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Bibliography of Canadian history

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Title: Bibliography of Canadian history  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: History of Canada, Bibliography of Ontario, Bibliography of Alberta history, Former colonies and territories in Canada, History of monarchy in Canada
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Bibliography of Canadian history

This is a bibliography of major works on the History of Canada.

Atlases, geography, environment

Surveys (Overviews)

Provinces and territories


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Prior to 1763




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Since 1957

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Military history

Official histories

  • Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War
  • 3 vol.The R.C.A.F. Overseas
  • Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea

Economic history


  • List of Economic Surveys of Canada 1961-present - by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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  • Berton, Pierre. The Great Depression: 1929-1939 (1990) is a popular acoount
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  • Young, John H. "Comparative Economic Development: Canada and the United States," American Economic Review, (1955) 45#2, pp. 80–93 in JSTOR

Business history

  • Bliss, Michael. Northern Enterprise: Five Centuries of Canadian Business. McClelland and Stewart, (1987).
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Political and legal

  • Argyle, Ray. Turning Points: The Campaigns That Changed Canada - 2011 and Before (2011) excerpt and text search, ch 5
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  • Morton, Frederick Lee. Law, politics, and the judicial process in Canada (University of Calgary Press, 2002).
  • Schneider, Stephen. Iced: The Story of Organized Crime in Canada (Wiley, 2009)

Cultural history, popular culture


  • Axelrod, Paul. The Promise of Schooling: Education in Canada, 1800-1914 (1997)
  • Burke, Sara Z., and Patrice Milewski, eds. Schooling in Transition: Readings in Canadian History of Education (2012) 24 articles by experts
  • Di Mascio, Anthony. The Idea of Popular Schooling in Upper Canada: Print Culture, Public Discourse, and the Demand for Education (McGill-Queen's University Press; 2012) 248 pages; building a common system of schooling in the late-18th and early 19th centuries.
  • Gidney, R.D. and W.P.J. Millar. How Schools Worked: Public Education in English Canada, 1900-1940 (2011) 552pp; additional details
  • Harris, Robin S. A history of higher education in Canada, 1663-1960 (1976)


Social, ethnicity, religion, and population

Women, gender, family

Historiography and guides to the scholarly literature

  • See also List of Canadian historians
  • Artibise, Alan F. J., ed. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Canadian Society: A Guide to the Literature. (1990). 156 pp.
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  • Wright, Donald. The Professionalization of History in English Canada (2005) 280pp
  • Wyile, Herb (2007). Speaking in The Past Tense: Canadian Novelists on Writing Historical Fiction (2007 ed.).  

Primary sources

  • Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources
  • The CanText text library contains a library of documents divided by time period.
  • Canada: Literature and History 347 e-books
  • Blackwell, John D. "CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic LibrariesCanadian Studies: A Core Collection," 35 (September 1997): 71-84,
  • Browne, G. P., ed. Documents on the Confederation of British North America (1969).
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  • Pickersgill, J.W., and Donald F. Forster, The Mackenzie King Record. 4 vols. Vol. 1: 1939-1944 and Vol. 2: 1944-1945 (University of Toronto Press, 1960); and Vol. 3: 1945-1946 and Vol. 4: 1946-1947 (University of Toronto Press, 1970). from King's diary
  • Riddell, Walter A. ed; Documents on Canadian Foreign Policy, 1917-1939 Oxford University Press, 1962 806 pages of documents
  • Talman, James J. ed; Basic Documents in Canadian History (1959)
  • Thorner, Thomas, and Thor Frohn-Nielsen, eds. "A Few Acres of Snow": Documents in Pre-Confederation Canadian History, and "A Country Nourished on Self-Doubt": Documents on Post-Confederation Canadian History (3rd ed. (2010).

Historical statistics

  • Statistics Canada. Historical Statistics of Canada. 2d ed., Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 1983.
  • (CYB) annual 1867-1967Canada Year Book
  • Cantril, Hadley and Mildred Strunk, eds. Public Opinion, 1935-1946 (1951), massive compilation of many public opinion polls from Canada and USA
  • Statistics Canada (October 27, 2010). Canada Year Book. Ottawa: Federal Publications (Queen of Canada). Catalogue no 11-402-XPE. 

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  • Canadiana: The National Bibliography of Canada
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