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Channel Awesome

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Title: Channel Awesome  
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Channel Awesome

Not to be confused with Network Awesome.
Channel Awesome
Industry Online media
Founded Naperville, Illinois, (2008 (2008))
Founder(s) Mike Michaud
Bhargav Dronamraju
Mike Ellis
Doug Walker
Rob Walker
Headquarters Naperville, Illinois, United States
Key people Mike Michaud, CEO
Doug Walker, Actor & Presenter
Rob Walker, Screenwriter and Creative Content Officer (CCO)
Holly Christine Brown, Director of Human Resources/Web Administrator
Revenue $150,000 (2009)

Channel Awesome is an online media production company based in Naperville, Illinois. The company was created in 2008 by Mike Michaud (Chief executive officer), Mike Ellis (former Chief operating officer) and Bhargav Dronamraju (former Chief executive producer). Channel Awesome currently operates the That Guy with the Glasses website, joined by Bar Fiesta in November 2009, and Blistered Thumbs in November 2010. All of Channel Awesome's content is hosted by The company is believed to have earned $150,000 in 2009, the majority of which came from advertising through their site and web series. Robert Walker, brother of Douglas Walker (That Guy with the Glasses), is the company's Creative Content Officer in charge of recruiting talent for the website.


Mike Michaud created Channel Awesome with two others after they were laid off from Circuit City in 2007. The three discussed the idea of such a company while still employed, but their dismissal was the impetus to put their plans into action. Michaud has stated that "If we didn't lose our jobs, [the business] wouldn't have happened anytime soon."[1][2]

The company's first website is That Guy with the Glasses based on the characters created by Douglas Walker. Walker had previously hosted these through YouTube, but they were repeatedly removed under suspicion of copyright infringement. The site was launched in April 2008.[3] The site was also featured in Entrepreneur magazine on December 2009[4] where the history of the site was discussed as well as the plans for the future. The site later expanded to feature content from various other contributors.

Douglas Walker's The Nostalgia Critic show averages about 600,000 viewers per week and the That Guy with the Glasses site as a whole receives 18.5 million page views per month.[1][3][5] This is expected to increase following content-provider's deal with YouTube in July 2009.[6]

The site earns more than $10,000 per month in advertising revenue and has received over $11,000 in online donations from viewers. The company expects to earn $150,000 by the end of the year. In the third quarter of the 2009 Fiscal year, Walker's shows earned $53,000. This revenue was generated by run of network from Puma and Starburst.[1][3][6] As of June 2011, the company employs seven full-time staff.[2] The production costs of Channel Awesome's web series are minimal, requiring just a camera, software and the stars of the shows themselves. According to Walker, "these people are cheap to get because we are happy to see any amount of money." Channel Awesome's ability to attract a significant audience with such low expenditure is having an effect on video entertainment production.[3][6]

On December 5, 2009, the company held a donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House charity. The donation drive lasted on the upwards of seven hours and raised $26,400. During the event, calls were taken, prizes were awarded to people who donated large sums of money and videos featuring the talent on the site were aired. The donation drive was extended a few more days making the grand total $32,200.[7][8][9] The drive itself was also archived on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses for all to see.

Channel Awesome has plans to build on the success of That Guy with the Glasses with a network of new websites including Bar Fiesta (covering Chicago entertainment and nightlife) and Inked Reality for anime and comic books. Blistered Thumbs (a spin off incorporating the current site's videogame content) was launched November 4, 2010 as the beginning of the new Channel Awesome network. Mike Michaud told the Chicago Sun-Times that he has 300 new show ideas in the works, intends to discover more performers like Walker, and has plans to increase revenue through sponsorship and merchandising.[3][10] As of 2011 Michaud is looking for warehouse space in suburban Chicago.[2]

In 2011, Michaud told The New York Times, "My company has a lot of growing up to do, but I believe that sometime in the next one to two years someone will create that one series that gets everyone talking... [and attract audiences] to the endless options of online video."[2]

List of Channel Awesome producers

Channel Awesome is split into three subsidiary websites, Blistered Thumbs (video games), Inked Reality (comic books and animation), and That Guy with Glasses (all other topics). Only Blistered Thumbs and That Guy with the Glasses exist as individual websites and all Inked Reality content is hosted on That Guy With the Glasses.

