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List of animated television programs with LGBT characters

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Title: List of animated television programs with LGBT characters  
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Subject: List of animated television series, Gaylactic Network, Dayne Ogilvie Prize, Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, LGBT themes in mythology
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List of animated television programs with LGBT characters

Animated series mostly aimed at young children, e.g. Saturday morning cartoon, often shy away from homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality, and when a character has any sort of romantic attachments it is always shown as being heterosexual. However, occasionally LGBT themes or characters do sneak into certain episodes in hidden or coded ways. Animated series aimed at a more mature audience often have more explicit LGBT characters.


Year Title Network Character name(s) Notes
2014 Sakura Trick TBS, MBS, CBC, TBS Channel 1, BS-TBS Haruka Takayama
Yuu Sonoda
2014 Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san TV Saitama, tvk, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV Yachiyo Inugami
Suzu Nekoyama
2014 Chozen FX Chozen
Chozen is a white gay aspiring rap superstar. He is in a relationship with fratboy-type Hunter.[2]
2011 Good Vibes MTV Voneeta Teets
2011 Allen Gregory Fox Richard DeLongpre
Jeremy DeLongpre
Richard is the title character's father and Jeremy is Richard's life partner.
2011 Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi TV Saitama
2011 Wandering Son Fuji TV Shuichi Nitori
Yoshino Takatsuki
Two middle school students, Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki struggle with gender identity and puberty.
2010 Adventure Time Cartoon Network Princess Bubblegum,
Marceline the Vampire Queen
In August of 2014, after a long controversy; Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline, told a crowd of fans gathered at a Barnes & Noble book signing from The Adventure Time Encyclopedia, that, according to Pendleton Ward (creator of the series), Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had dated in the past, but that because the series airs in some areas where homosexual relationships are illegal, the show has not been able to officially make clear the relationship in the series itself.[3]
2009— Archer FX Ray Gillette
Pam Poovey
Ray is an openly gay secret agent, and a former Olympic medalist in skiing. Pam is the bisexual director of human resources. Woodhouse, Archer's personal valet, is of ambiguous sexuality; he had a romantic and sexual attraction to another man, Reggie, during the First World War, but it has not been specified whether he has ever had any sexual feelings for anyone since Reggie's death.
2009—2013 The Cleveland Show Fox "Auntie" Momma Tubbs (Kevin Tubbs)
Terry Kimple
Cleveland learns in "A Brown Thanksgiving" that Auntie Momma adopted a female persona years earlier because she felt that her niece Donna did not have a strong female role model in her life.
Terry, Cleveland's co-worker, marries his husband Paul in "Terry Unmarried".
2009 Aoi Hana Fuji TV Fumi Manjōme
Akira Okudaira
Yasuko Sugimoto
2009 Bakemonogatari several Suruga Kanbaru Kanbaru identifies herself first as a "lesbian", but she also is attracted at times and flirts with a main male character of the show named Araragi, which makes her more of a bisexual character.
2009 Sasameki Koto TV Tokyo Sumika Murasame
Ushio Kazama
Tomoe Hachisuka
Miyako Taema
2008 Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance TV Hokkaido Misaki Takahashi
Akihiko Usami
2007–2009 Rick & Steve: The Happiest
Gay Couple in All the World
Logo Rick Brocka
Steve Ball
Kirsten Kellogg
Dana Bernstein
Chuck Masters
Evan Martinez
Series focuses on a group of gay and lesbian friends living in the gay village of West Lahunga Beach.
2007–2008 Code Monkeys G4 Clarence Clarence is a flamboyantly gay African American man who composes music for video games.
2006 Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Hyper AT-X
2006 Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl TV Tokyo Hazumu Osaragi
Yasuna Kamiizumi
Tomari Kurusu
2006 Black Butler Mainichi Broadcasting System Grell Sutcliff Grell is either a gay man who refers to herself as using she/her/herself pronouns, or a trans woman. Grell also flirts with any man she finds attractive, Sebastian Michaelis in particular.
