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WireTap (radio program)


WireTap (radio program)

Genre Comedy
Running time ca. 27 min.
Country Canada
Language(s) English
Home station CBC Radio One
Syndicates Public Radio International
Host(s) Jonathan Goldstein
Creator(s) Jonathan Goldstein
Writer(s) Tony Asimakopoulos
Howard Chackowicz
Gregor Ehrlich
John Hodgman
Joshua Karpati
Heather O'Neill
David Rakoff
Jon Tucker
Producer(s) Wendy Dorr
Carolyn Warren
Mira Burt-Wintonick
Cristal Duhaime
Exec. producer(s) Jonathan Goldstein
Recording studio Montreal, Canada
Air dates July 2004 to August 2015
Audio format Monophonic
Website /
Podcast //wiretap/comedy/podcasts/

WireTap was a half-hour long radio show which aired on CBC Radio One Saturday afternoons at 3:30 pm, and Thursday evenings at 11:30 pm. An hour-long version of WireTap is distributed in the United States by Public Radio International and is heard on multiple public radio stations.[1] Hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, former producer of Public Radio International's This American Life, the show featured stories that were told as if over the phone with Goldstein.

The show fell into what had traditionally been CBC Radio One's comedy slot on Sunday afternoons, replacing Madly Off in All Directions which moved to a different time slot, though the show itself does not fit easily into the comedy category. The show has been described as "a weekly half-hour of conversation, storytelling and introspection, culled from equal parts real-world experience and the warp of Goldstein's imagination."[2] Each show tends to have followed a particular investigative theme; past show titles include: "Life Lessons", "Reach for the Top", "Prized Possessions" and "Our Fathers".

The series began in the summer of 2004 as a 10-episode experiment, after which it succeeded to its own regular timeslot. It was recorded out of CBC's Montreal studios.

As of 2008, WireTap had a weekly listenership of 350 000.[3] In 2009 the show became available as a podcast, greatly increasing access.

On August 19, 2015, Goldstein announced that the show was ending after an 11-year run.[4]

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