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Maxence Caron

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Title: Maxence Caron  
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Maxence Caron

Maxence Caron
Maxence Caron
Born 1976
Marseille, France
Occupation Writer, poet, philosopher, musicologist
Nationality French
Subject Literature, Philosophy, poetry, Theology Classical Music, History of Philosophy

Maxence Caron (born in 1976) is a French writer, poet, philosopher and musicologist.


He is agrégé in Philosophy (in 1999), docteur ès Lettres (at Sorbonne in 2003 with Rémi Brague as a thesis director. Director at the Publishing firm les Éditions du Cerf, he manages the collection Les Cahiers d'Histoire de la Philosophie ("The History Notebooks of Philosophy") that he has founded, and to which Jean-Luc Marion, Rémi Brague, Joseph Ratzinger, among others, have contributed.

Maxence Caron is the author of literary texts and poems and of several works about German thinking (saint Augustine. He wants his philosophic system to reconcile, in its content as well as in its writing, philosophy and literature.[1]

Pianist, musicologist, Maxence Caron graduated with honours from the Conservatoire National de Paris in 1990.[2]

He has been awarded the Prix Biguet of the Académie française.


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