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List of common 3D test models

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Title: List of common 3D test models  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Stanford dragon, 3D printing, Blender (software), 3D modeling
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List of common 3D test models

This is a list of models and meshes commonly used in 3D computer graphics for testing and demonstrating rendering algorithms and visual effects. Their use is important for comparing results, similarly to the way standard test images are used in image processing.

Models by year of creation

Model name Year of creation Creator Origin Model size (vertices or triangles) Creation method Inspiration (if any) Link to model Comments
VW Bug[1] 1972 Ivan Sutherland University of Utah Measured by hand Volkswagen Beetle belonging to Ivan Sutherland's wife, Marsha Real car, measured by hand using yardsticks
Utah teapot, Newell teapot 1975 Martin Newell University of Utah Modeled Melitta teapot teaset.tgz See also The History of The Teapot
Cornell box 1984 Cindy M. Goral, Kenneth E. Torrance, Donald P. Greenberg, Bennett Battaile Cornell University Modeled See Cornell Box Data Many different versions of the Cornell Box exist, although one of them is considered the standard Cornell Box. See also History of the Cornell Box
Stanford Bunny 1993-94[2] Greg Turk, Marc Levoy Stanford University 69,451 triangles[2] Scanned Clay bunny[3] bunny.tar.gz
Happy Buddha 1996[4] Brian Curless, Marc Levoy[4] Stanford University 1,087,716 triangles[2] Scanned Budai statuette[5] happy_recon.tar.gz
Stanford Dragon 1996[2] Stanford University 1,132,830 triangles Scanned dragon_recon.tar.gz Chinese dragon.
Armadillo 1996[2] Stanford University 345,944 triangles Scanned Armadillo.ply.gz Armadillo toy.
Suzanne 2002 Willem-Paul van Overbruggen Blender (software) 500 faces Modeled Orangutan from the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back See comment Chimpanzee model; reached in blender by clicking AddMeshMonkey. See also Unwrapping Suzanne
Phlegmatic Dragon[6] 2007 See comment Eurographics 2007 conference original: 667,214 faces; smoothed: 480,076 faces Scanned See comment See also EG 2007 Phlegmatic Dragon
Stanford Lucy Stanford University 14,027,872 vertices, 28,055,742 triangles Scanned[7] lucy.tar.gz Scanned model of Christian angel.
Asian Dragon Stanford University 3,609,455 vertices, 7,218,906 triangles Scanned XYZ RGB dragon.ply.gz A different Chinese dragon.
Thai Statue Stanford University Original model: 19,400,000 vertices (38,800,000 triangles); model provided: 5,000,000 vertices (10,000,000 triangles) Scanned XYZ RGB statuette.ply.gz Scanned model of Thai statue
David[8][9] Stanford University About 1 billion polygons Scanned[7] Michelangelo's 5-meter statue of David See comment Only available to established scholars and for non-commercial use only.[9]
Mother Child? Small statue with two joined figures.


The Utah teapot 
The Cornell box 
A reproduction of the Stanford dragon 

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