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Federated Investors


Federated Investors

Federated Investors, Inc.
Traded as NYSE: FII
Industry Financial Services
Founded October 18, 1957 [1]
Headquarters Federated Tower
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Key people
John F. Donahue, Co-founder and Chairman
J. Christopher Donahue, President and CEO
Products mutual funds
Revenue $978.8 million USD
Number of employees

Federated Investors is a large financial services company headquartered in Federated Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in 1955 and incorporated on October 18, 1957,[1] the company manages $364.1 billion of customer assets. The corporation offers 136 different types of mutual funds. Federated serves a diverse range of customers, including banks, broker-dealers, trust departments, investment companies, charitable organizations, and pension plans. Equity and fixed income mutual funds are offered both in the U.S. and in Europe through financial intermediaries. Federated offers a variety of investment options including investment products that focus on: small-mid cap, large cap, core equity, ultra-short bond, short-term bond, and intermediate term bonds, among others.

Federated offers its services through approximately 4700 client firms. The company offers flexible investing strategies to meet the needs of different customers.


Federated Investors was founded in 1955 by high school classmates John F. Donahue, Richard B. Fisher, and Thomas J. Donnelly.[2]

Aetna acquired a majority ownership stake in Federated Investors in 1982; at the time Federated had nearly $30 billion in assets under management.[3] In 1989, Federated management bought out Aetna for $345 million, reestablishing majority control of the company.[4] In 1996, Federated management paid $100 million to acquire the remaining 25% stock ownership still held by Aetna.[5] Federated completed an initial public offering on the NYSE on May 14, 1998.[6]

In 1991 Federated established Federated International Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland, becoming the first U.S. company whose registered money market funds were approved for distribution to the European community. In 1998, Federated launched a venture with Frankfurt insurer LVM-Versicherungen to offer Federated funds in Germany and other German-speaking countries.[7]

In April 2012 Federated Investors, Inc. completed its acquisition of Prime Rate Capital Management LLP (PRCM), a London, United Kingdom-based provider of institutional liquidity and fixed income products, from Matrix Group Limited they did not purchase this company. Federated Prime Rate Capital Management's AAA-rated liquidity funds, known as Qualifying Money Market Funds, serve the corporate and institutional market. The funds, totaling approximately $4.0 billion USD (GBP 2.5 billion) in assets, are rated AAA by both Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.[8]

In September 2012, Federated Investors announced that it had bought around $4.4 billion in assets from Fifth Third Asset Management Inc.[9]


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