Voting Matters

Voting matters  
Discipline Political science
Language English
Edited by Nicholaus Tideman
Publication details
Publisher McDougall Trust (United Kingdom)
Publication history 1994-present
ISSN 1745-6231
OCLC number 498736040
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Voting matters is a peer-reviewed academic journal whose purpose is "To advance the understanding of preferential voting systems". Originally published by the Electoral Reform Society (1994–2003), Voting matters is now a publication of the McDougall Trust. The journal's founding editor-in-chief (1994–2010) was British mathematician and computer scientist Brian Wichmann; its current editor is Nicolaus Tideman.

The majority of Voting matters papers deal with the Single Transferable Vote (STV) preferential voting system. The journal has also republished several seminal papers on STV by Thomas Hare, Henry Richmond Droop, and Brian Meek.

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