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List of hamlets in Saskatchewan

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Title: List of hamlets in Saskatchewan  
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Subject: Penzance, Saskatchewan, List of cities in Saskatchewan, List of resort villages in Saskatchewan, List of towns in Saskatchewan, List of villages in Saskatchewan
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List of hamlets in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, a hamlet is an unincorporated community with at least five occupied dwellings situated on separate lots and at least 10 separate lots, the majority of which are an average size of less than one acre.[1] The people in a hamlet may apply for organized hamlet status within the rural municipality in which the hamlet is located.

Many, but not all, organized hamlets in Saskatchewan are recognized as designated places by Statistics Canada, while unorganized hamlets are not.

Saskatchewan has 11 northern hamlets, which are incorporated municipalities within northern Saskatchewan, and 151 organized hamlets, which are established via ministerial order and under the jurisdiction of [2]

Northern hamlets

Name[2] Incorporation
(per km²)[4]
Black Point March 26, 2008 47[2]
Cole Bay November 1, 1983 230 156 47.4 4.95 46.5
Dore Lake January 11, 1985 28 30 −6.7 8.03 3.5
Jans Bay October 1, 1983 187 181 3.3 5.94 31.5
Michel Village November 1, 1983 66 79 −16.5 3.73 17.7
Patuanak December 1, 1983 64 84 −23.8 1.34 47.6
December 1, 1983 100 19 426.3 1.46 68.7
Stony Rapids April 1, 1992 243 255 −4.7 3.96 61.3
Timber Bay October 1, 1983 93 139 −33.1 4.44 20.9
Turnor Lake October 1, 1984 179[5] 115 55.7 4.62 38.7
Weyakwin December 1, 1983 135 99 36.4 8.20 16.5
Total northern hamlets 1,372 1,157 18.6 46.67 29.4

Organized hamlets

Name[2] Rural
municipality (RM)[2]
Alta Vista  
Amsterdam Buchanan No. 304
Arlington Beach  
Balone Beach  
Bankend Emerald No. 277
Barrier Ford  
Bayard Terrell No. 101
Bayview Heights  
Beaubier Lake Alma No. 8
Beaver Creek Corman Park No. 344
Bellegarde Storthoaks No. 31
Big Beaver  
Blumenthal Rosthern No. 403
Brancepeth Birch Hills No. 460
Burgis Beach Good Lake No. 274
Candiac Montmartre No. 126
Cannington Lake  
Casa Rio Corman Park No. 344
Cathedral Bluffs Corman Park No. 344
Cedar Villa Estates Corman Park No. 344
Chelan Bjorkdale No. 426
Claybank Elmsthorpe No. 100
Colesdale Park  
Collingwood Lakeshore Estates  
Congress Stonehenge No. 73
Corning Golden West No. 95
Crawford Estates  
Crutwell Shellbrook No. 493
Crystal Bay-Sunset  
Crystal Lake  
Crystal Springs Invergordon No. 430
Cudsaskwa Beach  
Darlings Beach  
Davin Lajord No. 128
Day's Beach  
Delmas Battle River No. 438
Demaine Victory No. 226
Discovery Ridge  
Eagle Ridge Country Estates  
Edgeley South Qu'Appelle No. 157
Elbow Lake  
Erwood Hudson Bay No. 394
Evergreen Acres  
Evergreen Brightsand  
Exner's Twin Bays  
Fairholme Parkdale No. 498
Fairy Glen Willow Creek No. 458
Fiske Pleasant Valley No. 288
Frenchman Butte  
Furdale Corman Park No. 344
Garrick Torch River No. 488
Good Spirit Acres Good Lake No. 274
Gray Lajord No. 128
Gronlid Willow Creek No. 458
Hagen Birch Hills No. 460
Hazel Dell  
Hendon Lakeview No. 337
Hitchcock Bay  
Hoey St. Louis No. 431
Holbein Shellbrook No. 493
Horseshoe Bay  
Indian Point-Golden Sands  
Kandahar Big Quill No. 308
Ketchen Preeceville No. 334
Kopp's Kove  
Kronau Lajord No. 128
Kuroki Sasman No. 336
Kylemore Sasman No. 336
Lanz Point  
Lisieux Willow Bunch No. 42
Little Fishing Lake  
Little Swan River  
Livelong Mervin No. 499
Lone Rock Wilton No. 472
MacDowall Duck Lake No. 463
MacPheat Park  
Martinson's Beach  
Mayfair Meeting Lake No. 466
Maymont Beach  
McCord Mankota No. 45
Merrill Hills Corman Park No. 344
Meskanaw Invergordon No. 430
Mohr's Beach  
Moose Bay  
Mowrey Beach  
Mozart Elfros No. 307
Mullingar Meeting Lake No. 466
Nesslin Lake  
Neuhorst Corman Park No. 344
North Colesdale Park  
North Shore Fishing Lake  
North Weyburn Weyburn No. 67
Northside Paddockwood No. 520
Nut Mountain Sasman No. 336
Okla Hazel Dell No. 335
Ormiston Lake of the Rivers No. 72
Otthon Cana No. 214
Ottman-Murray Beach  
Parkland Beach  
Parry Caledonia No. 99
Pasqua Lake  
Peebles Chester No. 125
Pelican Cove  
Pelican Point  
Pelican Shores  
Phillips Grove  
Powm Beach  
Prairie River Porcupine No. 395
Prince Meota No. 468
Riceton Lajord No. 128
River's Edge  
Riverside Estates  
Runnymede Cote No. 271
Sand Point Beach  
Sarnia Beach  
Scout Lake Willow Bunch No. 42
Sleepy Hollow  
Snowden Torch River No. 488
Sorensen's Beach  
South Waterhen Lake  
Spring Bay  
Spruce Bay  
Spruce Lake  
St. Isidore-de-Bellevue St. Louis No. 431
St. Joseph's South Qu'Appelle No. 157
Summerfield Beach  
Sunset Beach  
Sunset View  
Swan Plain Clayton No. 333
Sylvania Tisdale No. 427
Tadmore Buchanan No. 304
Taylor Beach  
Trevessa Beach  
Trossachs Brokenshell No. 68
Tuffnell Foam Lake No. 276
Turtle Lake Lodge  
Turtle Lake South Bay  
Tway Invergordon No. 430
Uhl's Bay  
Usherville Preeceville No. 334
West Chatfield Beach  
Westview Stanley No. 215
White Bear Lacadena No. 228
Wishart Emerald No. 277

Other hamlets

Name[2] Rural
municipality (RM)[2]
Ardill Lake Johnston No. 102
Cactus Lake  
Crane Valley  
Fife Lake Poplar Valley No. 12
Lady Lake  
Main Centre  
Mikado Sliding Hills No. 273
Simmie Bone Creek No. 108
Spring Valley  
Vantage Sutton No. 103
Viceroy Excel No. 71


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