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Title: Vidoosh  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: SVT Play, Funshion,, Metacafe, List of video hosting services
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Type Public
Founded 2007
Headquarters , Belgium
No. of locations P.O.Box 10029
1190 Forest (Altitude)
Type of site video sharing
Available in English
Current status active

Vidoosh TV is an Iranian Video Sharing, based in Brussels, Belgium, Founded in November 2007, Vidoosh TV is the first Iranian video sharing website which is specialized in Iranian & Central Asian Cultures.

In November 2007, Aria Rouhani (Azarmanesh) (آریا روحانی) decided to create an Iranian portal to collect & present another image of Iranian culture & people.

In October 2009 Vidoosh TV is purchased by Leadchannel TV the London based TV and video Production Company for an undisclosed amount.

Vidoosh TV supports multiple file types such as video and audio. It provides users a means of repurposing their media, including sharing, editing, organizing and categorizing..


The following is a list of some features that are offered for members.

  • Uploading, managing, and deletion of videos and audio files
  • Embedding of videos
  • Creation and management of groups and member profiles
  • Internal email messaging
  • Creating video play list and add a video response
  • Audio uploads and sharing
  • Photo uploading and sharing
  • Create a blog within the site


Vidoosh TV was developed in 2007 as a video sharing website which is specialized in Iranian & Central Asian Cultures & its aime is to show true face of Iran & Central Asia. In November 2007, Aria Rouhani (Azarmanesh) decided to create an Iranian portal to collect & present another image of Iranian culture & people. This project transformed as a Video Sharing Website in early 2008.

Vidoosh was sold in October 2009 to Lead Channel TV a London web video and TV production company for an undisclosed amount, the company intend to grow the site by generating new users from other cultures,and introducing photo audio and blog sharing.

Current status

Currently Vidoosh TV has over 4000 special videos about Iran, Iranian & Asian cultures plus countless videos covering entertainment, music, car, real estate, with new sections added daily.

Technical notes

Vidoosh TV's video playback technology is based on Macromedia's Flash Player. This technology allows the site to display videos with quality comparable to more established video playback technologies (such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer) that generally require the user to download and install a web browser plugin in order to view video. Flash also requires a plug-in, but the Flash 7 plug-in is generally considered to be present on approximately 90% of online computers.[1] The video can also be played back with gnash or VLC. It has pixel dimensions of 320 by 240 (4:3) or 352 by 264 (16:9), depending on the aspect ratio of the source video. Videos run at 25 frames per second with a maximum data rate of 300kbit/s.

Vidoosh TV accepts uploaded videos in a variety of formats, including .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPEG and .MP4.

Video can be seen in windowed mode or full screen mode; it is possible to switch the mode during the viewing of any video without reloading it because of the full-screen function of Adobe Systems Flash Player 9.


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