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Cleveland Fire Brigade

Cleveland Fire Brigade
Operational area
Country England
Boroughs Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees
Agency overview
Employees approx. 600
Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton
Facilities and equipment
Stations 15

Cleveland Fire Brigade is the statutory fire and rescue service covering the boroughs of Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland & Stockton-on-Tees in the North East of England. The name originates from the former county of Cleveland which was abolished in 1996. For ceremonial purposes the Brigade's area is split between County Durham and North Yorkshire.

Cleveland is organised operationally into four Districts: Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees.


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  • Fire Appliance Glossary/Callsigns 2
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Fire Stations/Appliances

Cleveland Fire Brigade operates 15 fire stations, of which 9 are crewed day and night (wholetime) and 6 are crewed by retained firefighters who live near to their fire station and can arrive there within five minutes of a call being received.

Breakdown of the different areas and locations of each fire station: here

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
A Middlesbrough Wholetime 1x WrL, 1x WrT, 1x ALP
B Stockton Wholetime/Peak Activity*/Duel Staffed** 1x WrL, 1x WrT, 1x SFU*, 1x ET**
C Grangetown Wholetime/Duel Staffed* 1x WrL, 1x WrT, 1x H4P*
D Redcar Wholetime 1x WrL, 1x WrT
E Thornaby Wholetime/Duel Staffed* 1x WrL, 1x WrT, 1x WRU+IrbT*
F Marine Wholetime 1x WrT
G Billingham Wholetime/Duel Staffed* 1x WrL, 1x DIM*, 1x IRU*, 1x PM+MDD*, 1x PM+MDR*
H Coulby Newham Wholetime/Peak Activity*/Duel Staffed** 1x HRP, 1x SFU*, 1x LiRU**
I Stranton Wholetime/Duel Staffed* 1x WrL, 1x WrT, 1x ICCU*
J Headland Retained 1x WrT
K Yarm Retained 1x WrT
L Guisborough Retained 1x WrL, 1x L4P
M Saltburn Retained 1x WrL, 1x L4P
N Skelton Retained 1x WrL
O Loftus Retained 1x WrT

Fire Appliance Glossary/Callsigns

  • Heavy Rescue Pump (HRP): H1
  • Water Ladder (WrL): A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/G1/I1/L1/M1/N1
  • Water Tender (WrT): A3/B3/C3/D3/E3/F2/I3/J3/K3/O3
  • Small Fires Unit (SFU): B2/H2
  • Heavy 4x4 Pump (H4P): C4
  • Light 4x4 Pump (L4P): L4/M4
  • Water Rescue Unit + Inshore Rescue Boat (WRU+IrbT): E0
  • Line Rescue Unit (LiRU): H4
  • Emergency Tender (ET): B5
  • Incident Command & Control Unit (ICCU): I5
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): A6/R6
  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): I8
  • Prime Mover (PM): E56


  • Bulk Foam Unit (BFU)
  • Incident Support Unit (ISU)
  • Welfare Unit (WelfU)

CBRN Response:

  • Detection, Identification & Monitoring (DIM): G10
  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): G56
  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Disrobe (PM+MDD): G57
  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Rerobe (PM+MDR): G58


Cleveland Fire Brigade works in partnership with the North East Ambulance Service to provide emergency medical cover to areas of East Cleveland. These are areas that have been identified as having a greater need for ambulance cover. The aim of a co-responder team is to preserve life until the arrival of either a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) or an ambulance. The appliances are equipped with oxygen and automatic external defibrillation (AED) equipment.

Four Cleveland fire stations operate as co-responders:[1]

  • Guisborough
  • Saltburn
  • Skelton
  • Loftus

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  1. ^ Co-Responder Incidents April to June 2008

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