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Castelo Branco Municipality

Castelo Branco

A view of the city.

Coat of arms

Location in Portugal

Coordinates: 39°50′N 7°28′W / 39.833°N 7.467°W / 39.833; -7.467Coordinates: 39°50′N 7°28′W / 39.833°N 7.467°W / 39.833; -7.467

Country  Portugal
Region Centro
Subregion Beira Interior Sul
District/A.R. Castelo Branco District
 • Mayor Joaquim Morão Lopes Dias (PS)
 • Total 1,438.2 km2 (555.3 sq mi)
 • Total 55,034
 • Density 38/km2 (100/sq mi)
Parishes (no.) 25
Municipal holiday Second Tuesday After Easter

Castelo Branco Municipality (Portuguese pronunciation: [kɐʃˈtɛlu ˈβɾɐ̃ku]) is located in Castelo Branco District, in Centro Region, Portugal. The name means "white castle". It contains the city of Castelo Branco.

The city of Castelo Branco is made up of one parish with a population of 30,649[1] and the municipality has a total of 25 parishes and 56,001 people. It is one of the largest municipalities in Portugal with 1,439.94 km² and is bounded in the north by the municipality of Fundão, in the east by Idanha-a-Nova, in the south by Spain, in the southwest by Vila Velha de Ródão, and in the west by Proença-a-Nova and Oleiros.


  • Alcains
  • Almaceda
  • Benquerenças
  • Cafede
  • Castelo Branco
  • Cebolais de Cima
  • Escalos de Baixo
  • Escalos de Cima
  • Freixial do Campo
  • Juncal do Campo
  • Lardosa
  • Louriçal do Campo
  • Lousa
  • Malpica do Tejo
  • Mata
  • Monforte da Beira
  • Ninho do Açor
  • Póvoa de Rio de Moinhos
  • Retaxo
  • Salgueiro do Campo
  • Santo André das Tojeiras
  • São Vicente da Beira
  • Sarzedas
  • Sobral do Campo
  • Tinalhas

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