2005– American Dad! Fox Roger Smith
Greg Corbin
Terry Bates
Stan's neighbors and local news anchors Greg Corbin and Terry Bates are a couple and raising a child together. Roger is an alien who frequently engages in relationships with both men and women, seeming to favor men.
2005 Sukisho TV Kanagawa Nearly all of the characters.
2004–2007 Drawn Together Comedy Central Xandir
Captain Hero
Foxxy Love
Xandir is gay; Captain Hero is pansexual; Foxxy Love is bisexual.
2004-2005 Samurai Champloo Fuji TV The episode "Stranger Searching" features a gay Dutchman who travels to Japan (during a period in which most foreigners are forbidden to enter the country) after learning about the samurai class's tradition of same-sex love from imported shunga prints.
2004 Fafner in the Azure TV Tokyo Kazuki Makabe
Sōshi Minashiro
Their feelings for each other (especially Kazuki's) are pretty obvious throughout the original TV series (the main girl character even spends much of her time in the first half commenting on it), most of the official promotional artwork focuses on it and the drama CD's and the theatrical film sequel Heaven and Earth make it abundantly clear. Everybody seems to know and be okay with it.
2004 Kannazuki no Miko Chiba TV
TV Kanagawa
TV Saitama
Himeko Kurusugawa
Chikane Himemiya
2003– The Venture Bros. Cartoon Network The Alchemist
Shore Leave
Col. Hunter Gathers
The Alchemist and Shore Leave are former lovers.
Col. Gathers is a MTF transsexual.
2003–2006 Teen Titans Kids WB, Cartoon Network The Brain
Monsieur Mallah
Brotherhood of Evil villains the Brain and Monsieur Mallah are lovers in their modern DC Comics appearances; the animated series, however, gives no indication of such a relationship.
2002–2004 Queer Duck Showtime Queer Duck
Openly Gator
Bi-polar Bear
Oscar Wildcat
Melissa Duck
Ricky Marlin
Truman Coyote
K.Y Jellyfish
Short-lived animated series, originating as a Flash cartoon and moved to Showtime. Inspired a direct-to-DVD film.
2000–2004 InuYasha Animax, Nippon TV, Yomiuri TV Jakotsu The character Jakotsu is a member of antagonists known as the Band of Seven. He is openly gay and frequently flirts with his male opponents, especially InuYasha and Sesshomaru.
2000–2004 Static Shock WB Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley In the comics, the character Richie was based upon was gay, but that it could not be addressed on the show explicitly.
2000–2003 X-Men: Evolution Kids WB! Mystique
The bisexual Mystique appears as a recurring villain but the only hint at her orientation is when Destiny, who was her female lover in several comics, is described as her "best friend."
Family Guy Fox Jasper
Gym Teacher
Lois Griffin
Stewie Griffin
Ida Davis (formerly Dan Quagmire)
Brian's cousin Jasper is gay and married his Filipino boyfriend.
Bruce the performance artist is gay.
Meg's gym teacher is a lesbian and her partner gave birth to Bertram after artificial insemination with Peter's sperm.
Lois is reveal in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story that used to date women and later going back to men least according to herself, But regardless she said, she still attracted to women sometimes in later season.
Stewie has been portrayed as bisexual, having said to have sexual relations with both men and women.
Glenn Quagmire's father has sex reassignment surgery in "Quagmire's Dad".
Futurama Fox
Comedy Central
Enos Fry Enos Fry, believed to be Fry's grandfather, had strong homosexual tendencies, at one point wondering why boys are supposed to like girls.
Mission Hill The WB
Adult Swim
Gus and Wally are a gay couple in their 60s who are neighbors of the main characters.
1997-2009 (2010) King of the Hill Fox Bug Gribble
Juan Pedro
In the episode My Own Private Rodeo, Dale's father Bug is revealed to be homosexual, he is married to Juan Pedro. In the episode The Peggy Horror Picture Show, Peggy befriends a drag queen named "Carylon" whose real name is Jamie.
