, which Nick described as 'brilliant military precision', Stuart for his outstanding sales figures on the market and Alex for jumping in during Melissa's poor pitch to clinch the coffee shop deal.

Week 4: Selling to Trade

  • Project managers: Chris (Apollo) and Jamie (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Alex moves to Apollo.
  • Task: The teams each had to choose two products and sell them to trade customers. The team that makes the largest amount of money wins.
  • Result: Apollo chose a temperature-sensitive baby outfit and a slimming t-shirt, and Synergy went with a gardening tool and a shower head, although they asked for the baby outfit but were rejected, arguably because Stuart irritated the salespeople. Both teams aimed mainly for larger retailers, but Synergy had trouble due to one of Lord Sugar's pre-set appointments being with Debenhams, who did not sell the type of products Synergy were offering, as well as not being able to offer a satisfactory price to a major plumbing store. Melissa annoyed the prospective buyers by constantly repeating herself during her pitches, and then angrily refused to listen to Jamie's criticism. One of their deals was also invalidated by Lord Sugar, since they agreed to a lower price than what the manufacturer had set. Apollo had better luck with the major retailers, all of whom bought some of their products, and also sold well to the smaller stores. However, a major spat arose between Paloma, Laura and Sandeesh over who should take credit for an exclusivity deal with one shop. Ultimately it did not matter, as Lord Sugar threw out their sales due to the exclusivity agreement violating the task rules. Synergy sold £76,518.90 worth of products, while Apollo sold £122,625.60, the two biggest sales figures in the show's history at the time.
  • Winner: Apollo
  • Reward: Day at a spa.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Jamie, Stuart and Melissa
  • Fired: Melissa, for her bad attitude and failure to demonstrate the sales skills which she claimed to possess.
  • Notes:
    • Chris and especially Liz were given much credit by Lord Sugar for their strong sales pitches to the major retailers, which led to Apollo earning massive orders. Conversely, the sub-team of Laura, Paloma and Sandeesh was strongly criticised for their constant infighting and contributing very little after their disallowed sales were removed from the total.
    • Jamie appeared to be on the verge of being fired, as Lord Sugar considered his lack of control over the sub-team to be the primary factor behind Synergy's defeat, but Melissa ultimately went due to failing both as a leader in the previous task and as a salesperson in this one. Afterwards, she angrily accused Jamie and Stuart of ganging up on her, refused to shake hands with them and told them to "save your skin and come out of my face".
    • The show drew criticism from viewers after it was revealed that orders placed in the programme were not genuine.[17]

Week 5: Fashion

  • Project managers: Paloma (Apollo) and Liz (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Liz moved to Synergy and Stuart moved to Apollo.
  • Task: The teams had to sell designer clothes in the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
  • Result: Both teams wanted to sell designer female dresses from the same brand, Licorice, although Synergy was ultimately awarded the opportunity by the designer, as they'd deemed Apollo the inappropriate figures to represent their products. Apollo instead went with a high-priced brand that sold recycled clothes. On the sales day, due to Alex's prior rush to select locations, Apollo found themselves with a poor site for their promotional stand (more than 10 minutes' walk from their store). Alex compounded this mistake by scaring away customers, and irritating Paloma with what she considered to be unimportant issues, but ultimately somewhat redeemed himself by securing a television advert that would continuously play in the food court. Synergy had an uninviting store, opened 45 minutes late, and did not appear to respond to Apollo's television advert, but had a critical advantage in that their products were more reasonably priced and easier to sell. This ultimately proved decisive, and they beat Apollo by £500.
  • Winner: Synergy
  • Reward: A day in a VIP box at a racecourse.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Paloma, Sandeesh and Alex
  • Fired: Paloma, as she'd "talked her way out" of the boardroom with too much hostility. She was also held accountable for her team's failure to secure the dresses from Licorice, and accused of trying to scapegoat Alex rather than salvaging the task.
  • Notes:
    • When asked who to bring back, Paloma instantly chose Alex, but admitted trouble in choosing the second person, as everyone "pulled their weight on the day" and did well, but chose Sandeesh on past performance.
    • Lord Sugar did not initially appear to be considering firing Paloma based on the task, since her team-mates and Karren were quite positive about her overall leadership. Instead, he lambasted Sandeesh for her lack of contribution in the prior tasks, and her (and Paloma's) questionable claim that Alex's poor choice for the promotional stand single-handedly cost the team victory. Alex's multiple mistakes, lack of focus, and "irritant" personality (although Nick disagreed with Paloma on this matter) also gave reason for Lord Sugar to fire him. Before Lord Sugar could make his final decision, Paloma wanted to "say one last thing," and subsequently attacked both Sandeesh's and Alex's working backgrounds. This prompted Lord Sugar to finally lose his patience and tell Alex that while he "sounded like a disaster", Sugar felt he had been set up as a scapegoat and said he would get another chance, before turning on Paloma, lambasting her for her hostile attitude and then firing her. After the firing, he maintained he was unhappy about the performances of the two surviving candidates, referring to Alex as "you, purported as useless" and Sandeesh as "you, purported as doing naff all".
    • In the Why I Fired Them special later in the series, Sugar strongly indicated that had it not been for Paloma's last-minute outburst, he would probably have fired Sandeesh.
    • Coincidentally, the two survivors of this final boardroom would be subsequently fired in the next two weeks, and both as project managers (Alex in week 6 and Sandeesh in week 7)
    • This week was also the first of three weeks in a row where the project manager was fired.

