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1993 NFL draft

1993 NFL draft
General Information
Date(s) April 25–26, 1993
Location Marriott Marquis
in New York City, NY
TV coverage (US) ESPN
224 total selections  in 8 rounds
First selection Drew Bledsoe, QB
New England Patriots
Mr. Irrelevant Daron Alcorn, PK
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Most selections (10) Denver Broncos,
New England Patriots,
Pittsburgh Steelers,
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Fewest selections (5) Kansas City Chiefs
Hall of Famers 4

The 1993 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 25–26, 1993, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York.[1][2] No teams chose to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year, but the New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs forfeited their first and second round picks, respectively, due to selecting Dave Brown and Darren Mickell in the 1992 supplemental draft.


  • Player selections 1
    • Round one 1.1
    • Round two 1.2
    • Round three 1.3
    • Round four 1.4
    • Round five 1.5
    • Round six 1.6
    • Round seven 1.7
    • Round eight 1.8
  • Notable undrafted players 2
  • Hall of Famers 3
  • References 4
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Player selections

= Pro Bowler[3] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 New England Patriots Drew Bledsoe Quarterback Washington State
2 Seattle Seahawks Rick Mirer Quarterback Notre Dame
3 Phoenix Cardinals Garrison Hearst Running Back Georgia
4 New York Jets Marvin Jones Linebacker Florida State
5 Cincinnati Bengals John Copeland Defensive End Alabama
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric Curry Defensive End Alabama
7 Chicago Bears Curtis Conway Wide Receiver USC
8 New Orleans Saints Willie Roaf Tackle Louisiana Tech
9 Atlanta Falcons Lincoln Kennedy Tackle Washington
10 Los Angeles Rams Jerome Bettis Running Back Notre Dame
11 Denver Broncos Dan Williams Defensive End Toledo
12 Los Angeles Raiders Patrick Bates Safety Texas A&M
13 Houston Oilers Brad Hopkins Tackle Illinois
14 Cleveland Browns Steve Everitt Center Michigan
15 Green Bay Packers Wayne Simmons Linebacker Clemson
16 Indianapolis Colts Sean Dawkins Wide Receiver California
17 Washington Redskins Tom Carter Cornerback Notre Dame
18 Phoenix Cardinals Ernest Dye Tackle South Carolina
19 Philadelphia Eagles Lester Holmes Tackle Jackson State
20 New Orleans Saints Irv Smith Tight End Notre Dame
21 Minnesota Vikings Robert Smith Running Back Ohio State
22 San Diego Chargers Darrien Gordon Cornerback Stanford
23 Pittsburgh Steelers Deon Figures Cornerback Colorado
24 Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Renfro Defensive Tackle Colorado
25 Miami Dolphins O. J. McDuffie Wide Receiver Penn State
26 San Francisco 49ers Dana Stubblefield Defensive Tackle Kansas
27 San Francisco 49ers Todd Kelly Defensive Tackle Tennessee
28 Buffalo Bills Thomas Smith Cornerback North Carolina
29 Green Bay Packers George Teague Free Safety Alabama

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
30 Seattle Seahawks Carlton Gray Cornerback UCLA
31 New England Patriots Chris Slade Defensive end Virginia
32 Phoenix Cardinals Ben Coleman Tackle Wake Forest
33 Detroit Lions Ryan McNeil Cornerback Miami (FL)
34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Demetrius DuBose Linebacker Notre Dame
35 Chicago Bears Carl Simpson Defensive tackle Florida State
36 New York Jets Coleman Rudolph Defensive end Georgia Tech
37 Cincinnati Bengals Tony McGee Tight end Michigan
38 Atlanta Falcons Roger Harper Safety Ohio State
39 Los Angeles Rams Troy Drayton Tight end Penn State
40 New York Giants Michael Strahan Defensive end Texas Southern
41 San Diego Chargers Natrone Means Running back North Carolina
42 Cleveland Browns Dan Footman Defensive end Florida State
43 Denver Broncos Glyn Milburn Running back Stanford
44 Pittsburgh Steelers Chad Brown Linebacker Colorado
45 Washington Redskins Reggie Brooks Running back Notre Dame
46 Dallas Cowboys Kevin Williams Wide receiver Miami (FL)
47 Houston Oilers Micheal Barrow Linebacker Miami (FL)
48 San Francisco 49ers Adrian Hardy Cornerback Northwest Louisiana
49 Indianapolis Colts Roosevelt Potts Running back N.E. Louisiana
50 Philadelphia Eagles Victor Bailey Wide receiver Missouri
51 New England Patriots Todd Rucci Tackle Penn State
52 Minnesota Vikings Qadry Ismail Wide receiver Syracuse
53 New Orleans Saints Reggie Freeman Linebacker Florida State
54 Dallas Cowboys Darrin Smith Linebacker Miami (FL)
55 Buffalo Bills John Parrella Defensive tackle Nebraska
56 New England Patriots Vincent Brisby Wide receiver N.E. Louisiana

