Vashishtiputra Sātakarni

Vashishtiputra Sri Satakarni
Vashishtiputra Sri Satakarni.
Reign 130-160 CE

Vashishtiputra Sātakarni (r. 130-160 CE), was a Satavahana king in Central India, who ruled during the 2nd century CE. He was the brother of Vasisthiputra Sri Pulamavi (r. 106-130 CE), his regnal successor, and the son of the great Satavahana conqueror Gautamiputra Satakarni.

Vashishtiputra Sātakarni was in great conflict with the Scythian Western Kshatrapas in the West, but he eventually married the daughter of Rudradaman I of the Western Kshatrapa dynasty, in order to forge an alliance. Later however, he was defeated by his father-in-law in battle, with serious effect on Sātavāhana power and prestige:

"Rudradaman (...) who obtained good report because he, in spite of having twice in fair fight completely defeated Satakarni, the lord of Dakshinapatha, on account of the nearness of their connection did not destroy him."
—Junagadh rock inscription [1]

Preceded by:
Vasisthiputra Sri Pulamavi.
Satavahana ruler
(130-160 CE)
Succeeded by:
Shivaskanda Satakarni



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