Week 6: Advertising

  • Project managers: Alex (Apollo) and Christopher (Synergy)
  • Task: The teams had to create an advertising campaign for a brand of kitchen cleaner
  • Result: Apollo branded their cleaner "Germinator," and made an advert featuring a young boy called the Germinator who used his detergent to clean up kitchens. Synergy's cleaner was called "Octi-Kleen," and their campaign centred around the idea of making it seem as if whoever used the cleaner had eight hands instead of two. Both campaigns were felt to be quite poor, and Synergy's advert in particular was accused by both the advertising executives and Lord Sugar of being sexist; however, their campaign did at least make the key points the agency wanted. Apollo's campaign, despite a better-realised advert and a better pitch by Sandeesh, was felt to be a total failure in getting across the key features of the product, as well as having an unattractive bottle and carrying what was considered an even more inappropriate message (children using cleaning chemicals) than Synergy's advert. As a result, Synergy were named the winners.
  • Winner: Synergy
  • Reward: A private karaoke night.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Alex, Chris and Sandeesh
  • Fired: Alex, with regret, for poor leadership, and bringing Sandeesh back into the boardroom without a valid reason
  • Notes:
    • Despite the general feeling that Laura had been the least effective contributor to the task, Alex decided to bring back Sandeesh based on her prior track record in the competition. Lord Sugar decided that this was not a valid reason however, and sent her back to the house partway through the final boardroom, leaving Alex and Chris facing dismissal.
    • Alex was the first candidate this series to actually say something to Lord Sugar after he was fired, let alone thanking him for the opportunity.

Week 7: DVD

  • Project managers: Stuart (Apollo) and Sandeesh (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Chris and Sandeesh to Synergy. Joanna and Stella to Apollo
  • Task: To create and sell greenscreen film experiences to shoppers in London
  • Result: Apollo shot footage at Brands Hatch to create a racing experience video. Despite Stuart's abrasive leadership and lack of organisation, their stand enjoyed good custom, though sales were hurt by the fact that some of the DVDs were incorrectly edited, and had to be sold at a discount, while a number of customers failed to return to collect and pay for their DVDs. Synergy initially chose to theme their video around a skiing experience. However, this failed to attract customers, and halfway through the day they changed their strategy, instead selling their own driving experience video for a lower price. They were also held up at the start of the day after Sandeesh decided to swap Liz and Chris, who had originally been trained to use the editing equipment, with Jamie and Christopher, delaying the team's start by an hour while they were given the required training. This, combined with a severe overspend on blank DVDs and the lack of a clear pricing strategy, cost Synergy victory, and Apollo won by £40.
  • Winner: Apollo
  • Reward: Champagne tasting session.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Sandeesh, Chris and Liz.
  • Fired: Sandeesh, for not organising her team properly, lacking a pricing strategy, and for not bringing Jamie back into the boardroom.
  • Notes:
    • Jamie was accused of not contributing to the task by both Karren and the other members of Synergy. However, Sandeesh, despite having criticised Jamie herself, chose not to bring him back because she considered the salespeople, Chris and Liz, to be responsible for the task's failure.
    • While Lord Sugar felt that Sandeesh had delivered by far her best performance in this task, he ultimately considered her boardroom choices to be a fatal mistake, noting that he could have easily justified firing Jamie over Sandeesh, but getting rid of Chris or Liz over her was much harder, considering their impressive track records in the prior tasks (especially Week 4) compared to Sandeesh's generally unremarkable history. Despite their track records saving them however, Lord Sugar warned Chris and Liz that they appeared to be coasting off their success in the fourth task, and that he expected more from them.
    • This also marks the third consecutive week that the project manager was fired.
    • After Chris and Liz returned to the house, Stella said that Apollo did not deserve to have won the task, and that Stuart was more deserving of being fired than any member of Synergy.