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
57 Minnesota Vikings John Gerak Guard Penn State
58 Los Angeles Raiders Billy Joe Hobert Quarterback Washington
59 Cincinnati Bengals Steve Tovar Linebacker Ohio State
60 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lamar Thomas Wide receiver Miami (FL)
61 Chicago Bears Chris Gedney Tight end Syracuse
62 Detroit Lions Antonio London Linebacker Alabama
63 Cincinnati Bengals Ty Parten Defensive tackle Arizona
64 San Diego Chargers Joe Cocozzo Guard Michigan
65 Indianapolis Colts Ray Buchanan Cornerback Louisville
66 New York Giants Marcus Buckley Linebacker Texas A&M
67 Atlanta Falcons Harold Alexander Punter Appalachian State
68 Detroit Lions Mike Compton Center West Virginia
69 Denver Broncos Rondell Jones Safety North Carolina
70 Denver Broncos Jason Elam Kicker Hawaii
71 Washington Redskins Rick Hamilton Linebacker Central Florida
72 Los Angeles Raiders James Trapp Cornerback Clemson
73 Los Angeles Rams Russell White Running back California
74 Kansas City Chiefs Will Shields Guard Nebraska
75 Philadelphia Eagles Derrick Frazier Cornerback Texas A&M
76 Pittsburgh Steelers Andre Hastings Wide receiver Georgia
77 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Reid Free Safety North Carolina State
78 Miami Dolphins Terry Kirby Running back Virginia
79 Minnesota Vikings Gilbert Brown Defensive tackle Kansas
80 Washington Redskins Ed Bunn Punter Texas-El Paso
81 Green Bay Packers Earl Dotson Tackle Texas A&I
82 Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Lynch Strong Safety Stanford
83 Cleveland Browns Mike Caldwell Linebacker Middle Tennessee State
84 Dallas Cowboys Mike Middleton Safety Indiana

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
85 Seattle Seahawks Dean Wells Linebacker Kentucky
86 New England Patriots Kevin Johnson Defensive tackle Texas Southern
87 Phoenix Cardinals Ronald Moore Running back Pittsburg State (KS)
88 New York Jets David Ware Tackle Virginia
89 New Orleans Saints Lorenzo Neal Fullback Fresno State
90 Cincinnati Bengals Marcello Simmons Cornerback Southern Methodist
91 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rudy Harris Running back Clemson
92 Indianapolis Colts Derwin Gray Safety Brigham Young
93 New York Giants Greg Bishop Tackle Pacific
94 Dallas Cowboys Derrick Lassic Running back Alabama
95 San Diego Chargers Raylee Johnson Defensive end Arkansas
96 Dallas Cowboys Ron Stone Guard Boston College
97 Chicago Bears Todd Perry Guard Kentucky
98 Denver Broncos Jeff Robinson Defensive end Idaho
99 San Diego Chargers Lewis Bush Linebacker Washington State
100 Chicago Bears Myron Baker Linebacker Louisiana Tech
101 Washington Redskins Sterling Palmer Defensive end Florida State
102 Houston Oilers Travis Hannah Wide receiver USC
103 Kansas City Chiefs Jaime Fields Linebacker Washington
104 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Horace Copeland Wide receiver Miami (FL)
105 Miami Dolphins Ronnie Bradford Cornerback Colorado
106 Minnesota Vikings Ashley Sheppard Linebacker Clemson
107 Indianapolis Colts Devon McDonald Linebacker Notre Dame
108 Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Henry Defensive end Mississippi State
109 New Orleans Saints Derek Brown Running back Nebraska
110 New England Patriots Corwin Brown Strong Safety Michigan
111 Buffalo Bills Russell Copeland Wide receiver Memphis
112 Chicago Bears Albert Fontenot Defensive end Baylor

