Silpium Mons

Silpium Mons is a mountain on Jupiter's moon Io. It is 5.6 kilometers in height, 113 kilometers in length, and 79.7 kilometers in width. It covers an area of 7073 km2. It is a striated ridge, meaning it is an elevated structure dominated by one or more prominent linear or arcurate rises.[1] It is named after a location in Greece where the mythological Io died of grief. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1979. It is located at 52°43′S 272°20′W / 52.71°S 272.34°W / -52.71; -272.34 (Silpium Mons),[2] south of Svarog Patera, north of Mithra Patera, and northeast of Viracocha Patera.[3] Its proximity to Svarog and Viracocha Paterae has been suggested to be evidence for a structural relationship between mountains and calderas on Io.[4]


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