Week 8: Crisps

  • Project managers: Stella (Apollo) and Chris (Synergy)
  • Task: To create new crisp flavours and sell them in the city of Hamburg
  • Result: In addition to selling to independent retailers, the teams had two major clients set up by Lord Sugar, and were allowed to set up their own sales appointment. Christopher on Synergy arranged a 9 AM appointment with a major chain of hotels, but later changed his mind and rearranged it for 1 PM. As a result, Apollo were able to grab the 9 AM appointment and managed a large sale, so when Synergy met with the hotel at 1 PM, they were no longer interested in buying anything. Apollo also did better in the face-to-face sales, partly due to a better reaction to their flavours, and partly because the Synergy members got fewer appointments and also wasted their time talking to people who were not in a position to buy anything. Both teams didn't fare well at Karstadt, as they wanted to trial the crisps: Apollo had an order of €135 worth, compared to Synergy's €68. Apollo gained an order of €7,455 worth of crisps for Mike's Sandwich, while Synergy thrashed them with €14,289 worth. However, Synergy only gained €3,638 from their "door-to-door" sales, giving them a total of €17,995. Apollo, meanwhile, came in strong, with €11,737, giving them a total of €19,327 and winning them the task.
  • Winner: Apollo
  • Reward: Spending spree at a top fashion designer.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Chris, Christopher and Jamie.
  • Fired: Christopher, for throwing away a critical sales appointment, and for being too much of a "backroom man" for Lord Sugar's liking.
  • Notes:
    • Chris and Jamie were both told that they were on a final warning; Chris for his succession of disastrous performances in the last three tasks, and Jamie for his poor overall record in the competition.
    • The majority of the You're Fired audience, combined with the panel, disagreed with Lord Sugar's decision to fire Christopher; while it was widely agreed (including by Christopher himself) that he had made the biggest individual mistake in the task, the general consensus was that Chris or Jamie would have been more deserving of being fired due to their poor record (as Lord Sugar himself pointed out when warning them).
    • Stella winning this task marks the first time a candidate won twice as Project Manager this series, and makes her and Joanna the only candidates to do so. Stella was also the only remaining candidate not to have been in the final boardroom until now (not counting Raleigh).

Week 9: Discount Buying

  • Project managers: Liz (Apollo) and Jamie (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Liz moved to Apollo and Stuart moved to Synergy.
  • Task: To buy ten items from a list in the space of ten hours.
  • Result: To start with, Apollo stayed at the meeting place and got on the phones, finding out about items whilst Synergy went straight on the road and phoning from there. This almost backfired as they had trouble finding the bluebook and the Indian gold, but when they did, they got them at fair prices. From there, they negotiated very well, managing to get 5 further items at lower costs than Apollo with Chris and Stuart getting tartan at a mere £23, for a total of 7 items. On Apollo, their researching paid off as they got all 10 items as well as a 4 metre wooden worktop that they'd ordered over-phone. But compared to the boys, they spent more on the items with Stella and Laura getting the tartan for £69, 3 times the amount the boys spent. It then went badly wrong when looking for truffles as they spent over £200 on them in Knightsbridge. To top it all off, when getting back to the boardroom, Joanna and Liz were late which gave them a £50 fine. In total, their spent (including the fine) was £1094. Synergy were fined £511.50 for not getting 3 items. However, because of their lower paying for items, they won by just £74.
  • Winner: Synergy (by £74 with all team fines and by £535 without all team fines).
  • Reward: Weekend trip to Paris
  • Brought into the boardroom: Liz, Laura and Stella
  • Fired: Laura, for misidentifying the price of the truffles, for being a generally unimpressive performer throughout the series, and for her record breaking failure in Week 2.
  • Notes:
    • Although Lord Sugar agreed that Stella tended to be "wooden," he indicated that he let this pass this due to her employment history in a Japanese investment bank, in which the cultural atmosphere demands such an attitude. Lord Sugar was also impressed by her impressive boardroom defence, but still made the point that the position he was offering required a less 'corporate' persona.
    • After Liz and Stella returned to the house, both Chris and Liz expressed a hostile attitude towards Stella, with the latter citing "Laura will be missed."

