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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in North Dakota


List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in North Dakota

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of North Dakota.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Beaver Creek Bridge 1913 1997-02-27 Finley
Steele Pratt through truss
Caledonia Bridge 1895 1997-02-27 Caledonia
Traill Pratt through truss
Cedar Creek Bridge 1908 1997-02-27 Haynes
Adams Pratt through truss
Colton's Crossing Bridge 1907 1997-02-27 Lisbon
Ransom Pratt through truss
Crystal Bridge 1927 1997-05-30 Crystal
Pembina Concrete T-beam bridge
Eastwood Park Bridge Eastwood Park Bridge 1927 1975-04-21 Minot
Ward Cantilever type
Elliott Bridge 1902 1997-02-27 Towner
McHenry Pratt through truss
Fairview Lift Bridge 1913 1997-03-14 Cartwright
McKenzie railroad lift bridge
Grace City Bridge 1925 1997-02-27 Grace City
Foster Pratt through truss
Great Northern Railway Underpass 1937 1997-02-27 Stanley
Mountrail concrete deck girder bridge
Knife River Bridge near Stanton by 1898 2001-04-25 Stanton
Mercer Pratt through truss
Lisbon Bridge 1936 1997-02-27 Lisbon
Ransom steel cantilever bean bridge
Midland Continental Overpass 1936 1997-02-27 Jamestown
Stutsman steel cantilever beam bridge
Midway Bridge 1997-02-27 Johnstown
Grand Forks Warren Bedstead bridge
Nesheim Bridge 1904 1997-02-27 McVille
Nelson Pratt through truss
New Rockford Bridge 1904 1997-03-13 New Rockford
Closed to traffic
Eddy Warren through truss bridge
Northwood Bridge 1906 1997-02-27 Northwood
Grand Forks Pratt pony truss
Norway Bridge 1912 1997-02-27 Mayville
Traill Pratt pony truss
Ost Valle Bridge Ost Valle Bridge 1910 1997-02-27 Thompson
Grand Forks Pratt through truss
Romness Bridge 1912 1997-02-27 Cooperstown
Griggs Pratt through truss
Sorlie Memorial Bridge 1929 1999-07-19 Grand Forks
Grand Forks Parker through truss bridge
Viking Bridge 1885, 1915 1997-02-27 Portland
Traill Pratt through truss
West Antelope Bridge 1907 1997-02-27 Flora
Benson Pratt pony truss bridge
West Park Bridge 1924 1997-02-27 Valley City
Barnes concrete false arch bridge
Westgaard Bridge 1902 1997-02-27 Voltaire
McHenry Pratt pony through truss
Blanchard Bridge 1900 1997-02-27 removed 2009-3-25 Blanchard
Traill Pratt through truss
Goose River Bridge 1893 1997-02-27 removed 2009-3-25 Hillsboro
Traill Pratt through truss
Liberty Memorial Bridge Liberty Memorial Bridge 1920, 1922 1997-03-11 removed 2009-3-25 Bismarck
Burleigh Warren-Turner through truss
Porter Elliott Bridge 1902 1997-02-27 removed 2009-3-25 Hillsboro
Traill Warren through truss
Portland Park Bridge 1919
removed 2004-09-23
Portland Traill steel through girder
Rainbow Arch Bridge Rainbow Arch Bridge 1925
removed 2004-09-23
Valley City Barnes Marsh Rainbow Arch


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