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Sortilège (band)

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Title: Sortilège (band)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of heavy metal bands, Chuck Schuldiner, Sortilege, 1981 in heavy metal music, Keep It True
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Sortilège (band)

This article is about a musical group. For other uses, see Sortilege.

Origin Paris, France
Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1981–1986
Labels Madrigal
Past members Christian Augustin
Didier Demajean
Stéphane Dumont
Daniel Lapp
Bob Dumont

Sortilège was a French heavy metal band from Paris, whose style lay between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Regarded by many as a cult band of the French scene, the group ceased to exist in 1986.


The band was formed in 1981 with Christian Augustin on vocals, Daniel Lapp on bass, Jean-Philippe (Bob) Dumont on drums and Stephane Dumont and Didier Demajean on guitars. Originally, the band's name was Bloodwave.

The following year, the quality of their repertoire and their concerts in France improved so they were hired as an opening act for Def Leppard on their tour in France. Since none of the French record labels wanted to offer them a recording contract, they signed for the Netherlands label Rave-On Records. A few months later, the band recorded an EP titled "Sortilège" which was successful. With this initial success, the band signed to the French record label, Madrigal. A few weeks later, the band went to Germany to record their first album Métamorphose. This was again a success, especially in France and Germany.

With the success of Métamorphose, the band played in many international festivals and became popular in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Feeling that their French may harm global sales, the band decided to re-record their album Metamorphose in English. However, the English version of the record sold poorly everywhere except in Japan.

In 1986, Sortilège released their last album, Larmes de Héros. Like the previous album, it was recorded in Germany. At the same time they recorded an English version, which again sold badly.

Tired of the lack of public support, and difficulties encountered in relation to record companies, Sortilège decided to split up in 1986.

Other media exposure

The song "Le Cyclope De l’Etang", released in 1984 on the album Métamorphose is on the compilation album Metal Warriors (released by Ebony Records).

Christian Augustin appeared as a guest on the album by Furious Zoo. Stephane Dumont works as a sound engineer in the United States. Didier Demajean is director of a computer company, and Jean-Philippe Dumont is noticeable for his attempt to reform Sortilège in the early 2000s.[1]

Chuck Schuldiner, founder of Death, was repeatedly photographed wearing a Sortilège T-Shirt, and once he cited them as his favourite band.



  • Christian Augustin known as "Zouille" - vocals
  • Stéphane Dumont known as "L'Anguille" - lead guitar
  • Didier Demajean known as "Dem" - rhythm guitar
  • Daniel Lapp known as "Lapin" - bass
  • Bob Dumont known as "Snake" - drums


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