Week 10: London Tours

  • Project managers: Stuart (Apollo) and Joanna (Synergy)
  • Shuffle: Stuart moved to Apollo and Joanna moved to Synergy.
  • Task: To sell the London 'tour experience' to the general public.
  • Result: Apollo created an "East End" tour, while Synergy went with a "Ghosts and Ghouls" theme. The teams were allowed to negotiate with the Trafalgar Square tourist office for the right to have their tickets sold, and they ultimately went with Synergy after Chris offered them 20% of their total profits, as opposed to the 25% on tickets sold at the office that Stuart offered. Despite a number of factual errors in his commentary, Jamie on Synergy did well as a tour guide, engaging the customers with his horror stories, while Stella on Apollo got lost in the East End and struggled to hold the customers' interest. Both teams had good custom for their first tours, but Apollo's second tour and Synergy's third each had almost no customers. Apollo sold £825 worth of tickets, and Synergy sold £1,371 worth, leaving a final profit of £1,097 once the tourist office's share was deducted.
  • Winner: Synergy
  • Reward: Trip to Jersey, learning how to catch oysters, and then a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Stuart, Stella, and Liz
  • Fired: Liz, with regret, for failing to display qualities aside from sales.
  • Notes:
    • It was strongly implied that Chris offered the tourist office 20% of their total sales by accident, and that he had actually just meant to offer them 20% of the sales from that office. Upon discovering exactly what Chris had done, Joanna attempted to renege on the deal the following day, but the office insisted that Synergy honour it.
    • Lord Sugar contemplated firing either Stuart or Liz as he felt Stella has been "steady" throughout the tasks, and had taken on board Nick's constructive criticism about her corporate persona. Lord Sugar was inclined to fire Stuart due to consistently bad, spitfire attitude and noted that he sold less than half the tickets that Liz sold despite claims that he was a fantastic salesman. However, he eventually decided to fire Liz instead, for he felt that although Stuart's pleas were immature and naive, he could take risks with the business. Lord Sugar also noted that despite her performance in this task, he felt Liz had been in a downward spiral since winning as Project Manager in Week 5, having lost four tasks in a row and making several critical mistakes along the way, while Stuart appeared to have been improving prior to this week.
    • The majority of the You're Fired audience, combined with the panel, disagreed with Lord Sugar's decision. Lord Sugar himself later regretted his decision, as in episode 11 he said to Stuart that he was annoyed with himself that he gave a chance to Stuart instead of Liz.
    • Joanna winning this task makes her and Stella the only two candidates this series to win twice as Project Manager.

