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List of Intercontinental Cup winning managers

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Title: List of Intercontinental Cup winning managers  
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List of Intercontinental Cup winning managers

This is a list of Intercontinental Cup winning football managers. The Intercontinental Cup (known as Toyota Cup 1980–2004) was an annual contest held between 1960 and 2004 and played between the previous season's UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores winners. From 1960 to 1979, the cup was played over two legs. Between 1960 and 1968, the cup was decided on points, which meant that a third play-off match was played when both teams were equal on points. From 1969 to 1979, the competition adopted the aggregate score method, with away goals. In 1980, the Toyota Motor Corporation assumed sponsorship of the contest, renaming it Toyota Cup and transforming it into a single-match contest, held at a neutral venue in Japan. From 1980 to 2001, the match was held at the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, and the last three - from 2002 to 2004 - were held at the International Stadium in Yokohama. The competition was then discontinued and merged into the FIFA Club World Cup, which was held for the first time in 2000.

The first cup was played in July and September 1960 between Spanish team Real Madrid and Uruguay's Peñarol. Real Madrid lifted the trophy under the guidance of manager Miguel Muñoz, winning 5–1 over two legs.[1] The first single-match final was held in February 1981 and ended in success for Uruguayan side Nacional, led by Juan Mujica, who beat England's Nottingham Forest 1–0.[2] The last Intercontinental Cup was played on 12 December 2004 and was won by F.C. Porto of Portugal who beat Colombian side Once Caldas in a penalty shootout.[3]

Argentine managers have fared most successfully in the contest, winning 11 titles. Carlos Bianchi won the title on three occasions and is the only manager to have won it with different clubs (with Vélez Sársfield in 1994 and with Boca Juniors in 2000 and 2003).

Four managers have won two titles, each of them back-to-back and with the same club (Luís Alonso Pérez with Santos in 1962 and 1963, Helenio Herrera with Internazionale in 1964 and 1965, Arrigo Sacchi with Milan in 1989 and 1990 and Telê Santana with São Paulo in 1992 and 1993).

By year

Final Winning manager Club Ref(s)
1960  ESP Muñoz, MiguelMiguel Muñoz  ESP Real Madrid [1]
1961  URU Scarone, RobertoRoberto Scarone  URU Peñarol [4]
1962  BRA Pérez, Luís AlonsoLuís Alonso Pérez  BRA Santos [5]
1963  BRA Pérez, Luís AlonsoLuís Alonso Pérez  BRA Santos [5]
1964  ARG Herrera, HelenioHelenio Herrera  ITA Internazionale [6]
1965  ARG Herrera, HelenioHelenio Herrera  ITA Internazionale [6]
1966  URU Máspoli, RoqueRoque Máspoli  URU Peñarol [7]
1967  ARG Pizzuti, JuanJuan Pizzuti  ARG Racing Club [8]
1968  ARG Zubeldía, OsvaldoOsvaldo Zubeldía  ARG Estudiantes La Plata [9]
1969  ITA Rocco, NereoNereo Rocco  ITA Milan [10]
1970  AUT Happel, ErnstErnst Happel  NED Feyenoord [11]
1971  URU Etchamendi, WashingtonWashington Etchamendi  URU Nacional [12]
1972  ROU Kovács, ŞtefanŞtefan Kovács  NED Ajax [13]
1973  ARG Ferreiro, RobertoRoberto Ferreiro  ARG Independiente [14]
1974  ESP Aragonés, LuisLuis Aragonés  ESP Atlético Madrid [15]
1975 [16]
1976  FRG Cramer, DettmarDettmar Cramer  FRG Bayern Munich [17]
1977  ARG Lorenzo, Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Lorenzo  ARG Boca Juniors [18]
1978 [16]
1979  URU Cubilla, LuisLuis Cubilla  PAR Olimpia [19]
1980  URU Mujica, JuanJuan Mujica  URU Nacional [2]
1981  BRA Carpegiani, Paulo CésarPaulo César Carpegiani  BRA Flamengo [20]
1982  URU Bagnulo, HugoHugo Bagnulo  URU Peñarol [21]
1983  BRA Espinosa, ValdirValdir Espinosa  BRA Grêmio [22]
1984  ARG Pastoriza, JoséJosé Pastoriza  ARG Independiente [23]
1985  ITA Trapattoni, GiovanniGiovanni Trapattoni  ITA Juventus [24]
1986  ARG Veira, HéctorHéctor Veira  ARG River Plate [25]
1987  YUG Ivić, TomislavTomislav Ivić  POR F.C. Porto [26]
1988  URU Fleitas, RobertoRoberto Fleitas  URU Nacional [27]
1989  ITA Sacchi, ArrigoArrigo Sacchi  ITA Milan [28]
1990  ITA Sacchi, ArrigoArrigo Sacchi  ITA Milan [28]
1991  YUG Popović, VladicaVladica Popović  YUG Red Star Belgrade [29]
1992  BRA Santana, TelêTelê Santana  BRA São Paulo [30]
1993  BRA Santana, TelêTelê Santana  BRA São Paulo [30]
1994  ARG Bianchi, CarlosCarlos Bianchi  ARG Vélez Sársfield [31]
1995  NED van Gaal, LouisLouis van Gaal  NED Ajax [32]
1996  ITA Lippi, MarcelloMarcello Lippi  ITA Juventus [33]
1997  ITA Scala, NevioNevio Scala  GER Borussia Dortmund [34]
1998  NED Hiddink, GuusGuus Hiddink  ESP Real Madrid [35]
1999  SCO Ferguson, AlexAlex Ferguson  ENG Manchester United [36]
2000  ARG Bianchi, CarlosCarlos Bianchi  ARG Boca Juniors [37]
2001  GER Hitzfeld, OttmarOttmar Hitzfeld  GER Bayern Munich [38]
2002  ESP del Bosque, VicenteVicente del Bosque  ESP Real Madrid [39]
2003  ARG Bianchi, CarlosCarlos Bianchi  ARG Boca Juniors [40]
2004  ESP Fernández, VíctorVíctor Fernández  POR F.C. Porto [3]

By nationality

This table lists the total number of titles won by managers of each nationality.

Nationality Number
of wins
 Argentina 11
 Uruguay 7
 Brazil 6
 Italy 6
 Spain 4
 Germany 2
 Netherlands 2
 Yugoslavia 2
 Austria 1
 Romania 1
 Scotland 1

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