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Auxology, sometimes called auxanology (from Greek αὔξω, auxō, or αὐξάνω, auxanō, "grow"; and -λογία, -logia), is a meta-term covering the study of all aspects of human physical growth (though it is also a fundamental of biology, generally speaking).[1] Auxology is a highly multi-disciplinary science involving health sciences/medicine (pediatrics, general practice, endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, physiology, epidemiology), and to a lesser extent: nutrition, genetics, anthropology, anthropometry, ergonomics, history, economic history, economics, socioeconomics, sociology, public health and psychology, among others.


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Some auxologists

  • Joerg Baten[2] (economist, anthropometric historian)
  • Barry Bogin[3] (anthropologist)
  • Noel Cameron[4] (pediatrician, anthropologist)
  • J. W. Drukker[5] (economist, historian, ergonomist)
  • Stanley Engerman[6] (economist)
  • Robert Fogel[7] (economist)
  • Theo Gasser[8] (statistician, human biologist)
  • Michael Healy (statistician)
  • Michael Hermanussen[9] (pediatrician, human biologist)
  • Francis E. Johnston[10] (anthropologist)
  • John Komlos[11] (economist, anthropometric historian)
  • Gregory Livshits[12] (human biologist)
  • Robert Margo[13] (economist)
  • Alex F. Roche[14] (pediatrician)
  • Lawrence M. Schell[15] (anthropologist)
  • Nevin Scrimshaw[16] (nutritionist)
  • Anne Sheehy (human biologist)
  • Richard Steckel[17] (economist, anthropometric historian)
  • Pak Sunyoung[18] (anthropologist)
  • James M. Tanner[19] (pediatrician)
  • Vincent Tassenaar[20] (historian)
  • Lucio Vinicius[21] (anthropologist, human biologist)

See also


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External links

  • International Association for Human Auxology
  • Tall Tales: New Approaches to the Standard of Living (Oberlin Alumni Magazine)
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