There are several newsgroups relevant for discussions about cryptography and related issues.


In 1995, Bruce Schneier commented, "It is read by an estimated 100,000 people worldwide. Most of the posts are nonsense, bickering, or both; some are political, and most of the rest are requests for information or basic questions. Occasionally nuggets of new and useful information are posted to this newsgroup." (Applied Cryptography, 2nd ed, pages 608-609).

Leaked descriptions of secret algorithms have been posted to the Internet via sci.crypt, for example RC2, RC4 and Khufu and Khafre. Others have been hoaxes: Iraqi block cipher and S-1, the latter an alleged description of the (then-secret) Skipjack cipher. The group is also the origin of the term, "Rubber-hose cryptanalysis".

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