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Administrator of the Small Business Administration

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Title: Administrator of the Small Business Administration  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Maria Contreras-Sweet, Karen Mills, Jeanne Hulit, Marianne Markowitz, Small Business Administration
Collection: Administrators of the Small Business Administration
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

The Administrator of the Small Business Administration is the head of the Small Business Administration of the United States Government. Maria Contreras-Sweet was confirmed as the next Administrator of the Small Business Administration on March 27, 2014. Accessed 30 January 2009. President Obama announced in January 2012 that he would elevate the SBA into the Cabinet, a position it last held during the Clinton administration.[1][2]

List of administrators

  • William D. Mitchell 8/1953-10/1953
  • Wendell B. Barnes 2/1954-11/1959
  • Philip McCallum 11/1959-1/1961
  • John E. Horne 2/1961-8/1963
  • Eugene F. Foley 8/1963-9/1965
  • Bernard L. Boutin 5/1966-7/1967
  • Robert C. Moot 8/1967-7/1968
  • Howard J. Samuels 8/1968-2/1969
  • Hilary J. Sandoval, Jr. 3/1969-1/1971
  • Thomas S. Kleppe 1/1971-10/1975
  • Mitchell P. Kobelinski 2/1976-3/1977
  • A. Vernon Weaver 4/1977-1/1981
  • Michael Cardenas 3/1981-2/1982
  • James C. Sanders 3/1982-3/1986
  • Charles Heatherly (acting) 4/1986-3/1987
  • James Abdnor 3/1987-4/1989
  • Susan Engeleiter 4/1989-1/1991
  • Paul Cooksey (acting) 1/1991-4/1991
  • Pat Saiki 4/1991-1/1993
  • Dayton J. Watkins (acting) 1/1993-5/1993
  • Erskine Bowles 5/1993-9/1994
  • Cassandra M. Pulley (acting) 9/1994-10/1994
  • Philip Lader 10/1994-1/1997
  • Ginger Lew (acting) 1/1997-4/1997
  • Aída Álvarez 4/1997-1/2001
  • John D. Whitmore (acting) 1/2001-7/2001
  • Hector Barreto 7/2001-7/2006
  • Steve Preston 7/2006-7/2008
  • Sandy Baruah (acting) 7/2008-1/2009
  • Darryl Hairston (acting) 1/2009-4/2009
  • Karen Mills 4/2009-9/2013
  • Jeanne Hulit (acting) 9/2013-2/2014[3]
  • Marianne Markowitz (acting) 2/2014–4/2014
  • Maria Contreras-Sweet 4/2014–present


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