Week 11: Interviews — Semi-Finals

  • Semi-Finalists: Chris, Jamie, Joanna, Stella, Stuart
  • Task: The five remaining candidates must undergo a series of interviews by four of Lord Sugar's business colleagues, Margaret Mountford, Bordan Tkachuk, Claude Littner and Alan Watts.
  • Result: Stella received the best overall reports from the interviewers, with her only major weakness being that the interviewers felt that she was more suited to a corporate environment than Lord Sugar's organisation, though Nick and Karren noted that she had been trying to break out of this mould during the tasks. Joanna also got generally good reports, but attention was called to her relative lack of business knowledge, and the interviewers felt that she was giving up on her fledgling cleaning company too easily. Chris was deemed to be the most academically gifted of the candidates, but his ability to focus was called into question, and he was also accused of being a "quitter". Stuart received a lot of criticism for his arrogance and for lying on his CV (claiming to own a fully licensed telecommunications company, when in fact he only owned an ISP, which has no regulatory requirements beyond an easily obtainable £350 licence), though the interviewers noted that he was the only candidate with a technology background, and appeared otherwise knowledgeable about the industry. Jamie got the worst reports from the interviewers; despite a background that would have been suited to Lord Sugar's property holdings, he was accused of being boring, unable to own up to his mistakes, and a poor long-term planner. In the boardroom, Stuart was immediately fired by an outraged Lord Sugar, who realised that he had used the lie on his CV to ensure his survival at Liz's expense in the previous week. He also told Stuart that his executives thought that he was "full of shit". Joanna was the next to leave, as Lord Sugar felt that she needed to let her cleaning company grow and develop, though he gave Joanna words of encouragement for doing so well despite her relative inexperience. Stella's strong interview and boardroom responses ensured that Lord Sugar make her the first finalist. Jamie was the last candidate to be fired; Lord Sugar felt that Jamie had the least to offer out of the final three candidates, and his aides said that Jamie lacked confidence. Chris therefore progressed to the final with Stella.
  • Fired:
    • Stuart, for lying his way throughout the entire process, as well in his CV, which resulted in Liz being fired the episode before.
    • Joanna, with regret, for her lack of business knowledge and for her inexperience (to emphasise on the point that she was fired with regret, and was a special candidate in the series, a softer version of background music was played during her walk of shame, as was the case for Jo Cameron and Syed Ahmed in Series 2).
    • Jamie, for being opportunistic, blaming others, and having lacklustre confidence.
  • Notes:
    • This episode saw the return to the show of Margaret Mountford as one of the four interviewers. She was previously one of Lord Sugar's boardroom advisers for the first five series of the show.
    • The episode was the second time in Apprentice (UK) history that Sir Alan had openly regretted firing a previous candidate, the first being Miriam of Series 1, and the second being Liz Locke of this series.
    • This is also the second time that Lord Sugar has fired a candidate solely because of their dishonesty, the first being Jennifer "Jenny" Celerier of Series 4.

Week 12: The Final

  • Finalists: Chris and Stella.
  • Team Members to help the Finalists:
    • Chris with Jamie, Liz, Shibby and Alex
    • Stella with Joanna, Christopher, Paloma and Melissa
  • Task: Create and launch a new alcoholic drink.
  • Result: Stella's team decided to create a brand of bourbon that would appeal to female customers (the drink being a traditionally male one), and named their drink "Urbon." While the drink was felt to have a rather overpowering taste, Stella added that she had been forced to rely on Christopher and Melissa for the taste testing, since she does not drink spirits. Chris's team on the other hand created a rum and pomegranate based spirit called "Prism," which was packaged in a pyramid-shaped bottle. While Prism was deemed to taste better than Urbon, the pink colour of the drink (stemming from Liz and Shibby ignoring Chris's instructions to make the drink clear) was felt to be unappealing, and their television advert was deemed to be very poor, stemming from Chris wasting too much time getting the right opening shots. No overall winner was named in the task, but Stella's drink was considered to be a generally solid product with mass-market appeal, the only drawback being the strength of the taste, while Chris's drink was more daring and attention-grabbing, but also more likely to polarise customers. In terms of team leadership Stella was agreed to have controlled the team well, though she did have trouble dealing with Joanna, who started displaying some of the disruptive behaviour she had previously shown near the start the series and also behaved in an openly hostile manner toward Paloma throughout the task. Chris's team worked together more harmoniously, though again it was felt that he had neglected his leadership role in favour of directing the commercial.
  • Runner-Up: Chris, for his comparative inexperience and lack of leadership during the final task.
  • Hired: Stella, for having a generally more impressive track record, both in her pre-Apprentice career and in the series itself compared to Chris.
  • Notes:
    • Despite admitting being "a bit of a bitch" toward her former team-mates earlier in the series, even Paloma was unsure as to what she had done to provoke Joanna's visible anger toward her throughout the final task.
    • While Stella was hired, Chris was told that if he ever found himself needing a job, Lord Sugar would be willing to provide one. Chris was only the second runner-up that Sugar made this offer to, the first being Series 1 runner-up Saira Khan.
    • Stella was the first winner to have been in the final boardroom on more than one occasion throughout the tasks.


Episode Viewing figures from Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB).[18]

Episode No. Airdate Total Viewers BBC One Weekly Ranking
1 6 October 2010 7,650,000 7
2 13 October 2010 8,100,000 7
3 20 October 2010 7,530,000 8
4 27 October 2010 6,490,000 10
5 3 November 2010 8,200,000 7
6 10 November 2010 7,560,000 9
7 17 November 2010 7,710,000 7
8 24 November 2010 8,070,000 6
9 1 December 2010 7,530,000 8
10 8 December 2010 8,140,000 7
11 15 December 2010 8,770,000 9
12 19 December 2010 8,630,000 10

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