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Rudolf Simek

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Title: Rudolf Simek  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, Neorxnawang, Sága and Sökkvabekkr, Opfermoor Vogtei, Njörðr
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Rudolf Simek

Rudolf Simek (born 21 February 1954 in Eisenstadt, Burgenland) is an Austrian Germanist and philologist.

Simek studied German literature, philosophy and Catholic theology in the University of Vienna, before becoming a librarian and a docent at the institution. He taught among others in the universities of Edinburgh, Tromsø and Sydney. Since 1995 he is a Professor of German studies at the University of Bonn. Rudolf Simek is the editor-in-chief of Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia. 8 October 2013 Rudolf Simek received Honorary degree at the University of Rzeszów.


Rudolf Simek has translated into German 5 volumes of Norse sagas. He has also written numerous articles for journals and a number of books on the history of Germanic peoples, the Viking Age and Germanic mythology. The most important of them are:

  • Lexikon der germanischen Mythologie, Stuttgart, Kröner, 1984 ISBN 3-520-36801-3 (translations to English, French and Icelandic)
  • Lexikon der altnordischen Literatur (with Hermann Pálsson), Stuttgart, Kröner, 1987 ISBN 3-520-49001-3
  • Altnordische Kosmographie. Studien und Quellen zu Weltbild und Weltbeschreibung in Norwegen und Island vom 12. bis zum 14. Jahrhundert, Berlin/New York, de Gruyter, 1990 (Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde. Ergänzungsbände, Bd. 4) ISBN 3-11-012181-6
  • Erde und Kosmos im Mittelalter. München, C.H. Beck, 1992. ISBN 3-406-35863-2
  • Die Wikinger, München, C.H. Beck,1998 ISBN 3-406-41881-3 (translation to Spanish)
  • Religion und Mythologie der Germanen, Stuttgart, Theiss 2003 ISBN 3-8062-1821-8
  • Götter und Kulte der Germanen, München, C.H.Beck, 2004 ISBN 3-406-50835-9
  • Runes, Magic and Religion: A Sourcebook (with John McKinnell und Klaus Düwel), Wien, Fassbaender, 2004 ISBN 978-3-900538-81-1
  • Mittelerde — Tolkien und die germanische Mythologie, München, C.H.Beck, 2005 ISBN 3-406-52837-6
  • Der Glaube der Germanen, Limburg und Kevelaer, Lahn-Verlag, 2005 ISBN 3-7867-8495-7
  • Die Germanen, Stuttgart, Reclam, 2006. ISBN 3-15-017051-6

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