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
113 New England Patriots Scott Sisson Kicker Georgia Tech
114 Seattle Seahawks Terrence Warren Wide receiver Hampton
115 New York Jets Fred Baxter Tight end Auburn
116 San Francisco 49ers Artie Smith Defensive tackle Louisiana Tech
117 Cincinnati Bengals Forey Duckett Cornerback Nevada
118 Green Bay Packers Mark Brunell Quarterback Washington
119 Green Bay Packers James Willis Linebacker Auburn
120 New York Jets Adrian Murrell Running back West Virginia
121 Atlanta Falcons Ron George Linebacker Stanford
122 Los Angeles Rams Sean LaChapelle Wide receiver UCLA
123 New York Giants Tommy Thigpen Linebacker North Carolina
124 Cleveland Browns Herman Arvie Tackle Grambling
125 Los Angeles Raiders Olanda Truitt Wide receiver Mississippi State
126 Denver Broncos Kevin Williams Running back UCLA
127 Los Angeles Rams Chuck Belin Guard Wisconsin
128 Washington Redskins Greg Huntington Center Penn State
129 New York Jets Kenny Shedd Wide receiver Northern Iowa
130 Kansas City Chiefs Lindsay Knapp Guard Notre Dame
131 Houston Oilers John Henry Mills Tight end Wake Forest
132 Miami Dolphins Chris Gray Guard Auburn
133 Minnesota Vikings Everett Lindsay Tackle Mississippi
134 San Diego Chargers Walter Dunson Wide receiver Middle Tennessee State
135 Pittsburgh Steelers Lonnie Palelei Guard UNLV
136 Buffalo Bills Mike Devlin Center Iowa
137 New Orleans Saints Tyrone Hughes Cornerback Nebraska
138 New England Patriots Rich Griffith Tight end Arizona
139 Buffalo Bills Sebastian Savage Cornerback North Carolina State
140 Pittsburgh Steelers Marc Woodard Linebacker Mississippi State

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Green Bay Packers Doug Evans Cornerback Louisiana Tech
142 New England Patriots Lawrence Hatch Cornerback Florida
143 Phoenix Cardinals Brett Wallerstedt Linebacker Arizona State
144 New York Jets Richie Anderson Fullback Penn State
145 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chidi Ahanotu Defensive tackle California
146 Chicago Bears Dave Hoffmann Linebacker Washington
147 Detroit Lions Greg Jeffries Safety Virginia
148 Cincinnati Bengals Tom Scott Tackle East Carolina
149 Los Angeles Rams Deral Boykin Cornerback Louisville
150 New York Giants Scott Davis Guard Iowa
151 Atlanta Falcons Mitch Lyons Tight end Michigan State
152 Green Bay Packers Paul Hutchins Tackle Western Michigan
153 Cleveland Browns Rich McKenzie Linebacker Penn State
154 Denver Broncos Melvin Bonner Wide receiver Baylor
155 Washington Redskins Darryl Morrison Safety Arizona
156 Green Bay Packers Tim Watson Safety Howard
157 Indianapolis Colts Carlos Etheredge Tight end Miami (FL)
158 Houston Oilers Chuck Bradley Tackle Kentucky
159 Kansas City Chiefs Darius Turner Running back Washington
160 Washington Redskins Frank Wycheck Tight end Maryland
161 San Diego Chargers Eric Castle Safety Oregon
162 Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Williams Cornerback Western Carolina
163 Philadelphia Eagles Derrick Oden Linebacker Alabama
164 Miami Dolphins Robert O'Neal Cornerback Clemson
165 New Orleans Saints Ronnie Dixon Defensive tackle Cincinnati
166 San Francisco 49ers Chris Dalman Guard Stanford
167 Buffalo Bills Corbin Lacina Tackle Augustana (SD)
168 Dallas Cowboys Barry Minter Linebacker Tulsa

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
169 Denver Broncos Clarence Williams Tight end Washington State
170 Seattle Seahawks Michael McCrary Defensive end Wake Forest
171 New York Jets Alec Millen Tackle Georgia
172 Phoenix Cardinals Will White Defensive back Florida
173 Chicago Bears Keshon Johnson Cornerback Arizona
174 Detroit Lions Ty Hallock Linebacker Michigan State
175 Cincinnati Bengals Lance Gunn Safety Texas
176 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tyree Davis Wide receiver Central Arkansas
177 New York Giants Todd Peterson Kicker Georgia
178 Atlanta Falcons Darnell Walker Cornerback Oklahoma
179 Los Angeles Rams Brad Fichtel Center Eastern Illinois
180 Cleveland Browns Travis Hill Linebacker Nebraska
181 Los Angeles Raiders Greg Biekert Linebacker Colorado
182 Denver Broncos Tony Kimbrough Wide receiver Jackson State
183 Green Bay Packers Bob Kuberski Defensive end Navy
184 Indianapolis Colts Lance Lewis Running back Nebraska
185 Pittsburgh Steelers Jeff Zgonina Defensive tackle Purdue
186 Kansas City Chiefs Danan Hughes Wide receiver Iowa
187 Houston Oilers Patrick Robinson Wide receiver Tennessee State
188 San Diego Chargers Doug Miller Linebacker South Dakota State
189 Pittsburgh Steelers Craig Keith Tight end Lenoir-Rhyne
190 Philadelphia Eagles Joey Mickey Tight end Oklahoma
191 Miami Dolphins David Merritt Linebacker North Carolina State
192 Minnesota Vikings Gino Torretta[4] Quarterback Miami (FL)
193 New Orleans Saints Othello Henderson Cornerback UCLA
194 San Francisco 49ers Troy Wilson Linebacker Pittsburg State (KS)
195 Buffalo Bills Willie Harris Wide receiver Mississippi State
196 Dallas Cowboys Brock Marion Safety Nevada

