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C42 (TV channel)

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Title: C42 (TV channel)  
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C42 (TV channel)

This article is about the New Zealand channel. For other uses, see Channel 4 (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with C-4 (explosive).
Launched 29 June 1997
Owned by MediaWorks New Zealand
Picture format BT.601 576i50 16:9
Country New Zealand
Broadcast area national
Formerly called TV4
Sister channel(s) TV3, FOUR
DVB 64-QAM on band IV
DVB QPSK on 12644 MHz

C4 is a television channel operating in New Zealand and owned by MediaWorks New Zealand, currently available on digital Freeview terrestrial and Sky FTA satellite services. C4 plays music around the clock and has some specialty music shows such as HomeGrown (New Zealand music show), Video Hits and Biggest Records Right Now. The channel was originally launched in 2003 as a re-branding of TV4 which had been broadcasting since 1997. On May 1st, 2010, as C4 had been moving away from music programming since 2008, the jukebox side was split off and was re-launched as C4 2, C4 2 was only available on both digital Freeview terrestrial and satellite platforms. At the end of 2010 an announcement was made that MediaWorks would again re-brand the current C4 channel as FOUR, which meant C4 2 would become just C4.


C4 was launched on 29 June 1997 as TV4 a Free to Air channel. On 1 October 2003, TV4 ceased broadcasting and relaunched on 3 October 2003 as a music channel called C4 which broadcast music and programming content in the afternoons until midnight and broadcast infomercials overnight. The very first show broadcast on C4 was the 100 Best Music Videos of All Time a countdown show where viewers voted prior to the show for their favourite songs of all time. TV Programming on C4 included local made shows such as Select Live and The Official NZ Top 40. New Zealand on Air paid $500,000 for the first year of operation and C4 was to broadcast 58 hours a week of music television in prime-time, reaching 72% of the population, with a target of 20-25% New Zealand music content.

C4 had a deal with MTV Networks to air MTV programming in New Zealand, which proved successful, with shows such as Pimp My Ride proving popular among C4's target demographic. The MTV content on C4 remained on air after Sky TV launched a local MTV station featuring some of the same shows. MTV content was decreased in 2008 when the channel moved towards General Entertainment programming.

On 11 April 2007 C4 began broadcasting in 14:9 widescreen on SKY TV in New Zealand the same day TV3 began broadcasting in a 16:9 widescreen format. C4 then switched to a 16:9 widescreen format on 2 May 2007, the same day as Freeview launched. C4 screened in letterboxed 14:9 widescreen on 4:3 analog VHF broadcasts.

24 hour broadcasts began in 2007 but only to digital viewers, in the TV4 days outside broadcast hours viewers would see a test pattern with Auckland's More FM playing in the background this was later replaced with Channel Z. Later the test pattern was replaced with overnight Informercials and Auto TV a show used to advertise cars. The move to 24 hour broadcasting saw the channel play continuous music videos overnight followed by a music breakfast show with no presenters, analogue viewers continued to see Infomercials during these times.

From 1 July 2008, the channel began the process of changing from a music channel to a youth oriented entertainment network, operating under the same programming direction of its sister station TV3. In addition, C4 moved to channel 12 on Sky Digital and TelstraClear InHome TV platforms to reflect its new programming direction with a reduced focus on music.

On 1 May 2010, as part of the contract with Freeview to provide at least four channels MediaWorks launched a second C4 channel C4 2. C4 2 screened back to back a low cost jukebox of music videos, unhosted and uninterrupted. The channel was exclusively on the Freeview platform on channel 9.

At 6:00pm on 6 February 2011, C4 moved to Channel 9 on Freeview, thus replacing C4 2.[1] MediaWorks then launched FOUR in place of C4. The final show screened on C4 before the changeover was the Top 100 Music Videos Ever a similar show was used to launch C4 in 2003. The final music video screened before the changeover was Michael Jackson's Thriller. As a result of the change C4 is now available exclusively to Freeview viewers. C4 now screens a low cost jukebox of music videos once again compiled by theme and a re-run of FOUR live, many of the entertainment shows seen on C4 between 2008 and 2011 were moved to FOUR.

On 25 September 2012, MediaWorks in an effort to get more regional advertising for TV3 decided to provide four regional simulcasts of the channel on the Freeview satellite platform, which resulted in no space for C4, so it was decided to replace the Sky simulcast of FOUR (which was already simulcast on Freeview) with C4, meaning only satellite viewers with either a generic DVB or Sky supplied receiver would be the only ones to get all channels via satellite.[2] Due to a number of certified Freeview receivers only scanning and setting Freeview channels. Even though MediaWorks has stated this is temporary, it will more likely be permanent, unless at least one channel is removed from the Kordia DVB-S transport that TV3 are using.

From October 2013, the TVNZ metadata on the Freeview satellite service was changed to include the C4 feed on the Sky service, so that certified Freeview receivers could manually add the channel.

All shows airing on C4

  • C42 (Alternative music videos)
  • The Big Breakfast
  • Common Ground
  • Blender
  • Video Hits
  • C4U
  • UChoose40
  • What's The Theme
  • Top Ten
  • Twice as Nice
  • FOUR Live (repeat of the show that aired live earlier on FOUR)
  • Fade to Black (Rock music videos)
  • The Best
  • Homegrown (New Zealand Music videos)
  • Technologic (Dance music videos)
  • Added This Week
  • 10 Years Of...
  • So Hot Right Now
  • Spoon (Chillout music videos)
  • Steel Mill (Metal music videos)

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