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Title: Dot  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Dots, Templates for deletion/Log/2006 February 20, Ground paintings, WikiProject Wikislice/Mathematics, Missing science topics/ExistingMathD
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Dot, DoT or DOT may refer to:


  • Typography 1
  • Music 2
  • Entertainment 3
    • Characters 3.1
  • Companies and agencies 4
  • Technology 5
  • Other uses 6
  • See also 7


  • Full stop, also called period in American English, used as a sentence terminator and as a decimal mark (decimal point) in numerals ( . )
  • Interpunct (·), between words, also called middle dot or centered dot. Homoglyphic characters include:
    • dot operator, used as notation for multiplication ( )
    • word separator middle dot, used in Avestan, Samaritan ( )
    • Georgian comma
    • Greek άνω τελεία, i.e. "high stop", the equivalent of the semicolon (·)
    • Katakana middle dot ( )
    • Separator for double 'l' sound in written Catalan (l·l)
  • Dot (diacritic), above or below a character (e.g. ȧ, , İ, Ċ, ċ, etc.) ( ˙  ̣ )
    • Hebrew shin and sin dots ( ׁ  ׂ) as well as upper and lower dots (  ׄ  ׅ )
    • Syriac feminine dot (  ݀ )
    • Devanagari high spacing dot ( )
    • Myanmar dot below (  ့ )
    • Canadian syllabics final middle dot ( )
    • Canadian syllabics final raised dot ( )
    • Vedic tone dot below (  ᳝)
    • One dot leader, also used as Armenian semi-colon ( )
    • The dot above, used to denote time derivation, in Newtonian notation
    • There are also double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple diacritic dots
  • Three horizontal dots "…" or "...", an ellipsis
  • The Gregg shorthand system utilizes a dot in several ways, such as to represent a or an and the letter h




  • Little Dot, a comic book character
  • Dot and Dash, an animated girl and animated boy appearing as the PBS idents
  • Dot Branning, fictional character on the television show EastEnders
  • Dot Matrix (ReBoot), fictional character on the television series ReBoot
  • Dot Warner a character from the animated television show Animaniacs

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Other uses

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