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Green Party of Alberta (2011–present)


Green Party of Alberta (2011–present)

Green Party of Alberta
Leader Janet Keeping
President Susan Stratton
Founded December 22, 2011 (2011-12-22)
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta
Ideology Green
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours Green
Politics of Alberta
Political parties

The Green Party of Alberta is a registered political party in Alberta, Canada, that is allied with the Green Party of Canada,[1] and the other provincial Green parties. The party was registered by Elections Alberta on December 22, 2011,[2][3][4] to replace the deregistered Alberta Greens, and ran its first candidates for office in the 2012 provincial election under the name Evergreen Party of Alberta. The party changed its name to "Green Party of Alberta" on November 1, 2012.[5]


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    • 2012 general election 3.1
    • Electoral record 3.2
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Following a dispute of the leadership of the Joe Anglin remained as interim leader. On April 1, 2009, the executive of the party failed to file an annual financial statement with Elections Alberta, as required by law, and was deregistered on July 16, 2009. Some of its members joined the Alberta Party and Wildrose Party, while others formed the Vision 2012 Society.[6] The independent group, dedicated to green principles, formed the legal entity required by Elections Alberta to register a political party. An annual general meeting was held on June 25, 2011 in Red Deer to elect an executive, and to raise a petition asking Elections Alberta to register a new party.[7] The petition was signed by 8,500 people, more than the required 7,000,[8] and on December 22, 2011, the "Evergreen Party of Alberta" was registered. According to Elections Alberta rules, a party cannot use a name used by another party until the name goes unused for a general election.[9] After contesting the 2012 general election under the Evergreen banner, the party voted at its annual general meeting, on September 29, 2012, to change its name to "Green Party of Alberta".[10] Elections Alberta approved the name change and it became effective 1 November 2012.[5]


The party bases its principles on the Charter of the Global Greens.[11] The Green Party believes in humans' place in the world and sustainability, democracy, justice and diversity, and nonviolence.

Election results

2012 general election

 Summary of the April 23, 2012 Legislative Assembly of Alberta election results
Party Party leader Number of
Seats Popular vote
2008 Dissol. 2012 % Change #1 % Change (pp)
Progressive Conservative Alison Redford 87 72 66 61 –7.85 567,060 43.95 –8.77
Wildrose Danielle Smith 87 4 17 +325 442,429 34.29 +27.51
Liberal Raj Sherman 87 9 8 5 –37.5 127,645 9.89 –16.54
New Democratic Brian Mason 87 2 2 4 +100 126,752 9.82 +1.34
Alberta Party Glenn Taylor 38 1 –100 17,172 1.33 +1.32
Evergreen Larry Ashmore 25 2 5,082 0.394 –4.162
  Independent 12 1 –100 3,511 0.272 –0.53
Social Credit Len Skowronski 3 294 0.0228 –0.19
Communist Naomi Rankin 2 210 0.0163 +0.01
Separation Bart Hampton3 13 68 0.00527 0.00
  Vacant 1
Total 429 83 83 87 +4.82 1,290,223 100.00%


  1. Results at the count.[13]
  2. Results change is compared to the Alberta Greens in 2008.
  3. Elections Alberta lists Bart Hampton as leader of the Separation Party of Alberta, however the party's only candidate is party president Glen Dundas.[14]

Electoral record

Election Candidates
popular vote
Percent popular vote
in contested ridings
2012 25 87


See also


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