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Subject: Geo Storm, Dodge Caliber, Automotive industry in Japan, Nissan, Jatco 4R03 transmission
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JATCO (ジヤトコ株式会社, "Japanese Automatic Transmission Company") is a subsidiary of Nissan which manufactures automatic transmissions for automobiles. Originally, Mazda was also a partner.


The modern JATCO was formed after Nissan spun off its AT/CVT (automatic transmission/continuously variable transmission) development divisions and its Fuji manufacturing plant into a company called TransTechnology, Ltd in June 1999.[1] TransTechnology Ltd. and JATCO Corp., both affiliates of Nissan, agreed to merge in October 1999 to become JATCO TransTechnology Ltd. JATCO was established in 1970 to manufacture automatic transmissions.[1]

In October 2001, as part of its restructuring, Mitsubishi Motors agreed to merge its transmission division with Nissan's transmission subsidiary Jatco TransTechnology Ltd.[2][3] The combined company settled on JATCO Ltd. in April, 2002. Nissan and Mitsubishi equity holdings in JATCO after the share exchange stand at 82% and 18% respectively.

When it was still the transmission manufacturing division of Nissan, it partnered with Mazda, and thus Jatco, had long been supplying Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, BMW, Volkswagen, MG Rover Group and Land Rover. However, once it was independent, Jatco quickly began supplying other automakers:

December 1999 — Hyundai Motor Company
January 2001 — Jaguar Cars
December 2001 — London Taxis International
January 2002 — Ford Europe
April 2002 — Renault Samsung Motors
April 2002 — Ford Lio Ho
April 2004 — Changan Ford
December 2005 — DaimlerChrysler U.S.A.
October 2006 - Renault

Today, JATCO become one of the biggest supplier of CVT,[4] and products from nearly every auto maker have used Jatco transmissions, with the notable exceptions of Honda Motor Company, who makes their own transmissions, and Toyota Motor Company, who has always used transmissions made by Aisin, a subsidiary of Toyota. GM continues to produce a majority of its transmissions through GM Powertrain, an outgrowth of Hydramatic.

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