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
197 Seattle Seahawks Jeff Blackshear Guard N.E. Louisiana
198 New England Patriots Troy Brown Wide receiver Marshall
199 Phoenix Cardinals Chad Brown Defensive end Mississippi
200 New York Jets Craig Hentrich Kicker Notre Dame
201 Detroit Lions Kevin Miniefield Cornerback Arizona State
202 Cincinnati Bengals Doug Pelfrey Kicker Kentucky
203 Dallas Cowboys Dave Thomas Cornerback Tennessee
204 Seattle Seahawks Antonio Edwards Defensive end Valdosta State
205 Atlanta Falcons Shannon Baker Wide receiver Florida State
206 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Buffaloe Punter Memphis
207 New York Giants Jessie Armstead Linebacker Miami (FL)
208 Los Angeles Raiders Greg Robinson Running back N.E. Louisiana
209 Los Angeles Rams Maa Tanuvasa Defensive tackle Hawaii
210 Denver Broncos Brian Stablein Wide receiver Ohio State
211 Indianapolis Colts Marquise Thomas Linebacker Mississippi
212 Washington Redskins Lamont Hollinquest Linebacker USC
213 Dallas Cowboys Reggie Givens Cornerback Penn State
214 Houston Oilers Blaine Bishop Safety Ball State
215 Phoenix Cardinals Stevie Anderson Wide receiver Grambling
216 Pittsburgh Steelers Alex Van Pelt Quarterback Pittsburgh
217 Philadelphia Eagles Doug Skene Tackle Michigan
218 Miami Dolphins Dwayne Gordon Linebacker New Hampshire
219 San Francisco 49ers Elvis Grbac Quarterback Michigan
220 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Darrick Branch Wide receiver Hawaii
221 New Orleans Saints Jon Kirksey Defensive tackle Cal State-Sacramento
222 San Diego Chargers Trent Green Quarterback Indiana
223 Buffalo Bills Chris Leuneberg Tackle West Chester (PA)
224[5] Tampa Bay Buccaneers Daron Alcorn Kicker Akron
= Pro Bowler[3]

Notable undrafted players

Original NFL Team Player Position College
Atlanta Falcons Robbie Tobeck Center Washington State
Buffalo Bills Monty Brown Linebacker Ferris State
Chicago Bears Ryan Wetnight Tight end Stanford
Cincinnati Bengals Scott Brumfield Offensive guard BYU
Cleveland Browns Orlando Brown Offensive tackle Central State University
Cleveland Browns Tim Jacobs Cornerback University of Delaware
Cleveland Browns Shar Pourdanesh Offensive tackle Nevada-Reno
Cleveland Browns Wally Williams Offensive guard Florida A&M University
Detroit Lions Bernard Wilson Defensive tackle Tennessee State University
Indianapolis Colts Mike Vanderjagt Placekicker West Virginia
Kansas City Chiefs Mike Bartrum Long Snapper Marshall
Kansas City Chiefs Pellom McDaniels Defensive end Oregon State
Los Angeles Raiders James Jett Wide Receiver West Virginia
Los Angeles Raiders Randy Jordan Running back North Carolina
Los Angeles Rams Jamie Martin Quarterback Weber State
New York Jets Rob Davis Long snapper Shippensburg University
New York Jets Victor Green Safety University of Akron
New York Giants Brian Kozlowski Tight end University of Connecticut
New York Jets Matt Willig Offensive tackle USC
Philadelphia Eagles Mike Chalenski Defensive end UCLA
San Diego Chargers Darren Bennett Punter None
Seattle Seahawks Mack Strong Fullback Georgia
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Curtis Buckley Cornerback East Texas State
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Michael Husted Placekicker Virginia
Washington Redskins Matt Turk Punter Wisconsin–Whitewater

Hall of Famers

  • Willie Roaf, offensive tackle from Louisiana Tech taken 1st round 8th overall by the New Orleans Saints.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2012.
  • Michael Strahan, defensive end from Texas Southern University taken 2nd round 40th overall by the New York Giants.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2014.
  • Jerome Bettis, running back from Notre Dame taken 1st round 10th overall by the Los Angeles Rams.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2015.
  • Will Shields, offensive guard from Nebraska taken 3rd round 74th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2015.


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  5. ^ This last selection is commonly referred to as Mr. Irrelevant.

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