Blistered Thumbs

Producer Program(s) Topic(s)
Andrew Dickman Electronic Heroes, Animated Anarchy Interactive fiction, animation, illustrator and animator for various series
AngryJoe (Joe Vargas) The Angry Joe Show Video games, board games, video game playthroughs
Ashens (Stuart Ashen) Ashens, Ashens Tech Dump, The Proxy Retro video games, knock-off products, original scripted series
Benzaie (Benjamin Daniel) Games You Might Don't Know (But Are Still Pretty Damn Sweet), FAQ You!, Hard Corner Retro video games
Bennett The Sage (Bennett White) Sage Reviews, Masterpiece Fanfic Theater Video games, fan fiction, music
Birdman (Mike Dodd) Reviewaday Video games
ChaosD1 (Jonathan Burkhardt) MMO Grinder MMO video games
FarFromSubtle (Fraser Agar) Awesome Video Games, Video Games Awesome Retro video games, video game playthroughs
Game Jams (Kenny Farino) Game Jams Video game music
GuruLarry & Wez (Larry Bundy Jr., Wesley Lock) Guru Reviews, Wez and Larry's Top Tens, Games Yanks Can't Wank British video games
Heisanevilgenius (Tom White) Weird Video Games Video games
Lee (Lee Davidge) Still Gaming Video games
Dena Natali The Game Den, The Film Den, Pixels as Big as Cats Horror video games, horror films, retro video games
PeanutButterGamer (Austin Hargrave) The G Files Video games
Roo (Joey Desena) 16-bit Gems, The Way Games Work Retro video games, video game hardware
Smarty (John Aprigliano) The Machinimist Machinima

Inked Reality

Producer Program(s) Topic(s)
EricPowerUp (Eric Power) Thoughts on Film, EPU Gaming original animation
Happy Harry (Harry Partridge) various animated shorts (including Saturday Morning Watchmen) original animation
JesuOtaku (Hope Chapman) The JesuOtaku Anime Review, Anime Derby, Hollywood Drive Anime, film
The Last Angry Geek (Brian Heinz) Comic Book Issues, You Know Who, Stark Raving Comic books, television
Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug) Atop the Fourth Wall, History of Power Rangers, Longbox of the Damned Comic books
Neon Harbor (Ed Glaser) Deja View, Press Start, Ninja: The Mission Force foreign knock-off films, original scripted series
MasakoX (Lawrence Simpson) Masako Muses, Anifile Animation industry, animation, video games
MarzGurl (Kaylyn Dicksion) MarzGurl Reviews, Anime News Editorial Western animation, anime
Suede (William DuFresne) Animenia, AMV Heaven Anime
Team Four Star (Scott Frerichs, Curtis Arnott, Nick Landis, Lawrence Simpson) DragonBall Z: The Abridged Series Comedic re-dubbing of animation
Vangelus (Chris Ho) Vangelus Reviews Collectible action figures
Y Ruler of Time (Nikolas Freeman) Read Right to Left Manga