1997– South Park Comedy Central Big Gay Al
Stephen Stotch
Mr./Ms. Garrison
Mr. Slave
Jimbo Marsh
Big Gay Al is the town's prideful gay who want people to accept gays, Stephen Stotch was Closet Technically Bisexual who go the town's gay bath house, Mr./Mrs. Garrison is either gay and later trans woman and temperay lesbian or actually super closet bisexual who sexual orientation crisis, Mr.slave was Mr./Mrs. Garrison Husband and recently later Husband of Big Gay Al, And Jimbo Starsh have hint of sexual relationship of his parter despite having claiming that he heterosexual.
1996–2000 Superman: The Animated Series Kids WB Maggie Sawyer In the animated series that aired in the late 1990s, Maggie Sawyer appeared in a few episodes and was seen with another woman who fans of the comic books would understand as being her girlfriend.
1995– Neon Genesis Evangelion several Shinji Ikari
Kaworu Nagisa
Maya Ibuki
In Episode 24, "The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"", Shinji is heavily implied to be attracted to Kaworu. Shinji and Kaworu both admit their love for one another though it remains up for debate among some fans (mostly in the West, where Shinji's "I loved him too" line was replaced with "I liked him too" in the dub). There is much symbolism around their relationship, both in the episode and in Rebuild of Evangelion, that leans towards romantic attraction. Nevertheless, the pairing does not have as much support due to Shinji's relationship with Asuka Langley Soryu. Maya Ibuki is implied to be in love with Ritsuko Akagi, due to Ritsuko being the one who appeared to her in Instrumentality and Maya affectionately referring to her as 'senpai'.
1994–1997 Gargoyles Syndicated, ABC Lexington According to series creator Greg Weisman, Lexington is gay although he was not allowed to explore that aspect of the character.[4]
1992–1997 Sailor Moon TV Asahi Kunzite
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Starlights
Kunzite and Zoisite, were Queen Beryl's henchmen, and were gay, but Zoisite was changed into a woman in the English version. The same was done with the villain, Fish-Eye (also a gay man and a transvestite). Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are a lesbian couple (they are referred to as "cousins" in English). The Sailor Starlights are male in human form, but become female after transforming.
1992–1997 X-Men Fox Kids Mystique
Mystique (who is bisexual) and Northstar (who is gay) appear in the series although no mention or suggestion is made of their sexual orientation.
1992–1995 YuYu Hakusho Fuji Television Itsuki
Shizuru Kuwabara
Itsuki is Sensui's right hand, who is so much interested in Sensui's personality and its body. Miyuki (Demon Triad member) had a male body (and it is unclear if she had real or fake breasts), but female soul, Miyuki's "coming out" was censored in Funimation English dub. Shizuru Kuwabara was included to the Yuricon' list of lesbians.[5]
Ai no Kusabi Original video animation Most of the cast. Series is set in a world where most of the population is male and gay relationships are commonplace. Central relationship is between Riki and Iason Mink, who are in a sadomasochistic relationship, with Riki being Iason's "pet".
1989– The Simpsons Fox Waylon Smithers
Patty Bouvier
Dewey Largo
Brunella Pommelhorst
Waylon Smithers is heard riding a float called "Stayin' in the Closet!" during Springfield's annual gay pride parade in the 2002 episode Jaws Wired Shut. Patty Bouvier is a lesbian who came out in the 2005 episode "There's Something about Marrying". Mr. Largo is the school's music teacher. Mrs. Pommelhorst is the gym teacher who announced her intention to take time off and return as "Mr. Pommelhorst, the shop teacher".
1996–1997 Dragon Ball GT Fuji TV Otokosuki He works for Capsule Corp. and has an obvious crush on Trunks.
1989–1996 Dragon Ball Z Fuji TV Otokosuki Otokusuki is the openly gay man who Trunks fights at the end of the series.
1986–1989 Dragon Ball Fuji TV General Blue General Blue, a soldier of the Red Ribbon Army is gay. All references to homosexuality have been censored in Western adaptations of the anime.

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