That Guy with the Glasses

Producer Program(s) Topic(s)
That Guy with the Glasses (Doug Walker) The Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, Ask That Guy with the Glasses, Demo Reel, Sibling Rivalry, How to be a Pirate, Shut Up and Talk, Video Game Confessions Films, original sketch comedy
Accursed Farms (Ross Scott) Freeman's Mind original machinima
Blockbuster Buster (Eric Rodriguez) Blockbuster Buster, Honest Reviews Films (adaptations)
Brad Jones The Cinema Snob, Midnight Movie Screenings, Brad Tries, DVD-R Hell, 80's Dan, Kung Tai Ted, The Big Box, Softly from Cable Exploitation and z-movies, recent films, food, television pilots, original situation comedy
CR (Chad Rocco) Familiar Faces, Cheap Damage Animation, trading card games
Diamanda Hagan Hagan Reviews Exploitation films, religious films
Film Brain (Mathew Buck) Bad Movie Beatdown, Projector Films
Leon Thomas Renegade Cut, Heart of Gaming Classic films, video games
Luke Mochrie Film Conscience Films
Maven of the Eventide (Elisa Hansen) Maven of the Eventide Vampire films
MikeJ (Mike Jeavons) Shameful Sequels, Infomercialism, Hang on a Second Sequel films, infomercial products
Nash (Nash Bozard) What the Fuck is Wrong with You?, The Musical Chair, Here There Be Dragons Offbeat news stories, music, fantasy films
The Nostalgia Chick (Lindsay Ellis) The Nostalgia Chick, 50 Shades of Green (with Elisa Hansen and Antonella Inserra) Various late 1980's-early 2000's topics (largely films)
Oancitizen (Kyle Kallgren) Brows Held High Arthouse films
Obscurus Lupa (Allison Pregler) Obscurus Lupa Presents, Manic Episodes B movies, low budget films, television
Paw Dugan (Paul Schuler) Music Movies, Full Circle, Truncated Musical films, music, retro video games
Phelous (Phelan Porteous) Phelous, Bootleg Zones Horror films, knock-off action figures
Rap Critic (Daren Jackson) Rap Critic Hip hop music
The Sad Panda (Julien Diaz) Forget About It, The Sound Pit Films, music
SciFiGuy (Leo Thompson) SciFiGuy Science fiction films
Todd in the Shadows (Todd Nathanson) Todd's Pop Song Reviews, One Hit Wonderland Pop music, one-hit wonders
Welshy (Mat Williams) Welshy Reviews, My Problem with... Horror films

Additional Personnel

The following is a list of people who are associated with Channel Awesome, but are not producers of video content.

Person Role
Coldguy (Patrick Burden) co-host of Spine Breakers podcast
Tara Deenihan co-host of live version of What the Fuck is Wrong with You?
Jerrid Foiles co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings
Ven Hosky artist for Brows Held High
Brian Irving co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings
Brian Lewis co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings, actor in 80's Dan
Sarah Lewis co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings, actor in 80's Dan
Mike Michaud CEO of Channel Awesome
Nella (Antonella Inserra) co-writer and occasional co-host of The Nostalgia Chick
Jake Norvell co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings, actor in 80's Dan
Malcolm Ray actor in The Nostalgia Critic and Demo Reel
Rollo T (Chris Larios) co-host of Transmission Awesome podcast
James Rolfe site affiliate, occasional collaborator, creator and star of The Angry Video Game Nerd
Skitch (Michael Schiciano) music composer for various shows
Rachel Tietz actress in The Nostalgia Critic and Demo Reel
Cat Thompson co-host of Nerd to the 3rd Power podcast
Rob Walker co-writer and co-creator of The Nostalgia Critic, co-host of Sibling Rivalry, actor in Demo Reel
Jillian Zurawski co-host of Midnight Movie Screenings, actress in 80's Dan and The Big Box
Former personnel

The following are people are former Channel Awesome associates who did not produce video content

Person Role
Holly Christine Brown former director of human resources and website administrator
Mike Ellis former chief operating officer

Former Producers

Producer Program(s) Topic(s)
Apollo Z. Hack (Matt Burkett) The HACKdown, The Reviewaverse Various
Bhargav (Bhargav Dronamraju) Monkey Death Ray original sketch comedy
The Distressed Watcher (Terroja Kincaid) Trailer Failure Film trailers
Game Heroes (Thomas Hanley Jr., Mickey Paradis) The Game Heroes Video games
Hope Within Chaos (Sean Fausz) Epic Fail YouTube videos
Iron Liz (Elizabeth Skochil) Pen and Paper Corner Tabletop roleplaying games
JewWario (Justin Carmical) You Can Play This Japanese import video games, Japanese culture
Little Miss Gamer (Lindsey Briggs) Little Miss Gamer Video games, video game culture
LordKaT (Jason Pullara) Until We Win Difficult retro video games
Psykoneko (Samantha Harris) Anime Basics Japanese culture
PushingUpRoses (Sarah Wilson) Let's Play Shortys, Vinyl Destination Video game playthroughs, music
Rooney Enterprises (Spencer Garfield) ThatJewishGuy Jewish films and culture
ThatAussieGuy (Dan Rizzo) Bored Shitless Various
Spoony (Noah Antwiler) The Spoony Experiment Video games, films
That Chick with the Goggles (Krissy Diggs) Games I Grew Up On Video games
Transylvania Television (Gordon Smuder) Transylvania Television Original sketch comedy


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